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retired military , former cop, lifelong gym rat and doting grandfather alive and living in Maine

Monsanto Lobbyist Says Herbicide Safe To Drink; Runs Away When Offered Some

A Monsanto lobbyist was giving an interview to a French host proclaiming that Monsanto’s weed killer is safe to consume. But he wouldn’t try a nice, fresh glass of it when offered, proclaiming, “I’m not stupid.” While being filmed by French cable channel Canal+, Monsanto lobbyist Dr. Patrick Moore claimed that the chemical in the […]

The money came from John Menard, Jr, who had business before the state as the owner of a chain of hardware stores in the Midwest. …a little more than three years ago, when Menard wanted to back Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — and help advance his pro-business agenda — he found the perfect way to […]

Phenomenally popular author Stephen King is a resident of Maine – and has a few choice words for Governor Paul LePage: Governor Paul LePage of Maine likes to be provocative, and sometimes he says things that are untrue. The latest misstatement, reported Thursday by the Portland Press Herald, came during the governor’s weekly radio address, when […]

The Donald believes he’s the only one who can save us. “I am the only one who can make America truly great again,” the Republican businessman and reality television star declared in a statement announcing the move. While a step short of a formal campaign launch, the formation of an exploratory allows him to begin […]

Body cameras can yield strong evidence of criminal wrongdoing – even when the perp is a cop: A veteran Las Vegas police officer has been suspended and accused of misdemeanor battery after a body camera he was wearing provided evidence that he injured a woman he arrested for littering and loitering for the purpose of […]

Senator Ted Cruz equates billionaires with people putting signs up on front lawns and believes money is free speech. Unlimited political cash would give rank-and-file conservative activists greater sway in picking their representatives, including the president, White House hopeful Ted Cruz told New Hampshire voters on Sunday. Cruz, a first-term senator who represents Texas, said […]

How about a little good news for a change? A New Jersey police officer who was fired after she protected a suspect from being beaten by officers has won her job back. Regina Tasca is the only female, and gay officer on her force to this day and said she was continuously harassed by officers. […]

Iran called it correctly: “A propaganda ploy.” Asked about the open letter of 47 US Senators to Iranian leaders, the Iranian Foreign Minister, Dr. Javad Zarif, responded that “in our view, this letter has no legal value and is mostly a propaganda ploy. It is very interesting that while negotiations are still in progress and […]

Note: This is an old story, but interesting nonetheless. You can’t run for office in Laurens County, South Carolina as a Republican if you’ve had premarital sex or ever plan to watch porn again. Last Tuesday, the LCGOP unanimously adopted a resolution that would ask all candidates who want to get on the primary ballot […]

Don’t worry about Jon Stewart not knowing the location of his next meal when he no longer has a job. Arby’s was willing to rescue his bank account. Jon, feel free to reach out to us at careers@arbys.com. — Arby’s (@Arbys) February 11, 2015 However, an ungrateful Stewart rejected the offer. “To work there would […]

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