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In 2013 70 Abortion Restrictions Were Enacted In U.S.

In 2013 70 Abortion Restrictions Were Enacted In U.S.

The 70 laws encompass restrictions in 22 states. [In Texas] it caused one-third of health centers to stop providing abortions. Women in the Rio Grande Valley now have to travel hundreds of miles (if they’re lucky enough to have the transportation and resources) to get access to a safe, legal abortion… abortion clinics are shutting […]

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Nick Searcy and Kevin Sorbo are behind an effort to crowdfund the financing of a television movie about convicted abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell. The movie is called Gosnell and is the true story of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, who is serving life in prison for multiple murders. The funding for the movie will come by […]

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VA House Candidate: No Abortion Incest Exception Because Sometimes It’s ‘Voluntary’

Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, running for the U.S. House, who most recently proclaimed disabled children to be a result of God’s vengeance because of abortion, says there should be no exception in cases of incest because sometimes it’s “voluntary.” Bob Marshall is the gift that keeps on giving. At a 2013 event, Marshall speculated that […]

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South Carolina Wants To Extend ‘Stand Your Ground’ To Fetuses

The red state wants to extend stand your ground laws to protect fetuses. Never mind that the state already allows a person to protect oneself from bodily harm, and never mind that, until it is actually born, is  part of that “self.” The proposal would grant pregnant women protection from prosecution if they were defending […]

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Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall, who previously wanted to ban sex-selection abortions, now says children with disabilities are the result of God’s vengeance because of abortions. …Marshall insisted that he won’t be backing away from the comment as he campaigns for the House, and is similarly defending his suggestions that Justice Anthony Kennedy is secretly […]

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GOP War On Women Continues: Compares Getting An Abortion To Carpet Shopping

Republican Lawmaker Compares Getting an Abortion to Buying a Car and Picking Carpeting (via FreakOutNation) Republican Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger, who sponsored a bill in Missouri which would require women seeking abortions to undergo mandatory ultrasounds and increase the waiting period for an abortion from 24 to 72 hours, compared abortion to shopping… Repost This Article Now read […]

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Because Of Red State Restrictions, Back Alley Abortions Are Back

With conservative states working to restrict access for women to reproductive health services, the kind of back alley abortions Roe v. Wade was intended to prevent are resurfacing. It’s a horrible natural experiment that is taking place in Texas, where we are going to see what happens in 2014 when U.S. women don’t have access […]

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The Most Egregious Examples of Hobby Lobby’s Religious Hypocrisy

Yesterday, we learned that Hobby Lobby, which is challenging the federal government over Obamacare’s mandatory contraception coverage, offers its employees a 401(k) retirement plan that happens to invest $73 million in pharmaceutical companies that develop and produce various forms of contraception. Whoops. According to Mother Jones, the companies include Bayer, Pfizer and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, […]

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Bristol Palin: Pro-Choicers Have ‘Mouths Of The Wicked’

Bristol Palin is very upset with ‘violent’ pro-choicers who she calls ‘mouths of the wicked’ (via FreakOutNation) Bristol Palin again drops a wordy post on us that must have taken her a whole thirty seconds for someone else to ghostwrite it for her. The half-term Governor of Alaska’s daughter who was knocked up because abstinence […]

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WVA Gov. Vetoes 20 Week Abortion Ban

Democratic Governor Earl Ray Tomblin says the bill is unconstitutional and that those who favor it are “quick to trample the rights of women in West Virginia.” “I have vetoed HB 4588 because I am advised, by not only attorneys from the legislature, but through my own legal team that this bill is unconstitutional,” he […]

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