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John McCain: Botched Execution In Arizona Was ‘Torture’

John McCain: Botched Execution In Arizona Was ‘Torture’

While he is for the death penalty, the Arizona Senator has the good sense to decry an execution gone wrong. The longtime Republican lawmaker, who experienced years of torture while being held in captivity by the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, called the drawn-out lethal injection execution of Joseph Wood on Wednesday “terrible.” “I [...]

Why Do We Televise Eric Garner’s Execution, But Not Joseph Wood’s?

The news of Arizona’s botched execution of Joseph R. Wood III Wednesday afternoon has become another dominant story in this summer of news that won’t quit, but what’s really unusual about this event is the way in which it is being covered by the television news media, and how that contrasts with the coverage of [...]

Witness to Both Joseph Wood’s Crime and His Botched Execution: Murderers ‘Deserve To Suffer’

Joseph Rudolph Wood III began the end of his life on August 7, 1989, when he walked into an auto body shop and killed his 29 year-old ex-girlfriend Debbie Dietz, and her 55 year-old father Gene Dietz, with a .38 caliber revolver. Police shot Wood several times when he picked up and pointed the gun he [...]

Botched Execution In Arizona Lasts Nearly Two Hours

It took nearly two hours to kill Joseph Rudolph Wood. His lawyers tried to get a court to stop the execution but, after writhing in pain for two hours, he died before a court could act. Wood, 55, was convicted in 1989 of killing his girlfriend and her father. His execution came after days of [...]

GOP Candidate For AZ Governor Has No Idea Why Militia Was Hanging Out With Him At Protest

A Republican candidate for Arizona governor told TPM that he has no idea why armed militiamen were tagging along with him on Tuesday at an immigration protest in Oracle, Arizona at the rally in opposition to the arrival of refugee children. A group of armed militiamen were providing security for Riggs, KTVK reported. Armed group [...]

Desperate GOP Congressional Candidate To Ply Donors With Guns, Ammo And Booze

It’s not uncommon to provide booze for donors, but combine that with guns and ammo for the high rollers and you’ve got a lethal cocktail and a disturbing message. Andrew Walter, a Republican candidate in the state’s 9th congressional district, is slated to host an “Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms” fundraiser Friday at the Scottsdale Gun [...]

Federal Court Lifts Ban On Driver’s Licesnes For Undocumented DREAMers

A federal appeals court in Arizona halted Governor Jan Brewer’s ban on driver’s licenses for those who came here as children but have been given executive permission to stay in the United States. In May 2013, a U.S. District Court judge rejected immigration advocates’ arguments that the policy violated federal law. However, the judge noted [...]

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Chose Looking For Obama’s Birth Certificate Over Running For Governor

You see, it’s more important to go in search of President Obama’s birth certificate that has already been shown than to run for a job where you can do something for the people of your state. Right Wing Watch reports, “Arpaio claimed that he was close to finding the person who he believes forged the [...]

Top Republican Arizona Candidate For Governor Led Birther Effort

Top Republican Candidate for Governor Led Birther Effort in Arizona (via FreakOutNation) Although Ken Bennett, the Arizona secretary of state, may claim he’s not a birther, he most certainly is. Bennett infamously threatened to leave President Obama off the ballot in the state if Hawaii didn’t produce verification of Obama’s birthplace… Now read this:Silence of The [...]

‘You Ought To Go Buy’ A Gun Says Candidate Because ’99 Percent’ Of Mass Shooters Are Democrats

AZ GOP Congressional Candidate: ’99 Percent’ Of Mass Shooters Are Democrats (via http://crooksandliars.com) By David May 19, 2014 5:00 am – Comments A Republican congressional candidate in Arizona recently asserted that 99 percent of mass shootings in the United States had been carried out by Democrats. A Republican congressional candidate in Arizona recently… Now read [...]

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