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Cathedral Dumps Sprinkler That Drenched Homeless To Keep Them Away

Please, no tasteless baptism jokes. Earlier today, a news story about the unbelievable method used by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco to keep the homeless off their property – a sprinkler system – went viral. The Archdiocese scrambled to correct the error of their ways. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco on […]

Amy Duggar, Jim Bob’s niece broke the news. “The tabloids are telling the truth, my mom and dad did have me out of wedlock. Just because we are Christians doesn’t make us perfect, it just makes us forgiven,” the 28-year-old captioned a pic with her parents. Now read this:You Can’t Unsee This: Duggars Teach Their […]

The offending words: “jam it.” One Million Moms is no stranger to controversy, and their latest crusade goes up against Pop Tarts for a recent commercial that they claim is not appropriate for children. In the commercial, a mother Pop Tart and father Pop Tart are looking at their newborn Pop Tart baby in the […]

Neil deGRasse Tyson tweeted to celebrate an important birthday on December 25. On this day long ago, a child was born who, by age 30, would transform the world. Happy Birthday Isaac Newton b. Dec 25, 1642 — Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) December 25, 2014 For that, he was accused of being anti-Christian. …the “Cosmos” […]

The German teacher, known in another life as “Julia Pink”, had worked for 17 years for Munich, Germany’s Diakonia Germany Evangelical Federal Association. But on the side she starred in hardcore porn films and last year won a ‘shooting star’ award at the Venus porn fair. She was sacked without notice after church leaders became aware […]

During her 60-day jail term on assault charges in Cleveland, she says she was forced to attend Christian church services. Sakeena Majeed said in a federal lawsuit filed Thursday that a correction officer made her and other Cuyahoga County jail inmates attend Friday afternoon services led by a Baptist minister. She alleged that she was […]

What does “Christian hegemony” look like? Well, it looks like this: Springfield, Mass. citizens were subjected to a jaw-dropper for a pronouncement on Tuesday, during a city ceremony marking the start of the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. I’ve gone over some of the history of Hanukkah before; there’s no point in retreading what’s been said […]

Kirk Cameron is a wealth of stupidity. While many Christians fight tooth, nail, and little tiny dashboard Jesus bobble-head doll to keep their children from being subjected to an evil day, marked each year by dressing up in fun costumes and collecting Satan’s candy, Cameron is urging them to embrace Halloween – because, he says, […]

Jerry Boykin of the Family Research Council says, “Americans need to have more babies and populate this country with red-blooded patriotic Americans.” Fearing that America would soon go the way of a Europe that he claimed is “hopelessly lost” to Muslim population growth, Boykin insisted that “Americans” (among whom he evidently doesn’t include Muslim-Americans) must increase […]

It’s not blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews or anyone else according to Pew. It’s white evangelicals who are the oppressed minority, say white evangelicals. Among religious groups, fully half of white evangelical Protestants (50%) say evangelical Christians face a lot of discrimination compared with 31% of the public overall saying this… [E]vangelicals are less sanguine about […]

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