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Captain America Is Black And Thor Is A Woman: Marvel Shakeup

Captain America Is Black And Thor Is A Woman: Marvel Shakeup

Archie Comics is not the only place where culture and issues are driving change. WaPo‘s Soraya Nadia McDonald looks at a tectonic shift at iconic pop culture institution Marvel Comics: Marvel already released one piece of world-shattering news this week (okay, comic-world shattering) and you think that’d be enough, but the comics behemoth wasn’t done [...]

Boehner’s Lawyer Penned a Great Argument Against His Lawsuit

The lawyer who is representing John Boehner in his suit against President Obama has already argued that the suit has no legal standing. Elizabeth Price Foley wrote in the Daily Caller in February: When a president delays or exempts people from a law — so-called benevolent suspensions — who has standing to sue him? Generally, [...]

Blues Legend Johnny Winter Dies At 70

There is no word yet on the cause of death. Winter was a leading light among the white blues guitar players, including Eric Clapton and the late Stevie Ray Vaughan, who followed in the footsteps of the earlier Chicago blues masters. Winter idolized Waters — and got a chance to produce some of the blues [...]

Darrell Issa’s Latest Circus Has Lawmakers Upset That DOJ Is Fighting Fraud

Darrell Issa and his fellow Republicans seem upset and shocked that “petty fraud” is being fought by the Justice Department. “In essence, this is a government hit list!” declared Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), in what could have been confused for a comment on drones. “Indefensible and irresponsible,” concluded Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Mo.). “If you don’t [...]

Jon Stewart To Anti-Immigrant Protesters: ‘What The F*ck Is Wrong With You?’

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart on Tuesday obliterated lawmakers and protesters who question the thousands of refugee children fleeing from violence in Central America. “First of all, what the f*ck is wrong with you?” Stewart remarked. “These are children. Why would you even ask that? And second of all, good question.” Stewart pointed to President George W. [...]

Texas Shooting Survivor to Collect More Than $265K From Fundraiser

Cassidy Stay was the lone survivor in last week’s Texas shooting that left four adults and two children dead. More than 5,000 people have donated to a GoFundMe site titled “Stay Family Tragedy – Cassidy Stay Fund” established three days ago, with the total nearing the fund’s goal of $300,000. The fundraising comes as Cassidy [...]

House Will Spend More Investigating Benghazi Than On Ethics, Veterans, The Budget, Or Science

Budget hawks like the pictured Benghazi Committee Chair Trey Gowdy would be appalled if this money were spend on, say, welfare recipients. But if it’s to try to “get” President Obama on something, that’s a different story. The House could spend up to $3.3 million in taxpayer dollars over seven months on a special committee [...]

You May Be Denying Climate Change, But The US Military Isn’t

A military guy who was once a skeptic has changes his ways, largely because something got in the way of his previous position: facts. Writing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in a recent Op-Ed, Rear Adm. David Titley (Ret.) — who was initially a climate skeptic — worked on a Navy task force to study the [...]

Boehner: ‘I disagree’ with Sarah Palin on impeaching Obama

House Speaker John Boehner was wise to speak out about Sarah Palin’s “impeach Obama” media tour. Two words was all it took on Wednesday for House Speaker John Boehner to shoot down fellow Republican Sarah Palin’s call to impeach President Barack Obama. “I disagree,” Boehner told reporters at a regular press briefing. Palin, the former [...]

Free Birth Control Is The Emerging Standard For Women

More than half the women with private insurance are getting free birth control thanks to Obamacare. Even though this week’s Supreme Court decision allowed some corporations to opt out, the rest of the country is going the other way. Recent data from the IMS Institute document a sharp change during 2013. The share of privately [...]

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