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Republican Congressman Refused To Debate Opponent So 3 Men Dressed As Chickens Took His Place

A Republican Congressman has refused to debate his Democratic opponent three times, so during the Colorado 5th Congressional district debate, three men dressed as chickens took his place.   Congressman Doug Lamborn is extreme. He has called the President a ‘tar baby’ and even suggested that military leaders disobey any orders from President Obama, their [...]

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine has prevailed upon President Obama to invoke the War Powers Act, but without success. The militants of the Islamic State were pouring across the Syrian border into Iraq, and seizing cities where so much American blood and treasure had been spilled. But Mr. Kaine said he told the president in no [...]

President Obama will give a speech on Wednesday to outline his  plans for dealing with ISIS, so 90% of Monday’s daily briefing was devoted to the issue, and 90% of that 90% was devoted to trying to figure out what the president meant when he said he wants “buy-in” from Congress. In his interview with [...]

Congressional Approval At 14%

It’s one of the lowest measurements ever for congressional ratings before a midterm election by Gallup. Most observers believe the Republicans are in little jeopardy of losing control of the House this year, so more of the focus has been on the states with Senate races. Given the idiosyncratic nature of the particular senators and [...]

The staffer is unnamed, known only to Archibald Perkins at Jezebel. If you’re tired of the anodyne exit letter where the departing worker praises the “great time” at the company and all the  “wonderful friends” made along the way, and a vow to “stay in touch,” this one is for you. I’ve been in this [...]

Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb.) says Congress can’t afford a pay cut because its last salary increase occurred six years ago, but he also objects to a minimum wage increase for others. This is the same Nebraska Republican who, last year, was forced to apologize for refusing to give up his $174,000 congressional salary as many [...]


Podcast: Play in new window | Download In which our intrepid correspondent talks smack about our elected representatives. Yes. Again. Now read this:Will Durst: How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Sep 7, 2014) Will Durst: Tumbling Dumpsters (Aug 15, 2014) House Republicans Abandon Their Own Border Bill Due To Lack Of Party Support (Jul 31, [...]

9 Out Of 10 Disapprove

While 6 out of 10 disapprove of how President Obama is doing his job, 9 out of 10 disapprove of Congress according to an Associated Press-GfK poll. More than half of Americans, 54 percent, disapprove of both. Among this group, 94 percent say the nation is heading in the wrong direction. About 7 in 10 say someone [...]

Two House Republicans admitted on Friday that it makes no sense to sue President Obama over executive overreach while at the same time urging him to act without Congress to solve the border crisis. “Look, you can’t say on the one hand that the president is overreaching by acting without legislative authority and direction and [...]

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is quitting Congress ahead of his previously-scheduled departure.  Maybe he got himself a higher-paying gig. Cantor said he has asked Gov. Terry McAuliffe to call a special election for his district that coincides with the general election on Nov. 4. By having a special election in November, the winner would [...]

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