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Man With Alzheimers Finally Speaks When He Pets Family Dog

Man With Alzheimers Finally Speaks When He Pets Family Dog

The Korean War vet hadn’t spoken in six months until he petted the family dog. Charles Sasser, of Albuquerque, N.M., was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s four or five years ago, according to his daughter Lisa Abeyta. She took a video of her dog Roscoe proudly bounding up to Sasser with a bone in his mouth. “My [...]

Blood Test Shows If The Healthy Likely To Get Alzheimer’s

Tomorrow’s Telegraph front page: ‘Blood test to show if the healthy will suffer Alzheimer’s’ #tomorrowspaperstoday pic.twitter.com/DIHEQzZ7Zb — The Telegraph (@Telegraph) March 9, 2014 Now read this:Obese Patient Told To Get MRI Where They Have ‘Facilities For Large Animals’ (Jul 13, 2014) Scientists May Have Found An Autism Gene (Jul 8, 2014) Paralyzed Man Is First [...]

Elderly Alzheimer’s Sufferer Fatally Shot When Wandering Onto Resident’s Property

The 72-year-old Georgia man was shot and killed after ringing a doorbell and turning the door handle. After Joe Hendrix’s fiancé called 911 to report a possible intruder, Hendrix went outside to take matters into his own hands, and fired four shots at a silhouette in his yard, killing Ronald Westbrook. Hendrix admitted to shooting [...]

Cure? UK Scientists Pave Way For Alzheimer’s Pill

An historic “turning point” has arrived in the search for a simple pill to cure Alzheimer’s according to British scientists. Although the prospect of a pill for Alzheimer’s remains a long way off, the landmark British study provides a major new pathway for future drug treatments. The compound works by blocking a faulty signal in [...]

What they are discovering is a memory loss different than Alzheimer’s and, hopefully, eventually treatable. Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center examined brains, young and old ones, donated from people who died without signs of neurologic disease. They discovered that a certain gene in a specific part of the hippocampus, the brain’s memory center, quits [...]

Testing is in the early stages. The new approach is called deep brain stimulation, or DBS. While it won’t attack Alzheimer’s root cause either, “maybe we can make the brain work better,” he said. Implanting electrodes into the brain isn’t new. Between 85,000 and 100,000 people around the world have had DBS to block the [...]

Glenn Campbell Has Alzheimers

Says he’ll do a farewell tour and wants audience to be aware Now read this:Glen Campbell Moved Into A Care Facility (Apr 18, 2014)