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Conservatives Boo Jeb Bush

Conservatives Boo Jeb Bush

Donald Trump mentioned former Florida governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush at a New Hampshire conservative summit, and the crowd booed. “You know, I heard Jeb Bush the other day,” he said, with quiet boos and angry murmurs erupting from the crowd at the mention of Bush’s name. “And he was talking about […]

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Donald Trump: Obamacare Truther

Donald Trump, and many Republicans, have moved on from denying President Obama was born in the United States to denying that the administration met its goal in Obamacare signups. The pretend-candidate was in New Hampshire Saturday speaking at a conservative summit. Trump on Obamacare: “They say they’ve had 7million signups, does anybody actually believe that?” […]

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Trump Thinks It’s ‘Really Unfair’ That Obama Has A Job And The Former Head Of Mozilla Doesn’t

The Donald did his weekly Monday stint on Fox and Friends and whined that President Obama is gainfully employed while Mozilla’s CEO, Brendan Eich, isn’t. “Around 2008, you had the president of the United States supporting traditional marriage, if you go back and look. And you know, I mean, maybe he should step down because […]

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Stasi: Pro-Gun Albany Rally Was Full Of Nut Jobs

Linda Stasi in the New York Daily News reports on an April Fools’ Day gun rally. Pro-gun, red-blooded and beige-haired 110% Americans like Donald Trump gathered together on April (big) Fools’ Day to behave as un-American as they could, er, muster, at an anti-SAFE gun law rally in Albany. The law, favored by 63 percent […]

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Dr. Donald Trump Pushes Debunked Autism Theory

The Donald Tweeted that vaccinations can lead to autism. “If I were President I would push for proper vaccinations but would not allow one time massive shots that a small child cannot take – AUTISM,” the business mogul and reality TV star wrote on Twitter Thursday evening. Trump’s tweet came hours after the release of […]

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Trump Blames Obama For Making Manhattan A Terrorist Target; Calls Him ‘Stupid’

President Obama said he was more concerned about a nuke in Manhattan than Russia, which is a “regional threat.” To The Donald, this means New York is now a huge target. Now, every terrorist in the world is going to target Manhattan because the president said it was a concern of his. By Obama mentioning […]

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Game Show Host Now Making Excuses About Not Running

Gameshow Host Known For Teasing About Running For Office Decides Not To Run For Office He Had Been Teasing To Run For pic.twitter.com/klNBym57u5 — Mother Jones (@MotherJones) March 14, 2014   Repost This Article Now read this:New York Joins Effort To End Electoral College (Apr 17, 2014) Carville: GOP On Verge Of Extinction (Apr 13, […]

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Donald Trump compared Barack Obama to “the late, great Jimmy Carter” at CPAC.   Repost This Article Now read this:Jimmy Carter Announces Opposition To Keystone XL Pipeline (Apr 16, 2014) Jimmy Carter: Not Supporting Equal Pay Is Abuse Against Women (Mar 24, 2014) Jimmy Carter Thinks NSA Is Spying On His Emails (Mar 23, 2014) […]

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Republican Contenders Sucking Up To Trump

Republicans looking to run for president in 2016 are paying homage to The Donald. Trump played a round of golf with Rand Paul on Saturday at Trump International Palm Beach, after the Kentucky senator contacted him and said he was coming to town… A week earlier, Trump introduced Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas to a […]

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Trump Fires Aide Who Allowed <em>Buzzfeed</em> To Profile Him

A Buzzfeed profile of Donald Trump that garnered much attention was titled: “36 Hours On The Fake Campaign Trail With Donald Trump.” Now, the person in the Trump organization arranged the interview has been fired. Furious over a snarky Buzzfeed article about his political aspirations, the developer took a page out of his TV show, […]

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