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Nigerian Defense Head: Kidnapped Girls Have Been Located

Nigeria’s military says it’s located the almost 300 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, but the worry is that trying to free the could get them killed. Air Marshal Alex Badeh [pictured, center] told demonstrators supporting the much criticized military that Nigerian troops can save the girls. But he added, “we can’t go and kill our […]

President Obama has sent 80 military personnel to Chad to look for the Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram. Obama has sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner and to the Senate notifying lawmakers about the steps underway to assist in the return of the abducted girls. Obama says the service members will help […]

Sarah Palin took to the medium she almost exclusively uses to make major pronouncements, to put down using hashtag activism.  That would be the same medium that embraces the hashtag activism–social media. “Diplomacy via Twitter is the lazy, ineffectual, naïve, and insulting way for America’s leaders to deal with major national and international issues,” Palin […]

I don’t even know why I write about this, except that it’s so amusing. Erik Rush says that, while opposing Boko Haram publicly, he supports them privately because of his Islamist agenda. Carried to its logical conclusion, the investigation into the Benghazi attack could topple the Obama administration, and then some. Clinton’s presidential ambitions could […]

Limbaugh is bellowing that Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are supporters of Boko Haram, the group that kidnapped hundreds of Nigerian girls. It started with mocking “hashtag activism,” but that apparently was not ignorant enough so it had to be taken to the next level. Now read this:Will Durst: Bush 3, U.S. 0 (Dec 19, […]

Jon Stewart Says ‘F*ck You’ to Rush Limbaugh for Mocking Kidnapped Nigerian Girls (Video) (via Americans Against The Tea Party) Jon Stewart found himself faced with quite the predicament on Monday regarding the #BringBackOurGirls campaign on Twitter. Either he could join First Lady Michelle Obama in expressing solidarity with Malala Yousafzai or “rage heap” Rush […]

OK. This is going to be complicated. I’m going to need all your attention if we’re going to get through this. So concentrate. Focus. Pay attention. Here goes, and if you hear a loud report, like the sound of a high-powered rifle, that’s just “them” trying to kill me before I can hit the “send” […]

The terrorist group is offering to return more than 200 schoolgirls in exchange for prisoners. “All I am saying is that if you want us to release the girls that we have kidnapped, those who have not accepted Islam will be treated as the Prophet (Mohammed) treated infidels and they will stay with us,” he […]

George Will, Brit Hume Mock #BringBackOurGirls Campaign (via http://crooksandliars.com) By scarce May 11, 2014 7:52 pm – Comments Fox News sweethearts George Will and Brit Hume mock an international campaign on twitter designed to increase awareness over the plight of nearly 300 Nigerian schoolgirls who were kidnapped. CHRIS WALLACE: “… Now read this:Facebook Robot Will […]

Michelle Obama took over the President’s weekly radio address on Saturday to criticize the kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls. Ms.Obama called it an “unconscionable act” and deemed the act, in this case by Boko Haram, as “grown men attempting to snuff out the aspirations of young girls.”   She said, “In these girls, Barack and […]

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