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Piers Morgan Wants To Whip The N-Word Into Brutal Submission

The Washington Post created a fair amount of buzz Monday with a piece discussing the “prevalence” and shifting meaning of the n-word, complete with statistics,  extensive video interviews, and sometime-insightful commentary. The contours of the discussion and debate are familiar, but it’s a well-executed project that, while not without its flaws, is definitely worth reading. Pegged to […]

Over the weekend, President Obama announced his nomination of New York U.S. Attorney New York Loretta Lynch to replace Attorney General Eric Holder as the nation’s top law enforcement official, and even though Lynch has been confirmed by the Senate twice before, Republicans have insisted that her confirmation as attorney general not be taken up until after […]

You can’t just ban a word, as the NFL is trying to do, reasons Dave Sheinin and Krissah Thompson.  It’s a word that has different meaning to different people, even different spellings, and nuance. As with the previous attempts, the NFL’s “zero tolerance” policy — which gives referees leeway to issue a 15-yard penalty for […]

Until last month, the official U.S. Army word for African-Americans was “negroes.” A section of AR 600-20, titled “Army Command Policy,” laid out terms commanding officers could use to refer to soldiers of different “race and ethnic origins.” According to this document, “terms such as ‘Haitian’ or ‘Negro’ can be used in addition to ‘Black” […]

A photo on every page of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett’s website shows a smiling black woman in the background. But she was never anywhere near Corbett. She was photoshopped in from a stock photo. Everyone else in the graphic was photoshopped in, too. The Corbett campaign told BuzzFeed News on Thursday evening, “The whole website […]

Because we know welfare is all about the blacks. House Speaker Thom Tillis, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in North Carolina, once released a statement that said federal and state governments had “redistributed” “trillions of dollars over the years” — amounting to “de facto reparations.” That argument by Tillis, who is running to replace […]

On Tuesday, video emerged of Indiana police smashing a car window and tasing an unarmed black passenger, and Wednesday morning, cable news did an excellent job telling viewers what white people thought about it. Are you ready for a shock? You apparently have to “look at the whole story” to realize it was the black […]

The former “Cosby Show” and “That’s So Raven” star told Oprah Winfrey she’s tired of being labeled. “I’m an American. I’m not an African-American; I’m an American.” Oprah, clearly stunned by the comment, asked her to elaborate. “I mean, I don’t know where my roots go to,” said Raven. “I don’t know how far back they go…I […]

Baltimore has had to pay out millions of dollars in settlements to black citizens who were beaten by police. This is the latest incident, now being reviewed by the city. [The] video appears to show Baltimore police beating Jamar Kennedy outside a bar last Tuesday night. According to CBS Baltimore, in the video…Kennedy is hit […]

As part of our ongoing exposé of the “Republicans Are People Too” ad’s comical use of photos featuring people who aren’t actually identifiable as Republicans, we came across a very interesting source for the ad’s gay Republicans, and if you guess “stock photo,” you’d be wrong. On Tuesday, we highlighted the ad’s “Republicans Are Black” […]

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