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Ted Cruz Costing Republicans Votes

Dana Milbank reports that some Republicans, inclined to vote against raising the debt ceiling, changed their votes to side with Democrats because of Cruz. …15 minutes after the voting should have ended, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had apparently secured only two of the five Republican votes he needed to join all 55 members of […]

Peter King (R-NY) defended Speaker Boehner’s decision to pass a clean debt ceiling bill. King branded as “morons” many conservatives in the GOP caucus who consistently oppose any effort to pass the debt limit, asserting they are the same faction that led to the government shutdown last year. “This is the same group that back […]

In his last news conference of the year President Obama asserted there’d be no negotiating on the need to raise the debt ceiling that threatens to create turmoil when Republicans get in the way of doing what they’ve done for every other president. During a White House press conference CNN’s Brianna Keilar asked the president […]

Congressman Paul Ryan says Republicans are going to want something in return from Democrats for raising the debt ceiling. That means the possibility of another ugly standoff. Said Ryan: “We, as a caucus, along with our Senate counterparts, are going to meet and discuss what it is we want to get out of the debt […]

You gotta love it when the Tea Party, a movement largely co-opted by an increasingly extremist Republican Party (as it was largely a creation of opportunistic right-wing Republican interests), comes out and calls Republicans traitors for not being extremist enough and for daring to work with Democrats to address the country’s problems, subjecting them to […]

These senators, each of whom voted with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling, have now voted to “disapprove” of their votes. The vote Tuesday was a symbolic “resolution to disapprove” of the debt limit hike. It was mandated by the deal thanks to a last-minute provision inserted by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). The […]

I know, I know, bit I still couldn’t resist quoting G-Dub, especially given that it is looking more and more as if the decision makers on Capitol Hill have know idea why the debt ceiling must get raised. Over at Crooks and Liars, Nicole Belle quotes Texas Senator Tom Coburn, who made this comment on […]

And yes, there is an upside: the GOP Civil War continues unabated. If this raises your blood pressure, imagine the effect it’s having on John Boehner and Reince Priebus: As Congress looked to end the budget and debt crises – at least for now — a Republican congressman offered an ominous outlook on Wednesday. Pledging […]

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell secured a $2 billion earmark for his agreement on the debt deal, and a group called the Senate Conservatives Fund is displeased. Americans are familiar with the ‘Cornhusker Kickback’ that Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson was given in exchange for his vote on Obamacare. Well now Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell has […]

Here are the basics of the deal the Senate made and that the House will likely pass if it knows what’s good for it. Officials said the proposal called for the Treasury to have authority to continue borrowing through Feb. 7, and the government would reopen through Jan. 15. There was no official comment from […]

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