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Trump: Obama Should Resign Because NYC Doctor Has Ebola

The Donald has flipped out because of an Ebola case in New York. First of all, before it was confirmed that Dr. Craig Spencer had Ebola, Trump actually said that if he tests positive, President Obama should resign. No, seriously: If this doctor, who so recklessly flew into New York from West Africa,has Ebola,then Obama [...]

Facts are not important when you have an ideology to sell. In video captured by the Iowa Republican, King went on a long tirade claiming that America is becoming “a third-world country” because of “the things that are coming at us from across the border,” including illegal drugs, Central American children of “prime gang recruitment [...]

The Donald was stumping in Iowa and was asked if he’ll run in 2016. The answer: he’ll decide after the midterms, much the same as Hillary Clinton. “We’ll see what happens,” he said, according toThe Iowa Republican. “Right now we have a president that’s doing such a poor job, such a horrible job. We’ll see [...]

Donald Trump says Eric Schneiderman, New York’s attorney general, is a cokehead. Trump is basing his accusation on a Page Six story that names comedian and political activist Randy Credico as the source of the charge. That’s good enough for Page Six, and more than good enough for Trump. “They’re saying he took coke. As [...]

Medical and immigration authority Donald Trump knows exactly how we’re all going to be infected with the Ebola virus. Trump was talking about how he’s raising money for Iowa Congressman Steve King. After lashing out at President Obama’s fondness for golf, claiming that the president shows “a level of arrogance that’s absolutely disgusting,” Trump said [...]

It’s unclear just what Trump is getting at here. President Obama has a personal responsibility to visit & embrace all people in the US who contract Ebola! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 15, 2014 Now read this:W. VA Democratic Candidate Won’t Mention Obama’s Name (Oct 17, 2014) Hate Mail: Love Don’t Come Easy Edition [...]

The Donald is notorious for having an aversion to shaking hands. On that score, I don’t blame him. How many times has someone cornered you into a handshake in the middle of a meal, or at some other moment when a a clammy palm is the last thing you want to touch.  Claiming that this will [...]

On Monday, Donald Trump got pranked on Twitter and it was delicious considering his many blunders on the social site. Twitter user @feckhead tweeted The Donald with a request, asking him to share a photo of his “parents” who he said were inspired by the billionaire. TPM notes,“What Trump didn’t realize was that the two people [...]

The charade has begun, with The Donald Tweeting about his haters. I wonder if I run for PRESIDENT, will the haters and losers vote for me knowing that I will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? I say they will! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 26, 2014 And The Donald wants you to know his haters [...]

Donald Trump’s head of acquisitions, Abe Wallach, doped a rival with sleeping pills during a plane ride so he could get at documents in the man’s briefcase. This happened when Trump was buying the General Motors Building. Vicky Ward tracks the “rich pageant of human excess” in “The Liar’s Ball: The Extraordinary Saga of How [...]

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