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Disturbing Audio: Intimidating Tactics by Texas Anti-Choice Activists, Tracking Patients, Doctors

Undercover audio has been released of “Keeping Abortion Facilities Closed,” a training hosted by anti-abortion groups at the State Capitol on August 4, 2014. In the video, it’s revealed that anti-choice activists are monitoring patients, staff and doctors. The anti-abortion activists consider tracking license plates and scrutinizing tax records, a tactic which was caught on [...]

Emily Letts counseled women who were considering abortions and never thought she, herself would get pregnant–at least not yet. But when she discovered she was pregnant she knew, in the blink of an eye, that that she would choose abortion. And she decided to videotape it to help destigmatize it for other women. She talked [...]

Anti-abortionists think Planned Parenthood is all about abortion, even though that is a fraction of what they do (and with no taxpayer dollars, thank you very much). Maybe before they scribble out their signs they should know exactly what and where they are protesting. The new Planned Parenthood location in South Minneapolis provides access to [...]

It’s halfway to the $100,000 goal.

In a majority of the country it’s politicians, not doctors, who decide medical care. That’s because a wave of anti-choice legislation has completely reoriented the women’s health landscape, ensuring that medical professionals are forced to ignore their best judgment in order to remain compliant with the law, according to a new report from the National [...]

While conservatives will tout this as a good thing, you can file this under the ongoing war on women. Anti-choicers claim that new restrictions are not intended to halt access to abortions, but that is an out-and-out lie. That is exactly what they’re intended to do. // < ![CDATA[ var icx_iframe_id = "84d910b2-c657-411b-86e3-bdf9ccc92b66"; // ]]> [...]

We shouldn’t make fun of earlier, heathen civilizations, says conservative icon Dr. Ben Carson, as we are a heathen nation that kills babies. Carson, who has no problem endorsing candidates who support abortion rights in order to win votes, was responding to a comment by host Perry Atkinson who said that if America could just [...]

In a First Amendment case, the Supreme Court struck down a Massachusetts law that barred protests near abortion clinics. The law, enacted in 2007, created 35-foot buffer zones around entrances to abortion clinics. State officials said the law was a response to a history of harassment and violence at abortion clinics in Massachusetts, including a shooting [...]

Even if it goes against the wishes of the family Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal wants to pass a law that would require them to keep a pregnant woman alive to protect a fetus. House Bill 1274, sponsored by state Rep. Austin Badon (D), specifies that if a woman is at least 20 weeks pregnant, the [...]

Wendy Davis Greeted In Los Angeles With Appalling ‘Abortion Barbie’ Posters (via FreakOutNation) Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis was greeted in Los Angeles on Thursday morning with appalling life-sized posters depicting her as “Abortion Barbie” just ahead of her fundraiser in the city.  The posters read, “Hollywood welcomes Abortion… Now read this:If Wendy Davis Loses, [...]

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