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Bill Murray Wants To Sing Christmas Carols For You

Bill Murray is working on a Christmas special where he signs holiday songs. Murray revealed exclusively to Variety that he intends to star in a Christmas special for TV that will be directed by his “Lost in Translation” collaborator Sofia Coppola, where he’ll be performing classic carols. Like most things involving Bill Murray, the details [...]

The former “Growing Pains” actor has a movie, “Saving Christmas,” which will surely do just that, taking it away, finally, from the heathens who are preventing good Christians from enjoying the celebration of the birth of their savior. Cameron, who is also one of the film’s stars, told TheBlaze that he decided to make “Saving [...]

We all know that evil liberals have stopped good, God-fearing Christians from saying the words “Merry Christmas,” and thank God that the good patriots of Oklahoma are doing something about it! [The Bill] authorizes public school students, teachers and other school staff members to greet each other with traditional phrases like merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah [...]

Via our friends at Raw Story comes this tale of Oklahoma atheists showing the true spirit of the season of giving: A group of local atheists saved Christmas for a Chickasha woman after she and her baby were allegedly put through the ringer at a church’s toy give away. Tiffany Wait said she, her husband [...]

The “Dancing Elites” as they’re known offended residents in Semmes, Alabama. Angry residents say they should have been warned that the troupe was part of the parade, and questioned whether it was suitable for young children. The group is known as the Prancing Elites. They were dressed in red-and-white Santa outfits as well as short [...]

Now read this:Half Of America Doesn’t See Christmas As Religious (Dec 18, 2013) News Anchor Tells Kids Santa Is ‘Made Up’ (Dec 18, 2013) Woman Punched By ‘Christian’ For Saying ‘Happy Holidays’ Instead Of ‘Merry Christmas’ (Dec 17, 2013) Man Punches Mother In Face While Decorating Christmas Tree Because His Name Wasn’t On Ornament (Dec [...]

Yes, the Sex Pistols. The snarling, high-energy hard rock quartet pulled the trigger on “punk rock,” firing a shotgun blast of adrenalin, anger, and social critique into the face of pop culture and urban rock scenes around the world. No cow was sacred in the Pistols’ no-holds-barred lyrics: they savaged conformity, comfortable obliviousness, and the [...]

The U.S. military has much responsibility, not the least of which is tracking Santa and his sleigh. From the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the personnel of the North American Aerospace Defence Command (Norad) scrutinise the skies for such aerial threats as missile attacks and hijacked planes. But for the next 24 hours, Norad will [...]

Tommy lists some of those “filthy liberals” who have the nerve to put out “Happy Holiday” greetings, disrespecting the Baby Jesus. Among them: the “holiday” greeting from the Republican National Committee (pictured). Also on the heathen list are Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Reince Priebus, and the McCain Family. Happy Holidays! Now read this:Kirk Cameron: Halloween [...]

James Gray, 85 took out a want ad to find a Christmas companion. The retired butler, who has no immediate family members to turn to, placed an ad in the Irish Post hoping to break a ten-year streak of lonely holidays. “I think the last time I saw someone on Christmas Day was when I [...]

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