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More Potential Legal Woes For Chris Christie

More Potential Legal Woes For Chris Christie

Yet Another Legal Transgression For Gov. Chris Christie? (via http://crooksandliars.com) By Susie Madrak April 18, 2014 1:43 pm – Comments New Jersey state pay-to-play statutes prohibit state contractors from directly or indirectly financially supporting the election campaigns of state officials. Yoo hoo, grand jury! Looks like Gov. Christie… Repost This Article Now read this:J-Woww: ‘I […]

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Law Firm That Investigated Christie Had Just Donated $10,000

The Bergen Record reports that nine days before clearing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie of wrongdoing in Bridgeghazi, Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher had donated $10,000 to the Republican Governors’ Association. The head of that group just happens to be Chris Christie. The law firm’s California office appears to make regular contributions to the GOP group, […]

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Bridgeghazi Heats Up As Grand Jury Is Convened

ABC has the exclusive. The U.S. Attorney in New Jersey has convened a grand jury to investigate the involvement of Governor Chris Christie’s office in the George Washington Bridge scandal, ABC News has learned. Twenty-three jurors convened in a federal courthouse in Newark today to hear testimony from a key staff member, Christie press secretary […]

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Irony Of The Year: Jersey GOP Pol Fails To Register For Senate Race; Was Stuck In Traffic

The only thing that would have made this a better story would have been if he had been stuck in traffic on the George Washington Bridge. A would-be Republican Senate candidate won’t be challenging Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) because of traffic problems. The candidate, ex-FBI agent Rob Turkavage, was unable to file for the Republican […]

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<em>NY Times</em>: Chris Christie’s Million Dollar Whitewash

New Jersey taxpayers put out a million dollars for Chris Christie to do his own investigation of himself that, shockingly, showed he is totally exempt from wrongdoing. If Mr. Christie really wants to win back public trust, he and his political allies can start by paying for this internal inquiry out of their own pockets. […]

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Another Christie Appointee Falls On The Sword

Port Authority Chairman David Sampson announced his resignation in reaction to New Jersey Governor Christie’s self-appointed investigation. In addition to clearing Christie of wrongdoing, the report also recommended several reforms for the Port Authority. “I received a call from David Samson, who informed me that after reviewing the Mastro report, that he completely supports the […]

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Christie Addresses The Press To Celebrate Being Cleared By His Own Investigation

Conservatives didn’t believe Attorney General Eric Holder when he investigates White House leaks, but they want to defend Chris Christie’s self-appointed team that clears him of wrongdoing in Bridgeghazi. This is Christie’s first news conference in January 9, this time to discuss the results of an “internal investigation” that costs New Jersey taxpayers $650 an […]

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The New Jersey Governor, who just last week had a rough crowd giving him a very hard time, faced another contentious group this week.  Rutgers University students and union members were kicked out. The group rose up in unison after Christie finished answering a question about why parents who send their children to Catholic schools […]

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New Texts Reveal Christie Campaign Manager Applauding Appointee For Bridgeghazi

Newly-released emails and texts show Chris Christie’s campaign manager, Bill Stepien, congratulating Port Authority Deputy Executive Bill Baroni, for telling the press that backups on the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee were part of a “traffic study.” Stepien praised Baroni for the explanation he gave that the lane closures were part of a traffic […]

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The way President Obama deals with hecklers is charming. Christie not so much, as evidenced by his latest town hall appearance. Throughout the question-and-answer session Christie critics stood up and shouted at the governor over issues including the Bridgegate scandal and Hurricane Sandy relief funding. At one point, Christie stopped to shout back, “Either sit […]

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