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‘Cry-Bibi’ Crying Wolf Again

… except this time it’s not nuclear Iran. It looks as if a Netanyahu loss in Israel’s national election is getting nu-Clear. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused ‘Scandinavian governments’ of spending millions of dollars on a campaign to remove him from power, as the Middle Eastern country prepares for elections next week. In […]

Democrats took a rigorous hammering yesterday, but there’s more to the losses than Obama’s favorability ratings and the Democrats who stupidly distanced themselves from the guy who cut unemployment in half, got tens of millions of Americans good, affordable insurance, and killed Osama bin Laden. And I’d wager that this huge GOP “victory” won’t last a week into the […]

Horrors! Big gummint is preventing Texas Guv Rick Perry from carrying or buying guns! Whatever will we tell Wayne LaPierre? One of Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry’s charges comes with a possible prison sentence of 99 years behind bars, but that might not be his biggest hardship. According to Texas and federal law, NRA dreamboat […]


Podcast: Play in new window | Download In which our intrepid correspondent gets all hot and bothered about something pretty far down the line. Now read this:Conservatives Looking To Unite Behind Candidate Who Is Not Bush (Mar 26, 2015) White House Reacts To Ted Cruz Bid With Sick Obamacare Burn (Mar 23, 2015) Another Candidate […]

We are all bombarded with calls during an election year from myriad representatives of candidates. For the most part, there is some disclosure of whom the caller is representing.  A push poller is someone who interactively markets by calling voters during political campaigning. Push Polling isn’t illegal, except in New Hampshire, which require a disclosure of which candidate they represent. […]

BooMan Tribune is one of The Doc’s favorite liberal blogs, sporting a small but reliably informative roster of writers. Head honcho BooMan explains how Team Cantor was, to lift a line from Thomas Dolby, blinded with science: The Democrats helped defeat Eric Cantor not so much by voting against him in the Republican primary as by […]

Ted Kennedy, Jr. is preparing to announce a run for the Connecticut state senate. [He] will run for the 12th district seat, a seat now held by Democrat Ed Meyer. Meyer is retiring. Sources indicate Kennedy Jr. will make the formal announcement Tuesday at the Blackstone Library. In a press release dated March 24, Kennedy […]

Kidney stones are about the most painful thing you can experience and live. Massachusetts Treasurer Steve Grossman, a Newton Democrat, passed a kidney stone during a 90 minutes campaign debate. Word of Grossman’s stone — which has inspired a parody Twitter account — spread via the micro-blogging website, as did the news that he finally […]

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, move over! It looks like an equally volatile scandal may be brewing in the state of Wisconsin, where Koch lackey Governor Scott Walker may be facing serious legal trouble. Newly-unsealed court documents and media leaks add to a growing body of evidence that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s campaign is at […]

Taegan Goddard picks up the story of Allan Levene in David Hawkings’ Roll Call column. In a year when the roster of candidates is filled with the usual collection of career politicians, war veterans, minor celebrities and hard-luck cases, Levene stands apart. He’s a 64-year-old information technology expert, financial planner and sometime inventor who is […]

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