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Pit Bull Attacks Owners While Driving Through Mall

The couple were driving in their SUV through a mall in Costa Mesa when their Pit Bull turned on them. The husband was driving and his wife and the family Pit Bull were passengers, until the dog launched a vicious attack and inflicted serious injuries to both its owners.  Witnesses said there were repeated bites to the couples’ […]

Wouldn’t a simple, “please don’t do that again” be enough, if the town really wants to be that dispassionate? FreakOutNation has the story. David Parton, 76, was arrested in the town of Gainesville for breaking an ordinance against feeding strays and refusing to pay $900 in fines, according to MyFoxNY. “My responsibility was simply to do […]

But you knew that already. Research conducted at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna shows that dogs can read human expressions and figure out how you’re feeling. It’s the first to conclude that animals other than humans can pick up on detailed emotional facial cues. The team trained the dogs to recognize people making happy […]

No two are alike, personality-wise, say scientists. Researchers studying the behaviour of the insects have discovered that far from simply being a homogenous mass they have individual character traits. The discovery is unlikely to change perceptions of them from skittering vermin to desirable beasts but it could go some way to explaining their evolutionary success. […]

Brutus is grieving over the loss of his brother, Hank. Both are Rottweilers. In the video, Brutus is shown resting his head on his deceased brother, looking at the camera with heartbroken eyes. Bennett, who adopted the pair from an animal rescue center in 2013, can be heard behind the camera, crying while attempting to […]

Animal lovers exploded on social media when word of the ad came out. According to reports, the popular website-building service has ultimately decided not to air the Super Bowl ad they had originally planned to air during the big game after it sparked uproar online. The ad was released early by the company, and almost […]

Kennedy Airport in New York will open a privately-owned animal terminal called “The Ark.” The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has signed a 30-year lease deal with Ark Development, an affiliate of the real estate company Racebrook Capital, to design and build a 178,000-square-foot animal cargo facility at the Queens, New York-based […]

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in Florida was sending back an awesome rug due to a hilarious typo in the logo, but now he’s auctioning it off online with plans to donate the money to an animal rescue group. Sounds confusing? It’s not really. Instead of “In God We Trust” written across the rug, due […]

Chuck Bednar for redOrbit.com – Your Universe Online An orangutan held in an Argentine zoo is a “non-human person” who has been unlawfully deprived of her freedom, ruled an appeals court in that country in December. As a result of the historic ruling, the 29-year-old female became the first animal other than a Homo sapiens […]

British broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough once asked: “Are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?” This year marked the 100th anniversary of the death of the last passenger pigeon, Martha, who managed to survive only 14 years in captivity after […]

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