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Number Of Uninsured Down In States Embracing Obamacare

Number Of Uninsured Down In States Embracing Obamacare

A Gallup poll shows that the states that have participated in Obamacare have lowered their uninsurance rates, which is not true for the states that have resisted. Twenty one states and the District of Columbia have agreed to both set up an insurance marketplace and expand Medicaid, the major mechanisms through which Obamacare seeks to […]

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Arkansas Clinic Closes Because So Many Have Obamacare

In rural Arkansas a free-clinic is closing, citing high numbers of insured through Obamacare (via FreakOutNation) In Mena, Arkansas,  a clinic has announced that it will be closing. The clinic  which has been operating for years cited a large drop in need for the clinic as people have signed up for health insurance under Obamacare. […]

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More Proof Obamacare Is Working

What are you going to believe, the facts or your own eyes? How about the conservative Wall Street Journal? A new study released Tuesday by the Rand Corp. “shows 9.3 million Americans gained insurance coverage since the Affordable Care Act took full effect, though most who bought policies through newly established exchanges weren’t uninsured and […]

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Saner Republicans Warn: You Can’t Unwind Obamacare Without Another Solution

Senator Mike Lee of Utah (pictured) and Nebraska Senate candidate Ben Sasse have an op-ed today in the Washington Examiner warning “Republicans can’t beat Obamacare without effective health care solutions of their own.” “If we are unwilling or unclear, the president will continue to mislead, government will continue to grow, and our healthcare system will continue to […]

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Just The Facts On Obamacare

Peggy Noonan still calls it a catastrophe.  Republicans still plan on running against it.  But for all intents and purposes, as Steve Benen points out, the facts say the debate is largely over. Consider a brief tale of the tape: * ACA enrollment through exchanges reached 7.1 million, ahead of early estimates. * If we […]

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Republicans Agree To Tiny Obamacare Fix; Heads Explode

You see, the only fix to Obamcare that is acceptable to a majority of Republicans is a repeal. It’s all or nothing. But what happened here is they did away with a cap on deductibles for small businesses. It makes it easier for these companies. But House Speaker John Boehner, to calm his teeming masses, […]

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Lowest Number Of Uninsured Since 2008

A Gallup survey shows 15.6% of Americans don’t have health insurance, which is the lowest rate since 2008. …the current rate is down from 18% in the quarter of 2013, which was an all-time high. The poll comes as good news for the White House, a week after it announced more than 7 million people […]

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Dispatches and Debunkery from the Trenches of the Obamacare Debate

My friends are always warning me to avoid political shovel fights on social media. And while I’ve somewhat restrained my natural compulsion to do so, I simply can’t help it. It’s what I do. If there’s someone who’s marketing in crapola online, I can’t help but to respond. There’s a classic online cartoon illustrating a […]

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Reifowitz: Democrats Must Run Against Obamacare Repeal

Ian Reifowitz at Daily Kos makes a good point. Democrats should not just campaign on the success of Obamacare; they need to campaign on fighting its repeal. Republicans have figured out that running around simply screaming that America needs to “Repeal Obamacare!” isn’t going to work this fall. As Bobby Jindal’s recent foray into the […]

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Douthat: Republican Predictions Of Obamacare Failure Are Like Their Predictions Of Romney Landslide

Ross Douthat: SO you think it’s finished? So you think now that enrollment has hit seven million, now that the president has declared the debate over repeal “over,” now that Republican predictions of a swift Obamacare unraveling look a bit like Republican predictions of a Romney landslide, we’re going to stop arguing about health care, […]

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