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Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry Dead At 78

Former Washington Mayor Marion Barry is dead at 78, a hospital spokeswoman said on Sunday. The four-term mayor was a council member for Washington’s 8th ward at the time of his death. Barry’s family said in statement that the former died shortly after midnight at the United Medical Center, after having been released from Howard […]

This happened in the southern Russian town of Ulan-Ude. Diana Tolstova, 30, died in the airport minutes after passing through the scanner. Her husband Maxim, 33, said that they had provided papers proving that Mrs Tolstova was fitted with the heart device – which is adversely affected by airport scanners. “I don’t know what happened […]

Mike Nichols Dead At 83

Legendary entertainment icon Mike Nichols, husband of ABC’s Diane Sawyer, has died at age 83. Nichols’ death was announced in a statement by ABC News President James Goldston. “He was a true visionary, winning the highest honors in the arts for his work as a director, writer, producer and comic and was one of a […]

On Saturday, Pope Francis publicly condemned euthanasia at a meeting with the Association of Italian Catholic Doctors, saying that it instilled “a false sense of compassion” and is “a sin against the creator,” the Associated Press reported. Francis’s words come at a crucial time for the growing right-to-die movement, which gained attention recently with the […]

Hey, not so fast on that burial! A 91-year-old woman in Poland was declared dead November 6 and sent to a funeral home, only to wake up 11 hours later in cold storage, CNN’s Polish affiliate TVN reported. Now she’s home and doing fine. The doctor went to the home of Janina Kolkiewicz in the […]

Lewy body dementia may have contributed to Robin Williams’ mental state before he took his life. Lewy body dementia is often found in patients battling Parkinson’s, sources tell TMZ. Individuals suffering from both sometimes receive bad side effects from Parkinson’s medication. According to the Mayo Clinic’s official website, Lewy body dementia is the second most common […]

The report says Robin Williams had no drugs or alcohol in his system when he took his life. [Williams] was suffering from depression, Parkinson’s disease and a “recent increase in paranoia,” the Marin County Coroner said Friday. The legendary comedian hanged himself alone in his step-son’s bedroom after he started sleeping in that room due […]

Lane Evans served 24 years in the House from Western Illinois. He was a Marine who fought in the Vietnam war, and spent much of his congressional career fighting for veterans’ rights. The Democrat died Wednesday at a nursing home in East Moline, Illinois, said his former congressional staffer, Michael Malmstrom, who also was one […]

The Oregon woman who was going to end her life November 1 and then said she was going to wait, has ended her life. “Goodbye to all my dear friends and family that I love. Today is the day I have chosen to pass away with dignity in the face of my terminal illness, this […]

Brittany Maynard had planned to end her life November 1, but now has put the plan on hold. The 29-year-old, terminally ill brain cancer patient moved to Oregon from California with her husband and family in order to choose the day she would take her life. The state’s “Death with Dignity Act” allows people to […]

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