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Witnesses: Utah Police Killed A Black Man Who Was Running Away

Evidence suggests a 22-year-old black man was running away from police when he was fatally shot. Darrien Hunt attracted police attention Wednesday morning outside Saratoga Springs when he allegedly began walking around with a samurai sword. His family later described the sword as a “harmless 3-foot souvenir sword with a rounded edge” purchased at a [...]

Blacks, says Rafael Cruz, “need to be educated” about Democrats so they’ll vote Republican. “The average black does not’ understand that the minimum wage is bad, believes the Texas senator’s father. Cruz was speaking to the Williamson County, Texas Republican Club. During the speech, Cruz spoke at length about a recent conversation he said he [...]

Charles Belk, a Los Angeles entertainment entrepreneur, was stopped in Beverly Hills for “walking while black”  because he’s a tall, bald black guy. A tall bald black guy was seen on a bank video (yet to be released), and so cops thought they had their man. They could have easily checked him out and determined [...]

Now we have a new crime: picking up your kids while black. The video begins as the man, identified by the Minneapolis City Pages as Chris Lollie, 27, walks through the First National Bank Building Skyway after being asked to leave a public seating area by a store employee. A female officer follows, demanding to [...]

No neighborhood makes it safe for black men to walk along, minding their own business. Charles Belk, a filmmaker who works with the NAACP lost six hours of his life because of the color of his skin (via Crooks and Liars). On Friday afternoon, August 22nd around 5:20pm, while innocently walking by myself from a [...]

Political pundit Ted Nugent took to his Facebook page to list all the white people murdered by black people. What’s especially sad are the comments this engenders, like: Jazz Ivy I’m so sick and tired of black people playing the race card. You know why black men are always a target???? Look at how they [...]

CNN‘s Don Lemon recounts what the National Guard was saying in Ferguson, MO. “I’m just going to be honest with you. Last night, one of my producers said that they — I won’t say if it’s a he or she, because I don’t want to give anyone away — said they came in contact with [...]

Group says, “certain individuals in the area were intentionally pitting us against the community.”

HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher is shaping up to be a sort of Drunk Black History, with the host blithely explaining, last week, why black people love their Cadillacs, and this week, delving into the shockingly recent origin of the slur “nigra.” While Maher was dead wrong to the letter of history, he did [...]

White Iowa Teacher Tells Black Student To Respond To Him Saying, “Yes sir, master” (via FreakOutNation) The Des Moines School Board District has apologized after a white teacher in Iowa told a black student to say ‘Yes, sir, master.’ District spokesman Phil Roeder called the statement “wrong in every way.” He also said Shawn McCurtain, [...]

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