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Sarah Betancourt is a Boston-based journalist who has written for In These Times, Open Media Boston, Spare Change News, Boston.com, the Boston Globe Environment Blog, and has had work appear in video on the National Geographic Water Currents Blog. She writes primarily about Boston politics, labor, Generation Y issues, and environmental policy.
State Of The Union Only Tells Half The Story On Women

State Of The Union Only Tells Half The Story On Women

President Barack Obama mentioned the following Tuesday evening in his State of the Union, “Today, women make up about half our workforce.  But they still make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.  That is wrong, and in 2014, it’s an embarrassment. A woman deserves equal pay for equal work.  She deserves to have [...]

Boston Mayor-Elect Is Labor Heavyweight

State Representative Martin J. Walsh was elected to the highest office in Boston—Mayor–last night after defeating Boston City Councilor-at-Large John Connolly in the first hotly contested mayoral race Boston has seen since the early 1990′s. Walsh garnered 52 percent of the vote to Connolly’s 48 percent, with a margin of 4,908 votes, with all 255 [...]

NH Governor Hassan Pledges to Restore 45 Percent Cut To Higher Education

By: Sarah Betancourt New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan has been sworn in by Chief Justice Linda Dalianis. Hassan is the former state Senate Majority leader. In November 2010, Hassan was defeated by Tea Party Candidate Russell Prescott when Republicans regained control of both the state House and Senate. Hassan beat Ovide Lamontage in November. She [...]

Senator Elizabeth Warren Sworn In

By: Sarah Betancourt Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts was sworn into the 113th Congress this afternoon. Warren will also be a member of the Senate Banking Committee, a highly coveted committee and a hard-won seat for her after her stint as the Special Advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Upset In Massachusetts–Elizabeth Warren Beats Scott Brown For U.S. Senate

by Sarah Betancourt Professor Elizabeth Warren is projected to have won the Senate seat currently held by Republican Scott Brown. CBS projects that Elizabeth Warren wins with 52% of the vote to Scott Brown’s 48%. Ted Kennedy fans, unite.

A Foreign Policy Debate Any Professor Would Fail

by Sarah Betancourt Monday’s debate, moderated by CNN’s Bob Scheiffer, was the only one devoted exclusively to foreign policy. Latin America, The Eurozone crisis, Africa, global warming, India and the drug war in Mexico — which has killed more people than the crisis in Syria — were forgotten. Trade and human rights, two issues reported [...]

Binders Full Of Women…

Binders Full Of Women…

By- Sarah Betancourt A comment spawned a Facebook Page that is at 40,000 likes and growing. Moderator Candy Crowley asked, “In what new ways to you intend to rectify the inequalities in the workplace, specifically regarding females making only 72 percent of what their male counterparts earn?” Then, Mitt Romney into an anecdote about how, [...]

Scott Brown: A False Moderate

By Sarah Betancourt Polls for Wednesday night’s debate will cement the perception of voters, but from my watch, it looked like Elizabeth Warren nailed it. Brown, who listed Justice Scalia as his favorite Supreme Court justice previously to the ire of moderates, tried to steer a path down the center of voter opinion. He failed [...]

Time Travel To The Governorship of Romney

By- Sarah Betancourt President Obama leads Mitt Romney 60-32 in Massachusetts. After distancing himself from his record as governor, Romney decided to talk a good game and lay claim of Massachusetts’ strong rankings in education. During Romney’s single term, his state ranked #1 in the nation, but under a Democratic state legislature. The executive director [...]

Judge Halts Enforcement Of Pennsylvania ID Law

by Sarah Betancourt Just five weeks before the general election, Judge Robert Simpson (left) has postponed Pennsylvania’s voter identification requirement. Simpson heard two days of testimony last week and said he was considering invalidating a narrow portion of the law for the Nov. 6 election. An appeal to the state Supreme Court is possible.

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