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Don Lemon Confuses Novice CNN Gun Nut With Use Of Term ‘Automatic Weapon’

Don Lemon Confuses Novice CNN Gun Nut With Use Of Term ‘Automatic Weapon’

Conservatives are gleefully rimfiring in their jeans over a clip of CNN’s Don Lemon arguing with conservative pundit and Guy Who Always Dresses As Baby New Year For Halloween Ben Ferguson over the meaning of “automatic weapon,” but a surprising source says the gun nuts are the idiots here. Breitbart.com‘s John Nolte decries Lemon’s “jaw-dropping [...]

In Defense Of Rosemary Church, CNN Anchor Who Suggested ‘Water Cannon’ In Ferguson

CNN International anchor and icon to overly-religious chefs Rosemary Church is the subject of a major backlash over comments she made during a broadcast late Monday night/Tuesday morning. While interviewing CNN The Lead anchor Jake Tapper, who is on the ground in Ferguson, MO, Church asked why police there aren’t using “water cannon” as part [...]

Lemon Quotes National Guard: ‘You Never Know What These ‘N*ggers Are Gonna Do’

CNN‘s Don Lemon recounts what the National Guard was saying in Ferguson, MO. “I’m just going to be honest with you. Last night, one of my producers said that they — I won’t say if it’s a he or she, because I don’t want to give anyone away — said they came in contact with [...]

Biting While Intoxicated: CNN Sued For $1 million Over Correspondent’s Alleged Drunken Altercation

CNN is being sued for over $1 million by two plaintiffs who allege that correspondent Arwa Damon bit one of them and threatened both of them during a drunken altercation at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. The suit was filed in the New York Supreme Court on Monday. Charles Simons and Tracy Lamar claim that [...]

SATIRE: Racking Up The Corpses For Ratings And Profits

OK, OK, OK, just hear me out. I have an idea for a show that will be MURDER in the ratings! John Walsh is doing great work right now with his new show, “The Hunt.” I mean, Hay-Zeus Crisco! Already, two accused criminals, cold and stiff in the morgue. The show has been on the [...]

CBS Interested In Buying CNN

// Now read this:Cops In Ferguson Physically Push Don Lemon During Live Report (Aug 19, 2014) ‘Saturday Night Live’ Announcer Don Pardo Dead At 96 (Aug 19, 2014) Al Gore Suing Al Jazeera (Aug 15, 2014) ‘Downton Abbey’ Time Warp (Aug 15, 2014) Washington Post, Huffington Post Reporters Arrested In Ferguson (Aug 13, 2014) David [...]

Joan Rivers Storms Off CNN

It seemed as though Fredricka Whitefield was having fun with Joan Rivers, but Joan Rivers wasn’t having fun back. Whitfield thought Rivers was joking or, at least, stunting, by walking off. But, apparently, the comedian, who pierces the skin of others, is rather think-skinned herself. The interview, which aired on Saturday, shows Whitfield asking Rivers [...]

We Should Be ‘Grateful’ Cheney Is Making Himself A Target Says Jeffrey Toobin

Jeffrey Toobin, on CNN, and  his guests, concurred that it’s so good that Dick Cheney is on television telling the country what we should be doing in Iraq. “Is Cheney a reliable source on Iraq? Should you listen to what he says?” Toobin asked CNN analysts Rick Francona and Philip Mudd on Sunday. “The former [...]

It’s On Between Piers Morgan And Larry King

Piers Morgan has unleashed a series of vicious Tweets against Larry King, referring to him in one as a “poisonous twerp.” Always tried to be respectful to @kingsthings – but he’s been a constant poisonous twerp towards me for 3 years and I’m bored with it. — Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) May 8, 2014 Morgan also [...]

BREAKING SATIRE: Gunmen Storm Libyan Congress, Republicans Convene Emergency Caucus to Blame Hillary

At 12:25 this afternoon (April 29, 2014), Agence France-Presse announced on its Twitter feed that armed men have stormed the Libyan Congress. At the moment there are no further details. CNN is continuing to talk about Malaysia Flight 370. MSNBC is dwelling on what Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) will say during their press conference this afternoon, both [...]

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