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Donald Trump Attacks Chuck Todd And Nominates Himself To Host ‘Meet The Press’

Chuck Todd made the unforgivable mistake of of saying, “Nobody’s going to mistake Donald Trump for a presidential candidate, I don’t think, other than Donald Trump.” Now, The Donald is mad. Really mad. He can’t stop referring to Todd as “sleepy eyes.” Word is that @NBCNews is firing sleepy eyes Chuck Todd in that his ratings […]

He claims President Obama is using the blizzard to declare martial law in New York City. It’s absurd, not only because it’s, well, absurd, but because the blizzard never even approached blizzard proportions in New York City. President Obama, our great leader, wants to declare martial law in New York City as a means of […]

After Donald Trump accused Mitt Romney of choking when running, Karl Rove hit back: “You choke on running.” I love Mitt Romney being lectured by Donald Trump on choking,” Rove said. “Trump is the guy who constantly chokes on the idea of becoming a candidate. He says he’s gonna run and then, like in 2012, […]

I hope he runs. “I’ve been watching the IRS. I’ve been watching Benghazi. I’ve been watching immigration and ‘the walls we’re going to build,’ and it’s all talk. It’s talk for two days and then it dies, and nobody does anything about it,” he lamented. Trump claims that it’s not just Democrats who keep kicking […]

And we know how many Islamic terrorists have come here via Mexico. Click and “like” Liberaland on Facebook   Now read this:Boehner Readying Lawsuit Against Obama (Jan 28, 2015) Jindal: Muslim ‘Invasion’ Will ‘Colonize’ America Leading To Lone Wolf Attacks (Jan 28, 2015) Jeb Bush’s Way To Deport: ‘We Should Politely Ask Them To Leave […]

Phony, never-going-to-run candidate Donald Trump won’t stop bragging about what a wonderful candidate and president he’d be. “Like” us on Facebook Now read this:Hillary Clinton Leads Over All Potential Republican Challengers (Jan 22, 2015) Bernie Sanders, ‘I’d Be In It To Win It’ (Jan 21, 2015) Biden: ‘There’s A Chance’ (Jan 21, 2015) Huckabee On […]

The Donald is once again pretending he’s seriously considering a run for the presidency, and spent the better part of a South Carolina speech to tea partiers extolling his virtues. Trump spent most of his 30-minute keynote speech at the S.C. Tea Party Coalition Convention held at Springmaid Beach Resort on Monday afternoon saying that […]

The Donald believes Palm Beach County airport is intentionally flying planes over his estate as revenge for past legal squabbling, and is seeking compensation of $100 million. Trump is suing the super posh Palm Beach County for what court records call a “malicious” attempt to disturb the peace at his Palm Beach oceanside mansion with […]

Donald Trump said on “Morning Joe” that he couldn’t run for president last time because he had a contractual obligation for his “Celebrity Apprentice” show. Of course, he must not of known about that obligation during all those time he was making noises about running for president. Now, he says, it’s different, because that obligation […]

Judd Legum at Think Progress punctures the dire warnings Republicans claimed would lead us to ruin of President Obama got a second term. 1. Gas was supposed to cost $5.45 per gallon. In March 2012, on the floor of the United States Senate, Mike Lee (R-UT) predicted that if Obama was reelected gas would cost […]

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