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Anti-Gay Pastor Charged With Crimes Against Humanity Gets On Ballot

Anti-Gay Pastor Charged With Crimes Against Humanity Gets On Ballot

Last year, a  prominent homophobic activist had the hammer of justice dropped on him, big time: For the first time, a federal US judge has ruled a persecution of LGBT people is a crime against humanity. This sets a precedent ensuring the fundamental human rights of LGBTI people are protected under international law. It comes [...]

Sues Doctor Who Diagnosed Him With ‘Chronic’ Homosexuality

Matthew Moore, an openly gay California man, is suing a doctor who diagnosed his “homosexual behavior ” as a “chronic problem.” …he was shocked to see his sexual orientation still described as a chronic condition more than a year after he complained about the use of the archaic medical classification. “It was infuriating. It was [...]

Texas Anti-Gay Leader’s Ex-Wife Left Him For Another Woman

Some details about Jonathan Saenz of the anti-gay group “Texas Values” have emerged. His wife left him for another woman just months before he became president of the group, according to Hays County district court records which were obtained by Lone Star Q. As it happens, Saenz’s ex-wife, Corrine Morris Rodriguez Saenz, is a member [...]

Pastor Cancels Funeral When He Finds Out Deceased Was Gay

The Florida pastor found out the night before that the funeral he was about to conduct was for a gay person. (h/t Crooks and Liars) Kendall Capers says he was told the service was canceled the night before he husband was to be buried. He says the pair were partners for 17 years and married last [...]

Uganda Abolishes Anti-Gay Law In Exchange For Financial Aid

Thankfully, Uganda appears to have come to its senses on the matter of (partially) decriminalizing homosexuality.  Yesterday, Uganda’s Constitutional Court abolished the intolerant and Draconian anti-homosexuality bill.   The law, signed by President Museveni in February, toughened up existing laws.  In June, the US imposed sanctions on Uganda, including travel restrictions on Ugandan officials involved in serious human [...]

God Hates Reddit

God Hates Reddit

The Westboro Baptist Church is at it again, this time protesting the aggregation site Reddit.

Pastor Robert Jeffress: Gay Marriages Are ‘Counterfeit’

Pastor Robert Jeffress of Dallas’s First Baptist Church appeared on radio with me Monday night, and callers brought up the issue of gay marriage. Jeffress referred to such relationships as “counterfeit.” He said gay marriage “devalues the institution of marriage.” COLMES: “But how does it devalue the institution of marriage? Why would straights not get [...]

New York Church: ‘Homos’ Should Get ‘Cancer, HIV, Siphilis’

The ATLAH World Church in Harlem, which spends much of its time attacking President Obama, now has a sign out side attacking gays. …apparently anyone who supports gay people should be cursed with “cancer, HIV, syphilis, stroke, madness, itch, then hell.” (Itching? They have cancer and hell in there, itching just seems like unnecessary overkill.) [...]

Christian Bakery That Wouldn’t Bake For Gays Now Bakes For Ex-Gays

“Sweet Cakes by Melissa” closed its Portland store earlier this year after Oregon found the owners guilty of violating the rights of gays. The Christian bakery is now an online store catering to ex-gays. According to The Advocate, the bakery recently posted a picture on its Facebook page of some goods that it recently made [...]

Rubio: Poor Opposers Of Same-Sex Marriage Face ‘Intolerance’

Talk about turning things around on their head. In Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s world, it’s the ones who are intolerant of gays who have to put up with intolerance. Americans who oppose same-sex marriage often face “intolerance” from those who support it, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida said Wednesday in a speech about values [...]

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