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“The mental health problem” of liberalism is what has caused almost every school shooting in America, says Rush Limbaugh. “Another kid admittedly inspired by socialists!” Limbaugh exclaimed on Monday. “The media doesn’t want you to know this, but practically every one of these young kids shooting up schools is inspired by something to do with [...]

Late last week, Rush Limbaugh decided to revive his rants against Sandra Fluke. It turns out to have been a warm-up for a truly epic exercise in knuckledragging sexism that he delivered to his listeners Monday. Crooks & Liars‘ John Amato has some background: I’ve been trying to figure out where Limbaugh came up with [...]

Martin Bashir’s departure from MSNBC after bad-mouthing Sarah Palin is the kind of remarks Rush Limbaugh says regularly with impunity, as Jason at PoliticusUSA points out. Last week, Limbaugh called the Pope a Marxist, “I gotta be very careful. I have been numerous times to the Vatican. It wouldn’t exist without tons of money. But regardless, what [...]

Rush Limbaugh has angered both Catholics and non-Catholics after referring to the Pope’s views on capitalism as “pure Marxism.” On his radio broadcast on Nov. 27, Limbaugh said the pope “doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to capitalism and socialism,” and that his apostolic exhortation “Evangelii Gaudium” was either written by someone [...]

Blogger Andrew Sullivan is responding to Limbaugh’s denunciation of the Pope’s screen against capitalism. “The Pope of the Catholic Church really is offering a rebuttal to the Pope of the Republican party, which is what Limbaugh has largely become,” Sullivan writes, giving the conservative radio host some credit for recognizing the difference between the two [...]

Because of the recent letter where Pope Francis outlined the dangers of capitalism, Rush Limbaugh went on the attack. “This is just pure Marxism coming out of the mouth of the pope,” Limbaugh declared. The commentator noted that, until this letter, he had admired Pope Francis. Now, however, he must distance himself. On economics, the [...]

Brit Hume told Bill O’Reily that conservative talk radio hosts are causing the Republican Party to go on “suicide missions.” Citing Rush Limbaugh, Hume correctly points out that the party is so bereft of the ability to govern that it’s taking its cues from conservative talk radio. While he wouldn’t go so far as to [...]

Something he’d never say about a white president. “Bush had Shock and Awe? We’re looking at shuck and jive here. That’s what I’m gonna name this. The Obama operation in Syria, Operation Shuck and Jive, because that’s what this is,” Limbaugh said Monday according to a transcript, mocking the administration. “No, we don’t do ‘Shock [...]

It’s nice to be the king. “I don’t see how I can do it,” Limbaugh began. “I’m too famous.” “A lot of people have made the suggestion,” he continued. “I think I’d overshadow it.” “It’d be a tough call,” the host added. “It could get ratings.”

When Oprah said a woman refused to send her a handbag, most likely because she’s black, Limbaugh suggested maybe it was her weight. “Maybe it’s because the Oprah’s fat! … Look, don’t most people think that the fat and the obese are poor and stupid?”