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Anti-Choice Group Labels Braley A ‘Public Health Threat’ For Not Endorsing Bill Giving Fertilized Eggs Full Legal Rights

Democrats now pose a public health hazard threat, according to a new mailer that many Iowa voters are receiving. The mail comes courtesy of the Susan B. Anthony list, and it warns voters that the views of Democrat Senate nominee Bruce Braley, who supports abortion rights, represent “potentially life-threatening health dangers.” I welcome the Republicans’ […]

Here’s another look into the “pro-life” mind: they are now protesting the Ebola vaccine. The group, called Children of God for Life, is pitching an absolute fit because the vaccines in development use embryonic stem cells. Well, the alternative is people dying from Ebola, so I clearly can see how they could throw in with […]

Bob Beauprez, Colorado’s Republican candidate for Governor, has said a lot of things that help him stand out as a Tea Party extremist. He’s already put repeal of marijuana legalization on his platform, and managed to campaign alongside Romney not long after echoing Mitt’s sentiments that 47% of Americans “are happy” to be dependent on […]

Some years ago, I got one of those anonymous e-mails your right-wing cousin or in-law loves to send you. I just stumbled across one today. The poem is ostensibly about a baby asking God why Mommy aborted him. It was such an obvious play on emotions, that I wrote a rebuttal that was more in […]

Word Of The Day: Gynotician

Via Being Liberal   Now read this:Words We Should Ban In 2015 (Nov 13, 2014) Chick-Fil-A Manager Gives Employees List Of Banned Words (Nov 11, 2014) Piers Morgan Wants To Whip The N-Word Into Brutal Submission (Nov 10, 2014) WashPost Monday: Redefining The N-Word (Nov 10, 2014) Crowdfunding Site Won’t Let You Raise Money For […]

Chuck Todd asked Reince Priebus on “Meet the Press” why his party opposes regulations, except when it comes to abortion clinics. The NBC host pointed out that 80 percent of the clinics in Texas could be forced to close because of a strict Republican-backed anti-abortion law. “Too much regulation, is that fair?” Todd wondered. “Why […]

Because of this appeals court ruling, 13 Texas abortion clinics will have to close immediately. The decision by a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, in New Orleans, will have a far-reaching effect on abortion services in Texas, lawyers for abortion providers said. The ruling gave Texas permission […]

A stunning report from Talking Points Memo revealed that one of the contributors to the National Review demanded that all women who get abortions be put to death. While the idiotic tirade this man went on did not specifically state that the implications of the statement he made did not hide his feelings nor his […]

“Personhood” has recently found its way to the Republican Platform in New Hampshire. This past weekend the Party announced that the platform now states: “support the unborn child’s fundamental right to life and establish that, in NH law, personhood begins at conception” If you’re a liberal in America there’s little that will make you cringe […]

Gov. Rick Perry (R-Oops) sank to a new low, both intellectually and morally, when he tried to rob Joan Rivers’ grave to pimp his anti-abortion law. DuringĀ a Q&A session at the Texas Tribune Festival, Perry was asked why he had supported and signed Texas HB2, a measure that forced most abortion care providers in the […]

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