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Teen Has Black Boyfriend Arrested As Part Of Prom Request

It’s not odd to be arrested for being black, but this had a happy ending. A California teen’s elaborate prom proposal in which she got her black boyfriend arrested for no reason so that she could pop the question has sparked controversy online. In photos posted to Twitter by the teen, who goes by Salty […]

A sign in a deli in Flemington, NJ has the community up in arms. The sign in the deli window says, “CELEBRATE YOUR WHITE HERITAGE IN MARCH, WHITE HISTORY MONTH.” Jim Boggess, proprietor of Jimbo’s Deli on Main at 22 Main St., says, “No matter what you are — Muslim, Jewish, black, white, gay, straight […]

The political outrage of the day for Wednesday centers around remarks that brain surgeon and Republican presidential exploratorer Dr. Ben Carson made about homosexuality, or to put it another way, today is a day. On CNN’s New Day, Dr. Carson patiently explained to Chris Cuomo that being gay is a choice because prison: CUOMO: One issue, […]

Every so often, you meet one of those old people who existed before manners. They use terms like “colored” and “negro,” to which all good people wince at and then try to explain to them that, no, these are no longer appropriate labels. Senator Jim Honeyford is one of those old people; during a committee […]

They mixed up the photos of two black politicians. The website for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) appeared to have mistakenly posted a photo of Sen. Tim Scott (R-NC) in a biography for conservative activist Dr. Ben Carson, both of whom are scheduled to be speakers at the event this week. A screengrab of […]

Tuesday was another banner day in the ongoing, if intermittent, shitshow that is the Republican Party’s attempt to reach out to black voters. Buzzfeed‘s Darren Sands is reporting that the GOP commissioned a black outreach website in 2012, spent $14,000 developing it, then scrapped it because they didn’t have any other black outreach activities to […]

Fried chicken, collard greens and cornbread. What, no watermelon? After a menu featuring fried chicken and collard greens under a photo of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and other African American leaders for Black History Month, the president of Wright State University in Ohio and its dining services vendor have apologized. President David Hopkins […]

Anomaly reports that Tommy Dean Gaa of Missouri is now in custody. “Like” this joint on Facebook Now read this:Convicted Child Molester Begs To Be Sperm Donor (Mar 22, 2015) Hillary Pac Under Fire For Ad Offensive To Women (Mar 22, 2015) Cliven Bundy Trying To Stop Feds From Owning Land (Mar 22, 2015) 12-Year-Old […]

It’s not clear at all what the man did, but it certainly didn’t seem as though his actions required ten cops taking him down and handcuffing him. “Like” Liberaland on Facebook Now read this:Vegas Cop Wearing Body Cam Faces Battery Charge (Mar 18, 2015) Cops Can’t Discuss Hi-Tech Privacy Threat (Mar 16, 2015) Officer Fired […]

Nine black men who sat at the counter in a whites-only restaurant had their convictions overturned. Five of those men are pictured in December at the counter of the Five & Dine restaurant in Rock Hill, S.C. “Like” us on Facebook, please Now read this:Frat Of Students Shouting Racist Chat Suing School For Calling Them Racist […]

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