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Lemon Quotes National Guard: ‘You Never Know What These ‘N*ggers Are Gonna Do’

Lemon Quotes National Guard: ‘You Never Know What These ‘N*ggers Are Gonna Do’

CNN‘s Don Lemon recounts what the National Guard was saying in Ferguson, MO. “I’m just going to be honest with you. Last night, one of my producers said that they — I won’t say if it’s a he or she, because I don’t want to give anyone away — said they came in contact with [...]

Open Carry Texas Cancels March Through Black Neighborhood, Blames Blacks

Group says, “certain individuals in the area were intentionally pitting us against the community.”

Bill Maher Explains How The Word ‘Nigra’ Was Invented In The Sixties

HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher is shaping up to be a sort of Drunk Black History, with the host blithely explaining, last week, why black people love their Cadillacs, and this week, delving into the shockingly recent origin of the slur “nigra.” While Maher was dead wrong to the letter of history, he did [...]

White Teacher To Black Student: Say ‘Yes Sir, Master’ When You Talk To Me

White Iowa Teacher Tells Black Student To Respond To Him Saying, “Yes sir, master” (via FreakOutNation) The Des Moines School Board District has apologized after a white teacher in Iowa told a black student to say ‘Yes, sir, master.’ District spokesman Phil Roeder called the statement “wrong in every way.” He also said Shawn McCurtain, [...]

North Korea Calls President Obama ‘A Wicked Black Monkey’

The isolated country’s state news agency, KCNA said the president was “reminiscent of a wicked black monkey.” The editorial was published in English as President Obama is touring Asia. Another KCNA article from that same day — this one in Korean — took the ugliness even further. According to North Korea blogger Josh Stanton, the [...]

Donald Sterling To Black Friends: Where Are You? Defend Me!

But they’re not stepping forward. Sources connected to Sterling tell us … the disgraced L.A. Clippers owner has reached out to several people he considers friends — hoping they will vouch for him as a not-racist person. We’re told one of the people he reached out to is an African-American basketball player — who respectfully [...]

David Horowitz: Obama A ‘Dangerous, Evil Man’ Who Gets A ‘Free Ride’ Because He’s Black

But he’s half white, so shouldn’t he get only half a free ride? Horowitz stopped by “The Steve Malzberg Show” yesterday, where he delivered one of his patented anti-Obama rants. He told Malzberg that “Obama is a dangerous, dangerous, evil man,” adding that “just because he’s black he shouldn’t get a free ride, although I [...]

GOP Chair Is So So Sorry He Compared Obama To A Zebra-Donkey Hybrid Who Is All ‘A**’

Local GOP Chair Is Totally Sorry He Compared Obama To A Zebra-Donkey Hybrid Who Is All ‘A**’ (via FreakOutNation) The chairman of a local chapter of the Illinois Republican Party called President Obama an “a** and said if the media focused about the offspring of a zebra and a donkey there would be two “living [...]

Look Who Has The Last Laugh

via Steve Marmel Now read this:Political Basketball: White House Praises LeBron James; Republicans Crap On Him (Jul 12, 2014) Neurologist: Donald Sterling Has Alzheimer’s (Jul 8, 2014) Donald Sterling Sued By Alleged Mistress Claiming Mistreatment And Racism (Jun 3, 2014) Donald Sterling Attends Black Church Service (Jun 2, 2014) Sterling Ex Attacked By Men Shouting [...]

My Cliven Bundy Interview

My Cliven Bundy Interview

Cliven Bundy appeared on radio with me Friday night. Mr. Bundy told me he never meant to invoke slavery, and that he certainly doesn’t believe blacks were better off then.  He acknowledged that most blacks don’t fall into the categories of either cotton pickers of welfare recipients. He said he’s disappointed that so many people [...]

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