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Luther Campbell: Thanks To U Of Alabama, Segregation Is Alive In The Deep South

Luther Campbell: Thanks To U Of Alabama, Segregation Is Alive In The Deep South

With word out of the University of Alabama that Greek organizations have the right to ban blacks, we realize that, in some parts of America, race relations are no better than they were in the middle of the last century. Luther Campbell writes that the University shouldn’t stand for it. Whenever people accuse me of […]

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Alabama House Wants Same-Sex Marriage Ban In U.S. Constitution

Forgetting which way history is going, and attempting to move in backwards, Alabama would like to make believe that same-sex marriage isn’t happening in America. The Alabama House of Representatives Wednesday approved a resolution calling for a convention to put a same-sex marriage ban in the U.S. Constitution. Passage of the resolution infuriated Rep. Patricia […]

April 4, 2014 / More... ( comments)

Laura Thompson: Why U of Alabama’s Greek Integration Will Fail

The University of Alabama’s Greek community voted not to integrate white and blacks; but that is the wrong way to go about doing it says Laura Thompson writing at the University of Georgia’s website, redandblack.com. With such an embarrassing outcome, UA’s reputation has once again been tainted by the stench of racism and sponsors of […]

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U Of Alabama Sororites Win Right To Ban Blacks

Sororities at the University of Alabama won a fight to keep blacks from applying. A group of 27 student senators blocked a bill to fully integrate fraternities at the establishment from reaching a public vote, with just five in favour, and two abstentions. It has sparked outrage as critics blast the ‘backwards’ state of student […]

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Black Pol Tells White Pol She’d Favor Abortion Pregnancy Was By Black Man

Democratic Alabama State Rep. Alvin Holmes told Republican State Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin that if the fetus were black she’d probably favor abortion. The shocking comments from Rep. Alvin Holmes (D-Montgomery) came shortly after Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin (R-Indian Springs) compared her bill to restrict abortions to the landmark Supreme Court case Brown vs. Board […]

March 5, 2014 / More... ( comments)

Alabama: Where Lawlessness Is A Way Of Life

It’s funny how a series of articles that are only somewhat related can pretty much establish a pattern. In this case, they cast Alabama, that land of rugged adherence to the Confederacy traditional values, as a state that’s just fine with lawlessness. Let’s start with their prison system: For a female inmate, there are few […]

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Is This The Worst Prison In America?

The New York Daily News headline reads “Hell Behind Bars.” The subject of the article: an Alabama prison rife with abuse and now under investigation by the Justice Department. An Alabama women’s prison is a “toxic” house of horrors in which “repeated and open sexual behavior” is the norm, federal investigators said. A Department of […]

January 24, 2014 / More... ( comments)

Police Brutality: Details Of ‘Legal Schnauzer’ Beatdown Emerge

Roger Shuler, the fearless and controversial blogger behind Legal Schnauzer, one of the best and dishiest political-legal blogs around, remains in jail for ignoring an apparently unlawfully server court order. His wife has revealed details of the beating he took during his arrest on October 28th of last year, and identifies a perpetrator: An Alabama […]

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The “Dancing Elites” as they’re known offended residents in Semmes, Alabama. Angry residents say they should have been warned that the troupe was part of the parade, and questioned whether it was suitable for young children. The group is known as the Prancing Elites. They were dressed in red-and-white Santa outfits as well as short […]

December 25, 2013 / More... ( comments)

Christmas Marks Two Months In Jail Without Justice For Roger Shuler

It has been just over two months since a goon squad group of deputy sheriffs beat, arrested, and jailed without any sign of due process Roger Shuler, the blogger behind Legal Schnauzer, on allegations that he ignored court papers that the blogger pretty much proved were not legally served. His wife Peggy posted this update […]

December 24, 2013 / More... ( comments)

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