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Cliven Bundy Trying To Stop Feds From Owning Land

The Nevada squatter believes if he can’t be on land without paying taxes, the federal government shouldn’t be able to own any. Or something. Nevada state Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R) and supporters of Nevada ranger Cliven Bundy are planning on gatheriing in Carson City, Nevada on March 31 for a hearing on legislation sponsored by […]

Ryan Bundy is charged for resisting arrest when officers approached him about an outstanding warrant. Bundy, 42, was in Iron County court Tuesday for a separate case when police approached him about the warrant, which was for interfering with an animal control officer. “When told about the warrant Mr. Bundy both verbally and physically resisted […]

In the wake of criticisms of President Obama and Mayor de Blasio for allegedly stoking anger at the police, Brian Beutler reminds us that one of Cliven Bundy’s followers killed two officers in June.  And Republicans (rightly) rushed to excuse their support of Bundy for the actions of a madman.  Beutler argues that the claims […]

Cliven Bundy appears in a campaign video for independent congressional candidate Kamau Bakari where he dares Eric Holder to come to Nevada. After all, Bundy reasons, he took time to go to Ferguson. After playing a clip of outgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, labeled “race baiter,” Bundy says that unlike those “billionaire ball team […]

A bench warrant has been issued in Clark County for Cliven Lance Bundy, Jr., the son of the Nevada rancher who defiantly refused to pay his grazing bills then started a “range war” with militia members by his side who went as far as to aim rifles at federal authorities. According to KTNV, Bundy failed […]

A Las Vegas school teacher is suing Cliven Bundy after her car crashed into one of his cows on Interstate 15 about 10 miles from his ranch, where I suppose he feels his cattle have grazing rights, too. The cow was killed and the car went barreling down an embankment. According to the Las Vegas […]

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy is on the campaign trail in support of Tea Partiers and he’s taunting the feds over his unpaid grazing fees. Bundy owes $1,1 million after grazing his cattle on federal land for years and the attempts to collect that debt throughout the years resulted in a standoff at his ranch, with […]

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy has taken his anti-government message on the campaign trail in support of Tea Partiers and he didn’t rule out revolution, according to CNN.  When asked about a possible revolution, Bundy said he does not want to try to predict it. “I did speak for ‘We the People’ when we said take […]

A rural Nevada county is going to Washington on horseback over what it calls federal overreach on public lands. If you ever thought Republicans wanted to take us back a century or two, you were not wrong. According to Elko County Commissioner Grant Gerber, the protesters will begin their 2,800 mile ride on Sept. 26h […]

AATTP reports the story via mynews3.com. One of the sons of embattled rancher Cliven Bundy’s son has pulled his five children out of various Clark County School District locations after a dispute with school administrators. Officials at Virgin Valley High School in Mesquite told Ryan Bundy [pictured] that his 15-year-old daughter was not allowed to […]

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