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Blow: ‘Triggers Can’t Be Unpulled’

New York Times columnist Charles Blow on his son being held at gunpoint by Yale University police. What if my son had panicked under the stress, having never had a gun pointed at him before, and made what the officer considered a “suspicious” movement? Had I come close to losing him? Triggers cannot be unpulled. […]

Lee Babout, an assistant professor at Arizona State University, is angering conservatives by teaching this course. “Like” this joint on Facebook Now read this:What Was Buried In the State Of The Union Address (Jan 24, 2015) Scalise Tried To Kill Bill Apologizing For Slavery (Jan 13, 2015) White People Riot; Authorities Behave (Jan 13, 2015) […]

This means Ben Carson can be the first real black president. Carson argued on Monday that President Barack Obama might not have ruined the opportunity to elect future black presidents because Americans knew that he was “half white.” To mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day, C-SPAN’s Washington Journal invited Carson to talk about the legacy […]

Maybe they now realize they don’t all look alike. Police in St. Louis County, MO are apologizing for beating up and handcuffing a 22-year-old student who they mistook for a suspect in a car chase Thursday afternoon. But the college junior, Joseph Swink, has been left with severe damage to his ear and a totaled […]

This gun range has been applauded by gun lovers for banning Muslims. Can you imagine if the NRA were a black group? Guns would be immediately banned in America. Anomaly gives us the latest on gun range owner Jan Morgan. An Arkansas firing range that declares itself to be a “Muslim free zone” turned away […]

The terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters that killed 12 people has completely dominated the news since Wednesday morning, understandably so. Aside from the cold newsroom calculus about what leads, the apparent motivation for the attack was a uniquely offensive one for Americans, particularly for American journalists, and fed into an already-roiling American debate […]

We all know that guns don’t cause deaths, but hoodies do. I wonder what would happen if a legislator tried to make clothing best associated with white people illegal. Dockers, for example. Or wife beater shirts. A new bill is to be introduced in February by Oklahoma lawmakers to ban hoodies, because they’re evil, that’s […]

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was confronted by CNN’s Erin Burnett on the numbers of young black men killed by white cops. He said the NYPD isn’t even majority-white and the thought of there being systemic racism within the department is “an outrageous lie.” Burnett confronted Giuliani with some statistics about blacks being targeted […]

The ACLU claims the school board lacks diversity because of the way it conducts elections. The suit, filed on behalf of the Missouri NAACP, charges that the district elects school board members in a way that violates the federal Voting Rights Act… African-Americans of voting age are a minority within the district, but black children […]

Earlier this year, National Geographic made headlines with its “Changing Face of America” article. The story explained that America was becoming more comfortable with interracial relationships, and as a result, the future would be made up of a group of people with features from multiple races. A new study has challenged this hypothesis and suggested […]

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