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Elizabeth Warren Busts Republicans For Fraudulent CRomnibus ‘Fact Sheet’

After wrangling late into the night Thursday, the White House was finally able to whip enough Democratic votes to pass the controversial Continuing Resolution/Omnibus spending bill (or “CRomnibus”), despite the inclusion of a provision that guts a key part of the Dodd/Frank financial reform law. The Senate is set to take up the bill today, […]

The Republicans fought tooth and nail to prevent the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  And no wonder, since its creation it has done a great deal to help consumers (see here, here, and here for examples).  Well the Republicans aren’t impressed with protecting consumers and today they are marking up not one, but […]

Finally, The Volcker Rule

Several years after the passage of Dodd-Frank, one of it’s critical provisions has finally been enacted.  The Volcker Rule named for it’s most famous proponent, former Fed Chair, Paul Volcker, requires that banks not use the funds of customers to invest in securities for their own benefit.  Reaction was mixed. Five federal agencies today voted […]

Regulators are often accused of “over-regulating” going beyond the statutes that give them their authority.  But sometimes they also “under-regulate” and don’t do as the statute intends.  This is what is happening with the requirement that banks keep a certain percent of mortgages on their books as required by Dodd-Frank. But it now appears that […]