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New York Church: ‘Homos’ Should Get ‘Cancer, HIV, Siphilis’

New York Church: ‘Homos’ Should Get ‘Cancer, HIV, Siphilis’

The ATLAH World Church in Harlem, which spends much of its time attacking President Obama, now has a sign out side attacking gays. …apparently anyone who supports gay people should be cursed with “cancer, HIV, syphilis, stroke, madness, itch, then hell.” (Itching? They have cancer and hell in there, itching just seems like unnecessary overkill.) [...]

Christian Bakery That Wouldn’t Bake For Gays Now Bakes For Ex-Gays

“Sweet Cakes by Melissa” closed its Portland store earlier this year after Oregon found the owners guilty of violating the rights of gays. The Christian bakery is now an online store catering to ex-gays. According to The Advocate, the bakery recently posted a picture on its Facebook page of some goods that it recently made [...]

Rubio: Poor Opposers Of Same-Sex Marriage Face ‘Intolerance’

Talk about turning things around on their head. In Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s world, it’s the ones who are intolerant of gays who have to put up with intolerance. Americans who oppose same-sex marriage often face “intolerance” from those who support it, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida said Wednesday in a speech about values [...]

Westboro Baptist Church: Thank God for Malaysian Plane Crash

Westboro Baptist Church is at it again. The group was made famous for protesting at funerals of American service men in women in order to put forth its anti-LGBT agenda. It is now claiming God caused the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 because among the 298 dead were a few AIDS researchers. On [...]

Vikings Won’t Release Report On If Kluwe Firing Was For LGBT Advocacy

The Minnesota Vikings are withholding the findings of a report on the firing of former punter Chris Kluwe. After promising for months to make the findings public, the team is refusing to say if Kluwe was fired for his advocacy of the LGBT community. The investigation is a result of allegations Kluwe made against the [...]

Mayor Wants To Ban ‘Morally Harmful’ Same-Sex Kissing In Public

Borgosesia,Italy mayor Gianluca Buonanno doesn’t want gays to be exhibiting public displays of affection. “Kissing in public between homosexuals? No thanks,” Buonanno told Italian newspaper La Repubblica, notes The Huffington Post. “I don’t like two people of the same sex making public displays of affection. It’s a question of respect. And I’m convinced that it’s [...]

Olympic Champion Ian Thorpe Reveals He Is Gay

Thorpe made the revelation to British broadcaster Sir Michael Parkinson. The interview, which will air on Sunday night on Channel Ten, has been described by Sir Michael as one he had wanted to do for a long time. “Ian Thorpe has always been near the top of my list to interview. The reasons are obvious. [...]

Christian Bakery Refuses To Make Bert And Ernie Cake

The bakery is in Northern Ireland, which means bigotry is international. …its owners refused to make a cake for the group QueerSpace Belfast featuring the characters Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street along with the message “Support Gay Marriage.” The group was ultimately able to hire another bakery to execute the design… Now, the Equality [...]

We Hurt The Daily Caller’s Fee Fees. You’re Welcome!

We did a post on Burger King’s celebration of gay pride and I specifically added that it ‘got lost on a few people’. We were even kind and said a nice thing about the Daily Caller‘s author. Not to worry because that will never happen again. You’re welcome! Apparently, the Daily Caller thinks Alan Colmes [...]

Texas Vandals Paint ’666′ On Landmarks In The Gay Community

Dallas, Texas police are seeking the public’s help to find the vandals behind the bright red “666” graffiti painted on a well-known Oak Lawn monument, a predominantly gay church, three print publications, and a highway overpass. At this time, police are deeming it to be a hate crime, largely because it’s LGBT Pride Month and two of [...]

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