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White House Gives Perfect Response To Dumb Golf ‘Optics’ Question

Going into the last weekend of President Obama’s vacation, the White House added a briefing to the schedule on Friday to give reporters an opportunity to serve the public by asking about important news events. That’s why, of course, the first question asked of Principal Deputy Press Secretary and sun-tan-goggle-sufferer Eric Schultz was on the [...]

This will probably put me at odds with my more pacifist, isolationist, “let’s just use our WORDS” progressive friends. But I forced myself to watch the entire video of the ISIS butcher sawing off the head of an American journalist. And they are not going to stop just because we asked them nicely. If President [...]

The U.K.’s Daily Mail, a newspaper well-known for its right-wing views, set a new record today, going from Obama “outrage” to Obama “fury” in less than two hours. This was their headline this morning: “Fist-bumps, high-fives and laughter: Outrage as cheery Obama hits the golf course for five-hour round IMMEDIATELY after his speech condemning ISIS [...]

Late Tuesday and early Wednesday, the civilized world was horrified by the barbarous murder of American journalist James Foley. It is at times like these, when the murder of one American by terrorists shocks and disgusts human beings of every political and religious stripe, that we pull together as one people. We turn to our [...]

The New York Times‘ James Risen is, by most accounts, an outstanding journalist. But being an accomplished reporter evidently doesn’t immunize him from jumping aboard the outrage machine, claiming that President Obama is the worst [you name it] ever. In her column this past week, Maureen Dowd talked with Risen about the Obama administration’s record [...]

We are all one day closer to that day when President Obama takes away the rest of our rights as wights and throws all intellectual conservatives into the camp. (It’s only one camp, not a very big one, once used by Boy Scouts in Maquoketa, Iowa. I camped there as a kid. It was nice, [...]

Right-wing activist Larry Klayman reasons that with Barack Obama and Eric Holder in charge, it should really be the “Black House” instead of the White House because of the “race war” they’ve started. A president and his attorney general were elected and appointed and confirmed to represent all of the American people, not just their [...]

Federal authorities say a 57-year-old Texas woman has admitted to mailing a letter that threatened the life of President Obama. Prosecutors in Houston announced on Friday that Teddy Bear Paradise pleaded guilty to a charge of threatening the president. The woman was previously known as Denise O’Neal, according to the Associated Press. According to prosecutors, [...]

A press conference scheduled for Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson crashed before it could get off the ground yesterday, when the New Black Panther Party took over the stage prepared in the Ferguson Fire Department. NBP leader Hashim Nzinga could have fooled people into believing he’s one of those fringe Tea Party people I hear [...]

As tensions between police and residents of Ferguson, Missouri continue to roil in the wake of the police killing of unarmed teenager Mike Brown, and the police’s martial response to its aftermath, President Obama delivered a statement from Martha’s Vineyard Thursday afternoon denouncing the “excessive force” by police against peaceful protesters, and the harassment and [...]

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