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9-Month-Old Booked On Attempted Murder Charges

9-Month-Old Booked On Attempted Murder Charges

A 9-month-old baby as taken in, booked and fingerprinted in Pakistan for attempted murder. The ordeal started February 1 when several police officers and a bailiff went to a home hoping to get payment for a gas bill, said Atif Zulfikar Butt, a senior police official in Lahore. A scuffle ensued, during which the infant’s […]

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Pat Boone: Fugitive From The Law?

Please, say it ain’t so! The white-shoed musical innovator who first proved that R&B hits can be performed completely without soul is a wanted man – and not by the Bellagio, the MGM Grand, or Circus Circus! A judge in Los Angeles has issued a warrant for the arrest of singer Pat Boone. The veteran […]

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Man Arrested For Violent Threats Against Democratic Senator

A West Virginia man has been arrested for making violent threats against West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin announced that 49-year-old Steven Anthony Major of Barboursville was arrested Friday. In a criminal complaint, FBI Special Agent Jason Bollinger said Major made multiple calls to Manchin’s Washington and Charleston offices from March 17-20. […]

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Judge Joe Brown Arrested

Judge Joe Brown Arrested

The television judge, and former Shelby County criminal court judge was arrested in Memphis. We are told Brown showed up to Juvenile Court to represent someone in a child support case. Court workers told Brown they had no record of the case. Brown reportedly lost control and became verbally abusive. Juvenile Court Magistrate Harold Horne […]

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Man Arrested For Talking Too Long At Board Meeting

The Michigan man refused to obey the 3-minute limit at a township board meeting. Mark A. Adams was arraigned Friday in Saginaw District Court on a felony charge of resisting and obstructing a police officer and a misdemeanor count of disturbing the peace. Adams was arrested at the March 4 meeting by three Bridgeport Township […]

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Man Stopped For DUI Says He Wanted To ‘Drive It Off’

Drinkers each have a unique way of getting rid of the buzz. 61-year-old Michael Moore was stopped by cops after midnight last month for speeding 18 miles over the limit on U.S. 1 through Stuart, Florida—where, admittedly, if you don’t like to fish, there’s not much to do besides drinking. Via Will Greenlee: He told […]

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He’s leveraging his DC contacts. He’s making multi-million dollar hotel deals. He’s dabbling as an auteur specializing in guerilla pornography. That last item is what got him busted in Zimbabwe: Less than a year after disgraced former Rep. Mel Reynolds ran a failed bid for Congress under the slogan of “redemption,” the convicted sex offender […]

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Why Wasn’t ‘Legal Schnauzer’ Arrest Warrant Signed?

You’d almost come to the opinion that both the courts and law enforcement officials in the state of Alabama are either incompetent, corrupt, or a combination of both: An incident report in the arrest of Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler shows that the warrant in the case was not signed, apparently meaning there was no […]

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E-Mail Leads To Three Arrests In Horrific Child Abuse Case

What is it about Ohio and sexual abusers who imprison victims in their homes? Once again, authorities rescued shackled victims – but this time, they were all children: A girl beaten and tied to her bed, sometimes for weeks at a time, won freedom for herself and her siblings by emailing a teacher at her […]

February 13, 2014 / More... ( comments)

Texas Police Take A Bite Out Of McGruff

Okay, not the real McGruff, but – in a true “Whoa, dude” moment, a guy who dressed up as him in Harris County, Texas has been arrested for cultivating loco weed. A Houston man who once portrayed McGruff the Crime Dog has shown his commitment to crime fighting apparently wasn’t very deep. John R. Morales […]

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