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Two Republican Judges Order Obamacare Defunded

Two Republican Judges Order Obamacare Defunded

Think Progress has the story of today’s decision in the case of Halbig v. Burwell, where two Republican judges will have to live with their decision to deny millions of Americans federal health insurance subsidies. So you can thank Judge Raymond Randolph, a Bush I appointee, and Judge Thomas Griffith, a Bush II appointee for [...]

Verdict: Obamacare Has Reduced The Number Of Uninsured

It’s no longer a matter of debate. Obamacare has reduced the number of uninsured Americans. Survey after survey is showing that the number of uninsured people has been going down since the start of enrollment last fall. The numbers don’t all match, and health care experts say they’re not precise enough to give more than [...]

On That ‘Narrow’ Hobby Lobby Ruling

The corporate media and its overseers allies in the American Right Wing are desperately trying to strike an untenable balance between claiming Victory in the War For Religious Liberty while simultaneously playing down the far-ranging, civil rights-shredding implications of the Supreme Court’s retrogressive Hobby Lobby ruling. To that end, they’ve latched on to the terms “closely-held” and “family-run” — [...]

Oregon Republican Monica Wehby’s Tasty Obamacare Word Salad

She’s been exposed for stalking her exes.  She’s tried to prop up her chances of victory with poll numbers from an incompetent GOP firm. And now (via Daily Kos‘s Joan “Blue Girl” McCarter), we learn of Oregon Republican Senate candidate Monica Wehby’s recipe for word salad disaster: [C]onservative pundit Ramesh Ponnuru pointed out that Wehby [...]

Sorry, GOP, You’re Wrong, AGAIN

The first arguments against the Affordable Care Act, aka ACA or “Obamacare” were that it would destroy both the economy and the American way of life.  Think Ronald Reagan during the debate about Medicare when he said, “If we pass this we’ll live to tell our grandchildren about a time when America was free.” More [...]

Obamacare (Errrr, I Mean Romneycare) Works

A new study has data on Massachusetts: The death rate in Massachusetts dropped significantly after it adopted mandatory health care coverage in 2006, a study released Monday found, offering evidence that the country’s first experiment with universal coverage — and the model for crucial parts of President Obama’s health care law — has saved lives, [...]

Matt Bevin is a Kentucky Republican trying to unseat Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. He had a preexisting condition the prevented getting medical care in the past–and adopted child. With Obamacare, an adopted baby is no longer considered a preexisting condition. You would think Bevin would be thankful that his baby is now covered because [...]

To This Legislator, Clearly Not Jewish, Signing Up For Obamacare Is Like Signing Up To Go To A Gas Chamber

Republican Lawmaker Compares Obamacare To The Holocaust, Just Because (via FreakOutNation) When Tennessee state senator Stacey Campfield (R) has a ‘thought for the day’ it’s usually frightening and since today begins in a Y, it’s no different. After the Obama administration announced the signed up numbers for health insurance under… Now read this:Israel Must Exist [...]

Another Indicator Of Obamacare’s Success

The uninsurance rate among those who need it most is falling. In other words, more people are getting insurance who need it, as a new Gallup poll shows. The uninsured rate peaked at 18.0% in the third quarter of 2013, but has consistently declined since then. This downward trend in the uninsured rate coincided with [...]

Obamacare’s Numbers Up, Even In Republican Districts

Via Steve Marmel, this can’t be good for Republicans’ reelection strategy. The poll, which was conducted by Democracy Corps in battleground congressional districts and shared in advance with The Huffington Post, shows 52 percent of respondents want to “implement and fix” the 2010 health care reform law versus 42 percent who want to “repeal and [...]

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