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Rubio: The ‘Only Answer’ To IRS Scandal Is To Repeal Obamacare

Florida Senator Marco Rubio thinks he can use the IRS scandal to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Answering a question from a constituent as part of a weekly series conducted by his office, the junior Florida senator and potential 2016 aspirant said he intends to renew his focus on the repeal of the Affordable Care […]

If the couple doesn’t separate they’ll lose custody of their children. …Judge John Roach of McKinney, Texas has given Page Price 30 days to move out of the home she shares with Carolyn Compton and Compton’s two children from a previous marriage because he does not approve of Compton and Price’s “lifestyle.” Roach has placed […]

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Bill Flores have no trouble asking for federal aid when it’s their districts, but had little concern for the need for Sandy relief when it was the Northeast that needed federal help. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz lambasted the Sandy Aid package, voting against the measure in January. Cruz issued […]

Amnesty International is condemning this action. The crime took place 10 years ago and the victim is confined to a wheelchair. The London-based human rights group said Ali al-Khawaher, 24, was reported to have spent 10 years in jail waiting to be paralyzed surgically unless his family pays one million Saudi riyals ($270,000) to the […]

The insurance industry may likely benefit from the gun debate. Lawmakers in at least half a dozen states, including California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania, have proposed legislation this year that would require gun owners to buy liability insurance — much as car owners are required to buy auto insurance. Doing so would […]

Drew Peterson was sentenced to 38 years in prison for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Salvo. Peterson had faced as much as 60 years, but Judge Edward Burmila said he gave Peterson some consideration for his years as a police officer and his service in the military. Peterson is 59. The sentence was […]

Submitted by vegasman The Utah senator voted against debating whether the Senate should declare that the rich should do more to reduce the debt. “I hear how they’re so caring for the poor and so forth,” Hatch said in remarks on the Senate floor Wednesday, in reference to Democrats. “The poor need jobs! And they […]

Submitted by vegasman Zane Tankel, CEO of Applebee’s New York franchise, won’t hire anyone new for fear he’d have to provide health care. Under the Affordable Care Act, a business of 50 people or more must provide a health care option for its employees by 2014. The 40 Applebee’s restaurants in New York employ hundreds […]

Submitted by vegasman Robert E. Murray asked God to forgive America for voting for Barack Obama and then fired 156 people, and he’s not the only one. Murray explained that the layoffs were inevitable in light of Obama’s re-election. He’s not the only coal baron to cite the president as the cause of the industry’s […]

Submitted by Vegasman Bain Capital is being investigated by the New York State attorney general for questionable tax strategies. Mitt Romney still receives Bain payments, but claims no benefit here. The attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, has in recent weeks subpoenaed more than a dozen firms seeking documents that would reveal whether they converted certain […]

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