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Arizona Man Arrested For Burning, Urinating On The Bible

A 22-year-old Arizona man who calls himself “Dark Lord” was arrested for allegedly burning a Bible and urinating on it outside a Christian-oriented homeless shelter in northern Arizona, according to police. Reuters reports that Eric Minerault was booked into jail late on Thursday on suspicion of one count of unlawful symbol burning stemming from the [...]

On Monday, a 9-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed 39 year-old firearms instructor Charles Vacca when the girl lost control of the Uzi submachine gun he was supervising her with. The incident was caught on video, the publicized version of which stops just short of the fatal shot. As you can see, Vacca has one [...]

A video was released by Mohave Sheriffs officials showing that moment just before a 9-year-old girl accidentally shot a gun instructor in the head at a shooting range. 39-year-old Charles Vacca died after being shot in the head with a 9 mm Uzi by the girl. Vacca instructs the girl on how to properly stand [...]

A 9-year-old girl accidentally shot a gun instructor in the head Monday morning at a shooting a range in Dolan Springs, Arizona. The shooting happened about 10 a.m. at an outdoor range, according to the the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies said the girl was at the range with her parents when a gun she [...]

Arizona Republican Congressional candidate Gary Kiehne put out a new ad which accidentally has a little something extra in it. By little, I mean huge. It’s likely that Kiehne didn’t notice the enormous horse penis in the background, just hanging out. Obviously no one vetted the image before creating the ad, because again, there’s a [...]

Christine Jones, a former counsel for Internet domain registrar GoDaddy, put $2 million of her own money into her campaign to succeed Jan Brewer. Her big hobby: shooting. After explaining that she is “cutting a lot of checks” to her campaign, Jones demonstrated her shooting prowess , described as her “own way of shooting.” “I [...]

An Arizona man pointed an AR-15 rifle at a mother and her teenage daughter inside one of the busiest terminals at Sky Harbor International Airport on Friday, according to police. Peter Nathan Steinmetz, 54, a brain scientist with Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, said he was exercising his Second Amendment rights.  According to its website, Steinmetz [...]

While he is for the death penalty, the Arizona Senator has the good sense to decry an execution gone wrong. The longtime Republican lawmaker, who experienced years of torture while being held in captivity by the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, called the drawn-out lethal injection execution of Joseph Wood on Wednesday “terrible.” “I [...]

The news of Arizona’s botched execution of Joseph R. Wood III Wednesday afternoon has become another dominant story in this summer of news that won’t quit, but what’s really unusual about this event is the way in which it is being covered by the television news media, and how that contrasts with the coverage of [...]

Joseph Rudolph Wood III began the end of his life on August 7, 1989, when he walked into an auto body shop and killed his 29 year-old ex-girlfriend Debbie Dietz, and her 55 year-old father Gene Dietz, with a .38 caliber revolver. Police shot Wood several times when he picked up and pointed the gun he [...]

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