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Police Try To Explain Why An MRAP Is Necessary In The Small Alabama Town

An Alabama town’s police department explains why an enormous, half a million dollar militarized piece of equipment, obtained from the Pentagon, is necessary in a city with only 6,023 residents. The unrest in Ferguson, Missouri has brought attention to our militarized police departments. Chief Mike Reynolds of Chickasaw says he understands why the MRAP, a mine [...]

An Alabama couple has been charged with raping a mentally incapacitated 17-year-old relative multiple times in an unsuccessful attempt to impregnate her so they could keep the baby, according to what prosecutors said on Monday. The wife watched as the man assaulted the girl. According to court documents, the girl screamed during the assaults, which [...]

As you can see in the above picture, Ed White Middle School in Huntsville, which sits across Sparkman Drive from the Alabama Women’s Wellness Center (AWWC), has had enough of anti-abortion activists using their parking lot to protest the presence of a nearby doctor who they wrongly believe is currently providing abortions. As we told [...]

In an attempt to erect a courthouse monument featuring the Ten Commandments, Jackson County Commissioner Tim Guffney wants us to believe that the Ten Commandments has nothing to do with religion. “What I’m trying to do is erect a monument of historical documents,” Guffey said Thursday in an interview with AL.com. “It’s the Constitution, the [...]

We told you in March that sororities at the University of Alabama won the right to ban blacks. It’s now sorority week, and more women than ever are expected to rush. For all the continued interest in these organizations, it’s not clear that real, systemic change has been made within them. After the Crimson White‘s report [...]

  Mo Brooks, the Alabama congressman who recently said Democrats are waging a War on White people, and then doubled down on that rhetoric, was a guest on Alan Colmes’ show on Friday. Brooks said that “Democrats have crossed the line.” The Republican Congressman added that Democrats are making race an issue. Brooks read some [...]

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks told radio host Laura Ingraham that Democrats are waging a “war on whites…by claiming that whites hate everybody else.” He doubled down on this speaking with radio host Steve Malzberg. Brooks argued that Democrats are trying to “divide Americans up based on race,” particularly with racially-tinged attacks against Republicans. He said by [...]

When an Alabama man went to the hospital for a routine circumcision, things went horribly wrong after he awoke and his penis was gone. According to the man, doctors mistakenly amputated his penis. Johnny Lee Banks Jr. of Birmingham and his wife, Zelda Banks, filed the lawsuit on Tuesday in Jefferson County, according to the [...]

Earlier this month, an Alabama man shot and killed his girlfriend, but according to his mother, he was the victim of a “freak accident.” Jackie Quinnie, Raphiel Quinnie’s mother, told AL.com that the two were in a relationship and had been playing with the gun that killed Edwards while on a trampoline with their infant child. Quinnie [...]

A member of the gun rights group “BamaCarry” got to vote in Shelby County, Alabama, while wearing a holstered pistol, but police later asked him to leave while he stood in front of the polling place. According to WKRG, Robert Kennedy showed up with his gun on Tuesday at the Pelham First Baptist Church Annex. There [...]

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