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Pastor And Church Members Torture Boy, Force Him To Dig Own Grave

Pastor And Church Members Torture Boy, Force Him To Dig Own Grave

There has to be a special place in Hell for those who preach about Hell and damnation and then commit the most heinous crimes, using religion as a cover. // < ![CDATA[ var icx_iframe_id = "6c4208b5-af9e-416b-ad6f-14d0a920591a"; // ]]> Now read this:Mother Arrested For Letting 7-Year-Old Walk Alone To Park (Jul 30, 2014) North Carolina Mom [...]

Christian Motivational Speaker Jailed For Public Drunkenness

Horrors! A nice, wholesome Christian youth minister and motivational speaker (who says, “Dateable girls know how to shut up”) missed an appearance because he was behind bars for public intoxication! Whatever will we tell the children? A nationally recognized motivational speaker scheduled to speak to middle school students in Evansville was a no show Tuesday. [...]

Christian Radio Host Calls U.S. Senator A ‘Closet Homosexual’

Sandy Rios is very unhappy that Thad Cochran won his Mississippi primary.  She’s blaming John McCain for supporting candidates who aren’t conservative enough, including Illinois Senator Mark Kirk. According to Rios, McCain embarked on a campaign — “and I know about this for personal reasons” — to “purge the Republican Party of conservative candidates” and “turn [...]

Christian DJ Fired After Arrest For Sexual Assault Of Young Boy

John Baylo, 35, was take into custody at a Christian music festival in Michigan, charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct, according to police Sgt. Jim Martens. MLive reports: Balyo was identified through investigations following the arrest of another man, Ronald Moser, of Battle Creek. Moser was arrested after police searched his residence on June [...]

24 Pastors Arrested For Sex Crimes Agianst Children And Disabled In Past Month

PSA: These 24 Pastors Were All Arrested for Sex Crimes Against Children and the Disabled Last Month ALONE! (Images) (via Americans Against The Tea Party) If you think that Catholic priests are the only men of the cloth who molest children, think again. There is a streak of denial in Protestant churches as wide as [...]

College Prof Fired When Beard Appears On Beer Can

Paul Roof, an associate professor at Charleston Southern University, was competing in a beard contest in New Orleans when his photo was taken.  The Holy City Brewing company used the photo on one if its beers. The college where he taught says this is “not representatie of a Christian environment.” Roof claims he was not [...]

Here’s What It Means To Be A Christian–Or Just A Good Person

Via Being Liberal Now read this:David Horowitz: Obama Ignored Kidnapping Of Israeli Boy ‘Because He Was A Jew’ (Aug 1, 2014) Obama Says Muslims Built ‘The Very Fabric Of Our Nation’; Heads Explode (Jul 29, 2014) Swastika Banner Flown Over New York And New Jersey Sparks Outrage (Jul 13, 2014) Breitbart Site Finds Prayer Rug [...]

My Benham Brothers Interview Part 2

I ask them how they can complain about their freedom of speech when they have fought to stop gays from getting permits so they could exercise their First Amendment rights of freedom of assembly. Now read this:Virginia Christian Group Is Fasting To Oppose Gay Marriage, Except For That ‘Fasting’ Part (Jul 29, 2014) Video: Crazy [...]

My Benham Brothers Interview Part 1

Jason and David Benham answered questions about their past statements about gays and Muslims, their relationship with HGTV, and their reactions to SunTrust dropping them and reinstating them. Now read this:Vikings Won’t Release Report On If Kluwe Firing Was For LGBT Advocacy (Jul 15, 2014) Archie Andrews To Die Taking A Bullet For Gay Friend [...]

SunTrust Reverses Decision To Drop Benham Brothers

After an conservative uproar, SunTrust has reversed its decision to end its relationship with the Benham Brothers. Earlier Friday, The Daily Caller reported that SunTrust Banks had pulled all of its listed properties with the Benham brothers’ bank-owned property business. The move came just a week after HGTV announced it was canceling a planned home [...]

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