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Images: Armed Masked Man Strolls Through Wichita Streets Trying To Recruit Others To A Militia

An armed masked gunmen strolled through the streets of Wichita trying to find people to join a militia. According to KAKE-TV, the man who identified himself as Sam McCrory explained that he’s not trying to scare anyone. No, really. His face appears to be painted with Red, White and Blue, because nothing says America like […]

A 30-year-old Kansas man will stand trial on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated battery after prosecutors say he killed his girlfriend’s fetus by lacing a pancake she was eating with an abortion-inducing medication. Scott Bollig of WaKeeney will be arraigned on Sept. 9th after prosecutors provided ample evidence during a two-day preliminary hearing to […]

Congress and the Tea Party are less popular than ever, plummeting to historic lows as a government shutdown looms. The stink extends to both parties and the Tea Party, too. And a CNN/ORC International poll indicates that it’s not just Congress and its top leaders that are making history for all the wrong reasons, but […]

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is exploring the possibility of direct flights between his country and the United States. This would be the first time in three decades there would be direct fights between the two countries. Hassan Rouhani’s request reflects Iranian efforts to possibly build on the groundbreaking exchanges with Washington that included a telephone […]

Former President Bill Clinton, on ABC’s This Week, addressed the looming government shutdown by speaking from his own experience. Recalling his own experience with the right-wing, he opined, “There are times when you have to call people’s bluff.” Clinton would not negotiate, he said. “The current price of stopping it is higher than the price […]

16 Myths About Obamacare

If you listen to the Palins, Bachmanns, conservative talk radio hosts, and Obama haters of the world you’d believe that the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, is the beginning of the end times. PoltiFact blows holes in the top myths circulating about the law. 1. The health care law rations care, like […]

Playing  game of extortion, the Republican-led House voted early Sunday morning to delay implementation of the Affordable Care Act for a  year in return for funding the government so it could keep operating. The votes, just past midnight, followed an often-angry debate, with members shouting one another down on the House floor. Democrats insisted that […]

Back in April, you may remember a news story concerning an Elvis impersonator who had been accused of planning a terrorist attack using the lethal toxin ricin — and his subsequent exoneration when another suspect was arrested and charges. We’re surprised this didn’t happen sooner: An Elvis impersonator who was ultimately cleared of charges that […]

by Stuart Shapiro Big news from the west coast about how California will raise the minimum wage, although gradually between now and 2016. Hopefully other states will follow suit. In fact, this should be national law. California has become the first state in the nation to commit to raising the minimum wage to $10 per […]

I’m one who believes that the government will shut down next week.  However, ironically one part that won’t shut down is the start up of Obamacare. This largely has to do with how the big pieces of Obamacare are funded. The law uses mandatory funds for its really big programs. That includes the new online […]

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