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Jerk Puts Noose Around Cat’s Neck, Gives it Heroin, Veterinarian Saves Cat With Reversal Drug

Jerk Puts Noose Around Cat’s Neck, Gives it Heroin, Veterinarian Saves Cat With Reversal Drug

A Pennsylvania veterinarian saved a cat’s life by using a reversal drug after the animal’s owner gave it heroin.  Police arrested West Chester resident James Myers on Tuesday. Myers faces charges which include animal cruelty and drug possession, according to the News & Record. An officer spotted Myers’ car parked in the middle of a [...]

Cop Shoots Family Dog In Front Of 6-Year-Old

The dog had run away, but then was safely back at home when the police arrived. An officer shot the dog allegedly without provocation. “We were in the lawn and the cop already had his gun out,” said Nicole Echlin, the dog’s owner, to NBC Chicago. “I tried to call him in the house and [...]

Family: Police Fatally Shot Dog In The Head In Front of 6-Year-Old Girl

A young dog was fatally shot in the head by police in front of a 6-year-old girl Friday afternoon in a Chicago suburb, according to family members and neighbors who witnessed the incident. The dog’s owners say the 1-year-old shepherd-mix, Apollo, had gotten out of their yard and the family had just returned him to [...]

Florida Teens Arrested For Animal Torture

Not-too-bright Florida teens have been charged with cruelty to animals. They posted a video of themselves lighting a rare tortoise on fire and stomping on it. The two girls, fifteen and eighteen years old, were charged with cruelty to animals, as well as harassing and killing the gopher tortoise. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission [...]

PETA Offers To Pay Bills For Going Vegan

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is offering to help struggling Detroiters pay their water bills if they’ll go vegan for a month. This is an attempt to help poor people whose water is being turned off and, of course, to promote PETA. Now, you might wonder why PETA is making money to people [...]

Florida Man Posts Facebook Pix Of Self Pointing Gun At Head Of Cat And Dog

At least this Second Amendmenter isn’t biased. He hates cats and dogs. Southwest Florida investigators are looking into disturbing photos posted online, one of which shows a man holding a cat by it’s “scruff” and pointing a gun at its head. KPHO reports, “The Facebook post, which has been removed, was first reported to the [...]

Delhi’s 30,000 Unruly Monkeys Steal Stuff, Terrorize People And Even Kill

And you thought they were adorable, entertaining little primates. Unless, of course, you saw The Hangover 2 — and even that didn’t even tell half the story. I guess Bangkok monkeys are just plain better behaved… // Now read this:Teenager Cuts Man’s Penis Off After Attempted Rape (Aug 5, 2014) GOP Rep. Idiotically Mistakes Senior [...]

South Carolina Jerk Gets 10 Years For Dragging Dog Behind His Truck For Two Miles

A South Carolina man was given the state’s maximum penalty for animal cruelty after being found guilty of dragging a dog behind his truck for 2 miles. The dog, now named Andra Grace, was taken to a veterinary clinic wrapped in bloody blankets, her bones and tendons exposed, Cynthia Sarachino told Judge Letitia Verdin. Verdin sentenced [...]

It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Chimps Attend ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Screening

It was only a matter of time before chimps evolved enough to attend the movies and pay for their own tickets. What next? Even worse, they can be seen (not) plotting against humanity during the film, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Watch courtesy of ABC: H/T: BFF @ComgenKDT with [...]

Facebook Users Very Upset Over Steven Spielberg Killing A Triceratops

It’s “disgraceful,” one man writes on Facebook in reference to a photo which went viral of director Steven Spielberg posing next to a seemingly slaughtered dinosaur. Facebook users are upset. How DARE Spielberg kill a Triceratops which has been extinct for 65 million years. One Facebook user wrote, “PEOPLE CANT HONESTLY THINK THIS IS REAL. [...]

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