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It’s nice to be the king. “I don’t see how I can do it,” Limbaugh began. “I’m too famous.” “A lot of people have made the suggestion,” he continued. “I think I’d overshadow it.” “It’d be a tough call,” the host added. “It could get ratings.”

When Oprah said a woman refused to send her a handbag, most likely because she’s black, Limbaugh suggested maybe it was her weight. “Maybe it’s because the Oprah’s fat! … Look, don’t most people think that the fat and the obese are poor and stupid?”

Rachel explains the concept so clearly that even an oxcontin-addled conservative radio host could understand! Trayvon Martin’s friend, Rachel Jeantel, has never heard of Rush Limbaugh but she knows a racist when she sees one. In an interview with HuffPost Live on Wednesday, Jeantel said that it felt “racist” after Limbaugh used his Tuesday radio [...]

Based on audio from a Piers Morgan interview, Limbaugh seems excited that he can now use a particular word. Limbaugh opined: “CNN informs us via Rachel Jeantel that Trayvon called Rachel and said that he was being followed by a “creepy ass cracka,” which we have now learned, that is a person acting like they are a [...]

Via Policiususa: “…Herb Meyer [a Reagan official] was the first to sound this notice some months ago. I also mentioned he wrote a piece that currently is in the American Thinker earlier this week, and it had the potential to be controversial because he used Adolf Hitler and Nazism in it, and it was his [...]

Worried that they’d be lambasted by Rush Limbaugh, Republicans, including Mitt Romney, refused to speak out after the talk host called Sandra Fluke a “slut.” Discussing how 55% of women went for Obama, Alter explained that some of this was due to self-inflicted wounds by Republicans. As an example, Alter reminded the audience of Rush [...]

Rush Limbaugh criticized Darrell Issa for letting Lois Lerner get away, and says she forfeited her Fifth Amendment rights. Funny that suddenly Issa is saying the same thing. “Issa basically let her get away with it,” the conservative talk show host said, according to a transcript. “She’s gone. He looked clueless, like didn’t know what [...]

Again playing the race card: Folks, let me tell you something. I’m just gonna launch here. I’ll do this with as much restraint as possible. But in my humble thinking, the people of this country, if it came to this, are simply not going to tolerate the first black president being removed from office. And [...]

Why Rush Limbaugh Is Likely To Leave Cumulus For Clear Channel

Rush Limbaugh’s show is owned by Premiere, which is a subsidiary of Clear Channel. It makes sense for Premiere to take advantage of its own product, rather than to compete with Rush in Cumulus. In effect, with Rush on Cumulus, Clear Channel is competing with himself. When Clear Channel purchased WOR in New York, it [...]

Has Limbaugh become a parody of a conservative talk show host? Reacting to a caller’s facetious question about the administration’s clumsy response to the attacks, Limbaugh remarked: “You have to remember: At the time that this happened, al Qaeda was on the run. Obama was king of the drones. We were wiping out all of [...]