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Alabama Supreme Court Halts Gay Marriages

Here we go again. The Alabama Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the state’s probate judges to stop issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, saying a previous federal ruling that gay-marriage bans violate the U.S. Constitution does not preclude them from following state law, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman. The all-Republican […]

Alabama’s chief justice was grilled on Fox News Sunday by Chris Wallace. “I could recuse or dissent as a justice from Delaware did in the Dred Scott case [affirming slavery] in 1857,” the Alabama chief justice insisted. “They ruled black people were property. Should a court today obey such a ruling that is completely contradictory […]

In fact, most Alabama judges are ignoring the state’s chief justice, Roy Moore, on his decision to defy the feds on marriage equality. Despite Moore’s orders to the contrary, at least 50 of Alabama’s 67 counties decided by Friday to issue licenses to same-sex couples. “When federal law is in conflict with state law, federal […]

In a rebuke to Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, the Supreme Court Monday has cleared the way for gay marriage in Alabama. In a 7-2 order, the justices rejected Alabama’s bid to stop a federal trial judge’s legalization order from taking effect Monday. The state now will become the 37th where gays can marry. Justices […]

One would think the job of a judge is to obey the law. That message never got to Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. …Moore…Sunday night ordered the state’s probate judges not to issue marriage licenses to gay couples on Monday, the day same-sex marriages were expected to begin here. “Effective immediately, no probate judge of […]

For those of us who live in the fantasy world provided by modern science, measles is caused by a virus called Paramyxoviridae, which is actually more closely related to Ebola than most people would be comfortable acknowledging (you do remember the Ebola virus, right?) According to the lies of science, the virus is an extremely […]

A federal judge in Alabama struck down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage Friday, calling it unconstitutional and harmful to children of gay couples. U.S. District Judge Callie Granade in Mobile city said that there was no connection between prohibiting and not recognizing same-sex marriages and the state’s so-called goal of having more children raised […]

Alabama voters acted irresponsibly on many fronts. Not only did they vote straight GOP virtually across the board, but they made gun ownership a human right. By an overwhelming vote of 73 to 27 percent, voters passed a constitutional amendment that places weapons above human life, making the ownership of firearms a fundamental human right […]

Alabama Police say a man’s own dog helped officers bust him on a drug charge. It was only a matter of time before animals turned on us  puny humans and ratted their owners out to the cops.   According to MSN, Prattville Police spokeswoman Paula Barlow said the pooch named Bo followed his fleeing master, […]

An Alabama man allegedly shot and killed a local pastor, who was his father-in-law, outside his church in Escambia County. Sheriff Grover Smith said that Brett Yeiter pulled a shotgun on Paul Phillips outside the Book of Acts Holiness Church on Monday, and shot Phillips in the head. According to WKRG, Phillips died on the […]

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