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Delhi’s 30,000 Unruly Monkeys Steal Stuff, Terrorize People And Even Kill

Delhi’s 30,000 Unruly Monkeys Steal Stuff, Terrorize People And Even Kill

And you thought they were adorable, entertaining little primates. Unless, of course, you saw The Hangover 2 — and even that didn’t even tell half the story. I guess Bangkok monkeys are just plain better behaved… // Now read this:Woman Stabs To Death Two Pit Bulls Who Attacked Her Puppy (May 25, 2014) RIP Miss [...]

South Carolina Jerk Gets 10 Years For Dragging Dog Behind His Truck For Two Miles

A South Carolina man was given the state’s maximum penalty for animal cruelty after being found guilty of dragging a dog behind his truck for 2 miles. The dog, now named Andra Grace, was taken to a veterinary clinic wrapped in bloody blankets, her bones and tendons exposed, Cynthia Sarachino told Judge Letitia Verdin. Verdin sentenced [...]

It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Chimps Attend ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Screening

It was only a matter of time before chimps evolved enough to attend the movies and pay for their own tickets. What next? Even worse, they can be seen (not) plotting against humanity during the film, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Watch courtesy of ABC: H/T: BFF @ComgenKDT with [...]

Facebook Users Very Upset Over Steven Spielberg Killing A Triceratops

It’s “disgraceful,” one man writes on Facebook in reference to a photo which went viral of director Steven Spielberg posing next to a seemingly slaughtered dinosaur. Facebook users are upset. How DARE Spielberg kill a Triceratops which has been extinct for 65 million years. One Facebook user wrote, “PEOPLE CANT HONESTLY THINK THIS IS REAL. [...]

Karma: World Cup Beauty Loses Lucrative Modeling Gig After Hunting Photo Outrage On Facebook

A Belgian woman’s modeling career ended before it started. A lucrative L’Oreal modeling deal was offered after 17-year-old Azelle Despiegelaer’s photos at the World Cup went viral earlier this week, but now that’s history.  Despiegelaere sparked outrage on Facebook with a picture showing her posing with a dead oryx gazelle she had hunted in Africa. “Hunting is [...]

Disabled Vet Asked To Leave Store Because Of His Service Dog

A Texas veteran was asked to leave Walgreens because of his service dog. Christopher Goodson, who served with the United States Marine Corps, said the altercation happened on Thursday at the store in Mesquite. When Goodson walked in to buy a drink, the manager told him to “get the dog out.” Goodson said, “He could [...]

Obama To Create World’s Largest Ocean Preserve

President Obama is moving to ban drilling, fishing and other disruptive activities in a large swath of the Pacific Ocean to protect marine life. Using presidential authority that doesn’t require new action from Congress, Obama proposed to expand the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, which President George W. Bush designated to protect unique species [...]

Margaret Howe Lovett explains it in an upcoming BBC documentary, The Girl Who Talked To Dolphins. In the beginning when he would get rambunctious and had this need, I would put him on the elevator and say, “You go play with the girls for a day”…I was just easier to incorporate [dolphin handjobs] and let [...]

Cop Points Gun At Kids, Then Kills Family Dog

Oklahoma Cop allegedly shot family dog after pointing gun at children (via FreakOutNation) An Oklahoma family is heartbroken after a Logan County Sheriff’s Deputy allegedly shot and killed their dog after pointing his gun at family members,, including two children. KOKH reports.  Cindy Wickham explained that she was watching her two… Now read this:Brooklyn Bridge Mystery: American [...]

Mr. G. was separated from his lifelong companion, Jellybean, when they were separated and sent to different sanctuaries. Mr. G. stopped eating, and when they figured out it was because of the loss of Jellybean, they were reunited. “He does not let her more than 10 feet,” said Jan Galeazzi at Animal Place. “His eyes [...]

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