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McConnell: Tea Party ‘Bullies’ And He’d Like To ‘Punch Them In The Nose’

McConnell: Tea Party ‘Bullies’ And He’d Like To ‘Punch Them In The Nose’

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is tougher on the Tea Party than many Democrats, calling them “bullies” who need as shot in the kisser. [He spoke] on a conference call organized by Karl Rove’s Crossroads organization for large donors and their advisers on Oct. 30 that the Tea Party movement, in his view, is a […]

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California’s Republican-Free Zone Leads To Surplus

With a Democratic governor and legislature, California is back from bankruptcy. For the first time in nearly a decade, California is collecting more revenue than it is spending and will finish the fiscal year with an extra $2.4 billion, according to a report released Wednesday by the Legislature’s nonpartisan budget analyst. The good news comes […]

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Koch Brothers Group Launches Anti-Obamacare Ads In Battleground States

The Koch Brothers-funded group Americans for Prosperity will spend $3.5 million targeting six Democrats in battleground states who support Obamacare. The senators — Mark Begich of Alaska, Kay Hagan of North Carolina and Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana — are all from conservative-leaning states that voted to elect Mitt Romney in 2012. The ads will start […]

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Mitt Romney Sides Against Tea Party Challenger In Idaho House Race

Mitt Romney actually took a position and held it for longer than ten minutes. Romney endorsed Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, for re-election in the 2nd District on Monday, touting the congressman as a “true conservative” in a fundraising email. Simpson, an eight-term Republican, is facing a primary challenge from tea-party-backed attorney Bryan Smith, who is […]

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Ex-Texas prosecutor first in history to be jailed for withholding evidence

A Texas district comes down hard on a prosecutor for misconduct that put an innocent man behind bars for nearly 25 years. But not that hard, Still, it’s a first for the Lone Star State: A former Texas district attorney agreed Friday to serve 10 days in jail for withholding evidence that could have stopped […]

November 13, 2013 / More... ( comments)

Prime Minister David Cameron recalled Parliament to debate the best approach to Syria. Stressing he had not yet taken a decision either way, Cameron condemned last Wednesday’s reported chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus as “ghastly”. “This is not about getting involved in a Middle Eastern war or changing our stance in Syria or […]

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Former U.S. Attorney James Letten had reasons to call O’Keefe and his crew “little hobbits” and “nasty little cowardly spud.” O’Keefe and his Project Veritas crew were attempting to interview Letten on matters “unrelated” to the charges the former prosecutor’s office had brought against him in the phone-tampering of a Democratic U.S. senator. Rather than […]

August 26, 2013 / More... ( comments)

The shooting is being described as intentional. Marie Smothers was pronounced dead at the scene with a gunshot wound to the head in a mobile home park in Slaughter, Louisiana, the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Department said in a statement. Slaughter is about 20 miles north of Baton Rouge. Authorities identified the woman as the […]

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The ones upset are right-leaning hardliners. Leaving were a Maine Republican National Committee member, a former U.S. Senate candidate and six members holding county committee seats. Libertarian-leaning RNC member Mark Willis of Washington County and the others resigned in a letter Sunday. The letter was signed by six other Republicans, including former Senate candidate Scott […]

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Court Clerk Fired For Helping Wrongfully Accused Man Would Do It All Again

What Sharon Snyder did was to give Robert Nelson a public document showing him how to take a DNA test. That document sprung Nelson from prison after serving 30 years for a rape he didn’t commit. (She provided Nelson’s sister with a motion seeking DNA evidence in a different case. Nelson used the motion as […]

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