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Obama Gets The ‘Last Word’ On The Economy

President Obama helped a video from MSNBC’s “The Last Word” go viral. The president answers his critics directly, as you can see. The president spoke in Cleveland describing the economic success of his administration. Now read this:Sununu Uses Obama’s Kenya Trip To Restart Birther Talk (Mar 30, 2015) Republicans: Obama Bigger ‘Imminent Threat’ Than Putin, […]

In other words, the blacks in power are too good to the blacks. Ashcroft, who headed the Department of Justice during the first four years of the Bush Administration, said at a National Press Club event in Washington, D.C., that Obama “believes that the democracy speaks to him not through Congress but through opinion polls” […]

While the GOP “controls” (or not) both houses of Congress, President Obama continues to give them a public shellacking. Today, he took them to the woodshed over their embarrassing handling of the Loretta Lynch nomination during an interview with HuffPo: “You don’t hold attorney general nominees hostage for other issues,” Obama told The Huffington Post’s […]

Rumors are swirling that the First Family is behind the purchase of an Hawaiian home that was used in the television series “Magnum, P.I.’. The talk around town points to President Barack Obama, and there is a connection between the president and the buyer of this multi-million dollar estate… According to state records, the home […]

Hindsight is truly 20-20 in this case. President Barack Obama says if he could start his presidency over, he would have closed the Guantanamo Bay prison his first day. Instead, the president ordered the detention center for terrorism suspects closed within a year. He says the politics around closure grew increasingly tough and “people got […]

It’s not just President Obama’s having called out Capitol Hill “shills.” The man at the Oval Office desk is effectively wielding Presidential power, leaving the GOP-led stalled congress eating their own dust. At the time in his tenure when most presidents fret over their waning clout, Barack Obama is redefining the concept of the lame […]

With no more campaigns ahead, and everything to gain by tossing some blunt straight talk into what the Beltway Village media gurus call the “conversation”, President Obama continues to tell off Capitol Hill Republicans, much to the delight of a broad coalition of liberals and Democrats. His latest broadside was aimed at Sen. James Inhofe […]

Shorter Obama: “Stop sabotaging America, you idiots”: In an effort to reassert control over the domestic political debate surrounding sensitive negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program, the White House penned a letter Saturday night warning senators to hold back on legislation that would detract from the president’s ability to affect and approve a final agreement with […]

On Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, President Obama treated viewers to an all-Obama edition of Kimmel’s trademark “Mean Tweets” segment, and instantly created a handful of Twitter-famous presidential trolls. They made fun of his gray hair, his golfing habit, his jeans, his handling of the malt beverage industry, and one of them even got a […]

He didn’t have much of a choice at that point. Dan Pfeiffer, who left his position as senior adviser at the White House last week after having worked with Barack Obama since his first presidential campaign, has been involved from the outset in navigating the central contradiction at the heart of Obama’s public persona: He […]

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