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Columnist On Michael Brown: ‘Darren Wilson Had To Put This Animal Down’

Karoli picks it up from TPM. The frustration from Charleston Daily Mail‘s editor and publisher Brad McElhinny was clear when TPM reach him by phone on Tuesday afternoon. “I’ve had better days,” he said. His exasperation was understandable. On Saturday, Don Surber, the West Virginia paper’s lone editorial columnist, took to his personal blog to [...]

City officials want to reform the Ferguson, Missouri police department, and likely means the chief is about to resign. Under the proposed plan, after Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson leaves, city leadership would ask the St. Louis County police chief to take over management of Ferguson’s police force. The announcement could come as soon as [...]

Due to Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager, missing court appearances after gong into hiding, a half of dozen felony cases are to be dismissed, or have been already. The Associated Press reports: A review by county prosecutors of drug arrests involving the Ferguson police officer who killed [...]

A number of cases are being dismissed because Ferguson, MO cop Darren Wilson is a no-show. Wilson is looking to avoid the media and the public—he has not been seen since August 9—but his absence is starting to impact the job he left behind. It’s now being reported that a total of six criminal cases [...]

After yet another school shooting, many are praying for Marysville, a small city in Washington populated with 63,269 residents. Others are wondering what can be done to prevent the next school shooting because we all know it’s inevitable. A 14-year-old boy with a grudge and a gun went on a rampage An Open Carry activist [...]

One of the big pieces of “news” that dominated this weekend was a New York Times report on Officer Darren Wilson’s account of the Michael Brown killing that was only slightly more fair and credible than right-wing radio host Dana Loesch’s August interview with an anonymous “friend” of Wilson’s. At least Loesh got a first name, [...]

Police officer, Darren Wilson, who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on Aug. 9, told investigators that he feared for his life during the encounter and was pinned down in his police car during a struggle for his gun, The New York Times reported Friday. The St. Louis suburb witnessed weeks of protests, which [...]

Saturday’s protest in Ferguson grew from Friday’s weekend kickoff, as 1000 protestors showed up to remember Michael Brown. Marchers started assembling in the morning hours in downtown St. Louis, where later in the day the Cardinals were set to host the San Francisco Giants in the first game of the National League Championship Series. The [...]

Hundreds of protestors marched through Clayton, MO to the office of prosecutor Bob McCulloch to insist that he be removed from office. “These cops don’t like it,” the crowd of hundreds chanted. “We want an indictment.” The protest was the first of dozens of events planned in greater St. Louis as part of an organized [...]

Supporters of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown, are selling t-shirts to wear at the St. Louis Cardinals game. According to Raw Story, “Go Cards’ is hand-painted on the front and “Darren Wilson 6″ on the back, the latter of which is a military expression meaning “I’ve got [...]

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