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Autopsy: St. Louis Officer Shot Myers From Behind

An 18-year-old killed in early October by a St. Louis police officer was shot from several times from behind, an autopsy reveals. Pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht, who conducted the autopsy at the request of Vonderrit Myers Jr.’s family, outlined his findings at a news conference. Attorneys for the family say the findings suggest that Myers [...]

Four former Blackwater security guards were convicted and jailed for a 2007 shooting in Baghdad’s Nisour Square. A jury in Federal District Court found that the deaths of 17 Iraqis in the shooting, which began when a convoy of the guards suddenly began firing in a crowded intersection, was not a battlefield tragedy, but the [...]

The Lenoir City, TN resident didn’t conform the town’s yard-keeping standards. Karen Holloway just spent six hours in a jail cell for failing to maintain her yard in accordance with the standards set by the city. The saga began last summer, when Holloway was sent a citation for her overgrown grass and shrubbery. Holloway, who [...]

It’s not because of President Obama but he’d be getting blame were prices going up. So, Thank You, Mr. President. “This is not your garden variety autumn swoon in gasoline prices,” chief oil analyst Tom Kloza said in a statement. “We’re shocked by the velocity with which crude oil prices have come down.” Some states [...]

Because this is what he does. In his national radio program yesterday, the conservative radio host read at length from a poll our sister organization, the Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund, released on Monday with Stan Greenberg of Democracy Corps. Our poll found that, in the 12 Senate battleground states, unmarried women favor Democratic [...]

The San Diego congressman says he was told this by U.S. border patrol “sources.” “If you really want to protect Americans from ISIS, you secure the southern border — it’s that simple,” he said. “They caught them at the border, therefore we know that ISIS is coming across the border. If they catch five or [...]

You’d think they were responding to an ISIS invasion. Dwayne Perry of Cartersville tells WSB-TV (http://bit.ly/1rJ8LMq ) that he was awakened by a helicopter flying low over his house Wednesday and then some heavily-armed deputies and a K-9 unit showed up at his door. They were from the Governor’s Task Force for drug suppression and [...]

The alleged shooter was picked up about three hours after a Fern Creek Traditional High School student was wounded Tuesday afternoon, according to Louisville police Sgt. Phil Russell. It’s unclear if the the alleged shooter and the injured student knew  each other. Russell said the suspect left the 1,400-student school immediately after firing the shot. “It [...]

The three New York City firefighters, first responders on 9/11, died within hours of each other. Howard Bischoff and Daniel Heglund were 58, while the third firefighter, Robert Leaver, was 56. All three men, who died Monday, had been retired since 2003. “Losing three firefighters on the same day to WTC-related illnesses is a painful [...]

A Tuesday fire destroyed a makeshift memorial for slain Ferguson teenager Michael Brown. The memorial for 18-year-old Michael Brown that caught fire was erected in a grassy area alongside the road where Brown died. A larger memorial, which runs down the center lane of the road, was untouched by the fire. Still, neighborhood residents who [...]

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