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Supercomputing quantum-mechanic with progressive political passions for renewable energy, Inertial Confinement laser Fusion of seawater's hydrogen2 & h3. https://life.llnl.gov/ & https://lasers.llnl.gov/about/missions/energy_for_the_future/life/
Benghazi Terrorist Ringleader Inspired By Anti-Islamic Video Arraigned in D.C. Federal Court

Benghazi Terrorist Ringleader Inspired By Anti-Islamic Video Arraigned in D.C. Federal Court

Ahmed Abu Khattala, the suspected ringleader in the terrorist attack in Benghazi, was arraigned on court in Washington, D.C. and pleaded not guilty to conspiracy. At 3:25 p.m., Abu Khattala walked, unshackled, into a paneled courtroom in downtown Washington, wearing a black, zip-up hooded sweatshirt, black pants and a flowing gray beard. It was his [...]

Tea Party Candidate: ‘What Kind Of Gun Blows Somebody’s Head Completely Off? I’ve Got To Get One Of Those!’

Milton Wolf, a radiologist, is challenging Kansas Senator Pat Roberts from the far far right. He posted gruesome images of gunshot fatalities on his Facebook page, poking fun at the wounded. For example, he’d say things about how a gunshot victim wouldn’t complain about his awkward head position for an x-ray, or compare a victim [...]

Discovery of  13.6 Billion Year Old Star Destroys Creationsts’ Theory Of Universe’s Age

Sadly, though, more scientific evidence of the age of the universe won’t dissuade the anti-science crowd. Dr Stefan Keller, lead researcher at the Australian National University Research School, told Reuters his team had seen the chemical fingerprint of the “first star”. After 11 years of searching, the star was discovered using the SkyMapper telescope at [...]

Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Stop Obama From ‘Forcing Gay Marriage On All 50 States’

The rollicking Ted Cruz, a Texas Senator, believe or not, wants to make sure the government narrows the definition of “marriage” and “spouse.” …the Texas Republican introduced the bill on Wednesday asking the Senate to amend U.S. law “with regard to the definition of ‘marriage’ and ‘spouse’ for Federal purposes and to ensure respect for [...]

SNL’s Victoria Jackson Files For County Seat In Tennessee, Is ‘Disappointed’ With GOP

Jackson now lives in Thompson’s Station, TN and is an independent candidate for one of two District 2 commission seats. Jackson’s big issue is the fear that Muslims are going to take over America, as expressed on radio recently. The SNL alum has morphed her career into Tea Party activism. That’s Tea Party, as in [...]

Tea Partier Steve Stockman To Challenge John Cornyn For Texas Senate Seat

You see, John Cornyn, the second most conservative member of the Senate with an A rating from the NRA, isn’t conservative enough for the Tea Party. So, Congressman Steve Stockman is going to challenge him for he Republican nomination. “We are extremely disappointed in the way [Cornyn] treated his fellow congressmen and broke the 11th [...]

Republicans Pick White Guy From Kentucky For African-American Outreach In Detroit

The “white guy” is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. The Michigan GOP is seeking to increase the party’s visibility in the Democratic stronghold of Detroit, 97.5 percent of which voted to reelect Barack Obama in 2012. The solution? Open a new outreach center for Detroit voters, named the “African American Engagement Office.” The GOP has tapped [...]

Why Obamacare Enrollment Is Going Better Than You Think

Igor Volsky has six reasons: 1. More than 500,000 have signed up for insurance overall. Avalere Health, a consulting firm tracking sign-ups, estimates that at least 440,000 people have signed up for Medicaid and another 49,000 people enrolled in coverage in 12 states and the District of Columbia that are operating their own exchanges. Significantly, [...]

Alan Grayson Defends Comparing Tea Party To KKK: ‘If The Hood Fits, Wear It’

Congressman Alan Grayson makes no apologies for his KKK/Tea Party comparison. “[T]here is overwhelming evidence that the Tea Party is the home of bigotry and discrimination in America today, just as the KKK was for an earlier generation,” he said in a statement provided to HuffPost. “If the hood fits, wear it.” Here is Grayson’s [...]

GOP Rejects Own Plan to Keep Government Open

The Democrats and the White House have already negotiated and compromised, a fact that gets lost in the rhetoric. Here’s the proof: In fact, Senate Democrats even tried once again [Tuesday] to launch a formal conference committee to hash out a budget through September of 2014, but Republicans blocked their request, as they have on [...]

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