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Abortion Gets In Way Of Human Trafficking Bill

Democratic Senators are being accused of standing in the way of legislation that would fight human trafficking because of a provision that prevents monies from going to help women obtain abortions. Republicans want to apply the Hyde Amendment, which prevents taxpayer dollars from going to abortions. But, as Senator Patrick Leahy points out, no taxpayer […]

A Colorado Republican weighed in on the brutal attack of a pregnant woman in which a stranger stabbed her in the stomach and cut her baby out of her womb. Republican state legislator Gordon Klingenschmitt is attributing the attack to God’s curse upon America for the sin of legal abortion, Right Wing Watch reports. During […]

Scott Walker has been waging a war on women since becoming governor of Wisconsin. He has scrapped pay equality laws. He has also passed a law requiring women to get a medically unnecessary, intrusive ultrasound if they want an abortion. He also passed a law requiring doctors that perform abortions have admitting privileges at a […]

Thanks for letting us know. We’d never be able to tell were it not for the signs on their doors, as reported by Anomaly at FreakOutNation. The Texas Tribune reports: One of the signs appeared Wednesday morning on the wall outside Rep. Jonathan Stickland’s office. It identifies the Bedford Republican as a “FORMER FETUS,” using a […]

The Wisconsin governor refused to state his position when he ran for governor, but now he’s preaching to the far-right.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: Walker said in last year’s campaign he opposed abortion, but refused to say whether he supported banning the procedure after 20 weeks. At one stage, he ran an ad saying […]

Scott Walker is doing everything he can to pander to the far right. …Walker met privately with Iowa Republicans in a hotel conference room last month, according to a person who attended the meeting. There, he highlighted his early support for a “personhood amendment,” which defines life as beginning at conception and would effectively prohibit […]

Next thing you know they’ll be given guns. In the aftermath of a high-profile legal battle over a brain-dead woman who was kept on life support against her family’s wishes because she was pregnant, one Texas lawmaker is readying a bill that would re-open the contentious debate. According to the Dallas Morning News, a Republican […]

He’s Tim Ryan of Ohio and he’s a Democrat. Please “like” us on Facebook Now read this:Georgia Lawmaker’s Bill Would Prevent A ‘Glow In The Dark Human’ (Feb 20, 2015) Police: Doctor Choked, Forced Woman To Swallow Abortion Pill (Dec 6, 2014) Conservative Anti-Abortion Group Opposes ‘Immoral’ Ebola Vaccines (Oct 22, 2014) Dr Tiller’s Murderer […]

Or abortion, which links to the same issue. Liberaland wants you to “like” it on Facebook Now read this:Cosby: ‘Jesus Would Give You A Little Wiggle Room’ (Mar 28, 2015) Two More Cosby Accusers (Mar 28, 2015) Tom Cotton Trolled (Mar 26, 2015) Republican Budget Could Cut 11 Million Off Food Stamps (Mar 21, 2015) […]

To hear the mainstream media tell it, Republicans were thwarted in their efforts to pass an anti-abortion bill that contained an odious rape and incest exception by women in the House Republican caucus who found the measure too extreme. This is even the story being told by Democrats on the Hill as they argued against […]

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