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‘You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat’, Liberaland Edition

Due to a metaphorical sharknado of increased Web traffic and commenting here at Liberaland, we are upgrading to a newer, faster server (four hamster wheels instead of two). The transition should be mostly smooth and seamless, though there is likely to be a short period or two of downtime after 12:01am Pacific time. Now read [...]

A 30-year-old Kansas man will stand trial on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated battery after prosecutors say he killed his girlfriend’s fetus by lacing a pancake she was eating with an abortion-inducing medication. Scott Bollig of WaKeeney will be arraigned on Sept. 9th after prosecutors provided ample evidence during a two-day preliminary hearing to [...]

Please Stand By…

Do not adjust your TV set! We are in the process of switching our comments platform. We expect to be turning some comment functions on and off for the next few hours as we get it up and running. Now read this:SCHMALFELDT’S SATYRICON: Mental Health Experts Say Conservatives Benefit From Trolling Liberal Websites (Aug 19, [...]

At a joint press conference with President Benigno Aquino III of the Philippine​s earlier today, Fox News Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry asked President Obama to “answer those critics” who say his foreign policy doctrine “is weakness.” The President delivered a sharp, lengthy rejoinder to critics of his foreign policy, while also taking shots [...]

The malfunction at BP’s Indiana refinery has caused great damage with a half-mile spill along the Chicago shoreline. The spill reported Monday afternoon by BP appears to have been contained by company crew members who deployed absorbent booms around the spill site, said Mike Beslow, on-scene coordinator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 5. [...]

Scientists have found, for the first time, evidence of the universe expanding. The clue is encoded in the primordial cosmic microwave background radiation that continues to spread through space to this day. Scientists found and measured a key polarization, or orientation, of the microwaves caused by gravitational waves, which are miniature ripples in the fabric [...]

A Florida man didn’t like that his boss took a picture of him at the restaurant where they work, and so he took out a knife and stabbed him. Tilus Lebrun, 36, worked at Jimmy The Greek Taverna Restaurant in Boca Raton where witnesses say he pulled out a knife and stabbed the restaurant’s owner, [...]

With Medicaid being expanded to help childless and single adults, the prison population is jumping on board. State and counties are enrolling inmates for two main reasons. Although Medicaid does not cover standard health care for inmates, it can pay for their hospital stays beyond 24 hours — meaning states can transfer millions of dollars [...]

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Liberaland If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email at http://wp.me/p2Gw9I-xVh. At www.alan.com we consider the privacy of our visitors to be extremely important. This privacy policy document describes in detail the types of personal information is collected [...]

The church wants to “honor” hunters and gun owners.  Because that’s what Jesus was all about. I mean, Jesus really loved the Second Amendment, right? State Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin will speak; evangelist Dr. Bob Gray will preach; and one lucky attendee will win an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, according to a flier released on the church’s [...]

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