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Rick Perry Uses Joan Rivers’ Death To Defend Anti-Abortion Laws

Whatever works to appeal to the far-right anti-abortion crowd, right? Rick Perry has suggested that Joan Rivers might still be alive had the clinic where her botched endoscopy was performed been held to the same stringent standards required under his controversial abortion law. “It was interesting that, when Joan Rivers, and the procedure that she [...]

In Pennsylvania, state laws require that abortions be performed by physicians. Violating this law carries up to seven years in prison and a $15,000 fine – as single mother, Jennifer Ann Whalen, 39, of Washingtonville, found out when she gave her daughter miscarriage-inducing pills to end a pregnancy her 16-year-old daughter did not want. The [...]

Dutch physician Rebecca Gomperts has found a way to take care of women in countries where abortion is illegal. Emily Bazelon reports: Eight years ago she started Women on Web, a “telemedicine support service” for women around the world who are seeking medical abortions. She and a small staff share a one-room office in Amsterdam [...]

The war on women in Texas is far from over, but a battle has been won. On Friday, a federal judge in Austin, TX blocked a new rule that would have forced more than half of the abortion clinics left in the state to close. The rule, which would have required all abortion clinics to [...]

Undercover audio has been released of “Keeping Abortion Facilities Closed,” a training hosted by anti-abortion groups at the State Capitol on August 4, 2014. In the video, it’s revealed that anti-choice activists are monitoring patients, staff and doctors. The anti-abortion activists consider tracking license plates and scrutinizing tax records, a tactic which was caught on [...]

Emily Letts counseled women who were considering abortions and never thought she, herself would get pregnant–at least not yet. But when she discovered she was pregnant she knew, in the blink of an eye, that that she would choose abortion. And she decided to videotape it to help destigmatize it for other women. She talked [...]

Anti-abortionists think Planned Parenthood is all about abortion, even though that is a fraction of what they do (and with no taxpayer dollars, thank you very much). Maybe before they scribble out their signs they should know exactly what and where they are protesting. The new Planned Parenthood location in South Minneapolis provides access to [...]

It’s halfway to the $100,000 goal.

In a majority of the country it’s politicians, not doctors, who decide medical care. That’s because a wave of anti-choice legislation has completely reoriented the women’s health landscape, ensuring that medical professionals are forced to ignore their best judgment in order to remain compliant with the law, according to a new report from the National [...]

While conservatives will tout this as a good thing, you can file this under the ongoing war on women. Anti-choicers claim that new restrictions are not intended to halt access to abortions, but that is an out-and-out lie. That is exactly what they’re intended to do. // < ![CDATA[ var icx_iframe_id = "84d910b2-c657-411b-86e3-bdf9ccc92b66"; // ]]> [...]

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