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Democrat To Issa: No Benghazi Smoking Gun In Clinton Emails

Darrell Issa sees Hillary Clinton’s email issue as another excuse to go fishing, but Congressman Adam Schiff told him not to bother. Nothing to see there. Schiff claimed that the House Select Committee on Benghazi had known about Clinton’s personal email account for some time but had not issued subpoenas because she had voluntarily submitted […]

And the former secretary of state would do so willingly. Please “like” Liberaland on Facebook Now read this:O’Malley Running Against Wall Street (Mar 21, 2015) White House Sort Of Endorses Hillary Clinton (Mar 20, 2015) Poll: Clinton Support Down 15 Points Among Democratic Voters (Mar 20, 2015) Congress Subpoenas Clinton Aides’ Emails (Mar 20, 2015) […]

After wasting so much time and money trying to pin the Benghazi disaster on Democrats, Republicans came up empty. Not content with that, they pressed on. That was a big mistake, because now they have been caught holding secret meetings and hiding information which (surprise, surprise) still doesn’t back up their conspiracy theories. Last year, […]

Who is this Ben Ghazi, and why won’t conservatives stop talking about him? “He’s going to have to convince them that he’s going to run a different kind of campaign this time,” Giuliani said, pointing out that many of the big donors have already declared themselves forJeb Bush and Chris Christie, and that Romney has […]

Remembering Ambassador Stevens

My favorite composition teacher in college exhorted us to 1) know whose story you are telling, and 2) to get out of the way of the story. One of the many reasons I have not talked about Chris was exactly that: I don’t know if the story should be mine or his when you write a remembrance; it […]

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham isn’t buying the House Intelligence Committee’s Benghazi report that exonerates the Obama administration. Graham (R-SC) told CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning that last week’s the House Intelligence Committee’s Benghazi report, which hollowed out a number of Republican arguments on the incident, was “full of crap.” Guest host Gloria […]

Now that the Republican House Intelligence Committee has exonerated the Obama administration on Benghazi, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake tells his party it’s time to move on. Flake…told NBC’s Chuck Todd that his GOP colleagues need to move on from the Benghazi issue, in light of a newly-released report by the House Intelligence Committee that found […]

After a two year investigation, the House Intelligence Committee has busted some of the myths that had been spread about Benghazi. …the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee has found that the CIA and the military acted properly in responding to the 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, and asserted no wrongdoing by […]

Sharyl Attkisson recently claimed that the government hacked her computer over her Benghazi “reporting” and as it happens, she’s so professional that the video she has presented as “proof” was made nine months after the alleged hack. Sharyl is a very confused lady. Attkisson claims the government hacked her computers in December 2012 so she […]

Republicans are putting President Obama’s foreign policy on the ballot this year, and with the GOP poised to make big gains, including possibly capturing control of the Senate, the White House will see more constraints on its policies toward Ukraine, Iran and the Islamic State terrorists. Some analysts predict a GOP-led Senate would join the […]

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