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Darrell Issa’s Latest Circus Has Lawmakers Upset That DOJ Is Fighting Fraud

Darrell Issa’s Latest Circus Has Lawmakers Upset That DOJ Is Fighting Fraud

Darrell Issa and his fellow Republicans seem upset and shocked that “petty fraud” is being fought by the Justice Department. “In essence, this is a government hit list!” declared Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), in what could have been confused for a comment on drones. “Indefensible and irresponsible,” concluded Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Mo.). “If you don’t [...]

The Incredible Shrinking Benghazi Hearings

Something has been missing from the latest round of calls for President Obama’s impeachment. It’s was barely mentioned in Sarah Palin’s red meat screed on the POTUS last week and seems to play little or no role in House Speaker John Boehner’s planned law suit. That something is Benghazi. That magical place in Libya where [...]

Suspect In Benghazi Attack Found Dead

This, of course, doesn’t mean that the Obama administration did anything to help find, capture or kill anyone. It still means that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were off somewhere playing pool or something during the Benghazi attack. It still means that there have to be millions more taxpayer dollars spent investigating what happened the [...]

White House Openly Mocks Darrell Issa’s Latest Dumbass Subpoena

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is at it again, although he never really seems to stop. Stripped of his Benghazi blankie by the House select committee, and having already exhausted every other branch of the Scandalabra™, Issa is on to a brand new investigation that has the White House openly mocking him. The IRS scandal won’t [...]

House Will Spend More Investigating Benghazi Than On Ethics, Veterans, The Budget, Or Science

Budget hawks like the pictured Benghazi Committee Chair Trey Gowdy would be appalled if this money were spend on, say, welfare recipients. But if it’s to try to “get” President Obama on something, that’s a different story. The House could spend up to $3.3 million in taxpayer dollars over seven months on a special committee [...]

9 Military Officers Testify There Was No Stand Down Order Night Of Benghazi Attack

Rep. Buck McKeon, Chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services, released transcripts of interviews with military personnel who were present during the attack.

President Asks For Money To Fix Border; Congress Too Obsessed With Benghazi

The President is in Texas today meeting privately with Governor Rick Perry, because a  public display of respect toward the Commander in Chief (a handshake) is unacceptable to the rampantly racist Tea Party.  The reason for the visit is to address and solve the problem of tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants, many being unaccompanied minors.  Naturally, [...]

House Republicans To Spend $3 Million This Year Alone To Investigate Benghazi

Benghazi is still an issue with House Republicans, so much so that they plan to spend a whopping  $3.3 million for this year’s operations of the special committee they created in May to investigate the attacks in 2012. This is an even bigger budget than the House Veterans Affairs and Ethics committees were given this year. Right [...]

Bill Clinton: Where Was Republican Outrage When Diplomats Were Killed During Bush Presidency?

Liberaland has continued to point out the 13 times embassies and consulates were attacked during the Bush presidency. Bill Clinton used the number ten, but the point is the same. On Meet the Press today, former President Bill Clinton briefly addressed the attacks in Benghazi, a topic which Republicans have already positioned themselves to use [...]

Benghazi Terrorist Ringleader Inspired By Anti-Islamic Video Arraigned in D.C. Federal Court

Ahmed Abu Khattala, the suspected ringleader in the terrorist attack in Benghazi, was arraigned on court in Washington, D.C. and pleaded not guilty to conspiracy. At 3:25 p.m., Abu Khattala walked, unshackled, into a paneled courtroom in downtown Washington, wearing a black, zip-up hooded sweatshirt, black pants and a flowing gray beard. It was his [...]

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