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The Next Right-Wing-Created Phony Scandal

Up next in the array of faux scandals invented by the right, is the claim that President Obama wants to control speech in the media using the FCC. …there are concerns from Congress regarding the FCC chairman and plans, as it appears to be an examination of political speech across media platforms, which obviously triggers […]

A JCPENNY billboard showing a kettle that looks like Hitler has brought scorn to the retailer. The 10-foot tall billboard, which stands on the 405 highway in Southern California, has led several motorists to stop and take pictures, posting images of the water-boiling Nazi appliance across microblogging sites.

Maybe the guy just needs a hug — or an anger management intervention: James Yeager, the CEO who recently threatened to “start killing people” if President Barack Obama pursued an expansion on gun control, has had his gun permit suspended. Authorities with the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security told Newschannel 5 the suspension […]

What does Wayne LaPierre have to say about this? A mother of three who became a voice of the gun-rights movement when she openly carried a loaded pistol to her daughter’s soccer game was fatally shot along with her husband, a parole officer and former prison guard, in an apparent murder-suicide at their home. Autopsies […]

One can conclude it wasn’t such a good idea to call Sandra Fluke a “slut” after all: The StopRush Project has announced that over 2,200 sponsors have pulled ads from Limbaugh’s show, via documented messages/statements. Many other sponsors have left his show quietly, bringing the actual amount of sponsors who have left, to a higher, […]

Submitted by Benner Jeff Brucculeri, a Tulsa, OK traffic reporter, was trying to help out disgruntled Republicans. But fleeing to Canada makes no sense, since they are to the left of the United States.

Submitted by Benner At the California Republican Party’s spring convention: ISSA: We’re going to establish a very different policy. One, that we have a president who will respect the Constitution, not try to convert it to some [inaudible] South African Constitution. [Applause]

Submitted by Benner Rick Santorum wasn’t much of a culture warrior until 2000. In a December 1995 Philadelphia Magazine article — which the Huffington Post pulled from Temple University archives — Santorum conceded that he “was basically pro-choice all my life, until I ran for Congress… But it had never been something I thought about.” […]