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Did President Obama Just Smack Mitt Romney Right Out Of The 2016 Presidential Race?

It was Obi Wan Kenobi who first said, “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine,” but so far, it is President Barack Obama who has made good on that promise, following up his party’s disastrous 2014 midterm losses with a swaggering stride and a string of victories to […]

Sue me, I love the State of the Union. Always have. I enjoyed it even when George W. Bush was president, and the record shows how I felt about the Bush administration. (I particularly liked Bush’s State of the Union in 2006 when he warned against creating “human-animal hybrids,” obviously to prevent a pig-man dystopia.) […]

We know the key initiatives President Obama will lay out tonight, and that is a good thing, as Rick Klein points out. The “spoilers” strategy may sap what’s left of the drama of anticipation around Tuesday night’s State of the Union. But that drama has been dissipating naturally anyway – and that’s why the White […]

The Obama family will spend part of Martin Luther King Day volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington. Cabinet officials are also fanning out for service projects. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough are volunteering at a high school in Southeast Washington, D.C. Secretary of […]

President Obama’s approval ratings continue to rise as the economy does. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll has him at 50%. Obama’s overall approval rating now stands at 50 percent, the highest in a Post-ABC poll since the spring of 2013. His standing is nine points higher than in December and seven points higher than in […]

The White House has consistently resisted efforts by Republicans (and some Democrats) in Congress to force approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, most recently by threatening to veto a bill that has now passed the House of Representatives, and could pass the Senate as early as next week. President Obama’s opposition to Keystone legislation has, […]

Chris Heben, the former Navy SEAL who made national headlines in March when he claimed to have been shot by what he described as three black assailants, has now made a video in which he acts out choking the President of the United States. Prosecutors say he lied to police when he claimed he was […]

Since 2007, give or take, Republicans have manufactured all sorts of new standards for the presidency, chiefly as a way to hector and out-flank Barack Obama, making him appear inexperienced, stupid or arrogant (“uppity” also works). Do the list: Obama’s not allowed to use teleprompters, he suddenly has to march in French protest rallies, he […]

President Obama is enjoying his best numbers in more than a year according to Gallup. The latest three-day polling average, from Dec. 27-29, puts Obama’s approval at 48 percent, the highest it has been since August 2013. Obama’s disapproval is also 48 percent, marking the first time his disapproval has not been higher than his […]

Steve Benen has a good piece up about how Democrats and Republicans interpreted the midterms differently: For Republicans, the 2014 elections reflected a center-right nation reasserting itself, strenuously objecting to President Obama’s agenda. For the GOP, this couldn’t be more obvious: Republicans nationalized the cycle, President Obama was effectively on the ballot, and Dems lost […]

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