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This Year’s CPAC Speakers: Three Generations Of Stupid

Sadly, the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference is over. And while none of the speakers used Super Big Gulps as props this year, the level of stupid reached all new depths. One speaker after another proved that far-right conservatives are more interested in thoughtless applause and bumper-sticker slogans than serious policymaking. For example, Duck Dynasty […]

If it has the name Trump in it, The Donald believes it is rightfully his. The real-estate titan is poised to develop a luxury housing complex in Dubai called Trump Estates, but doesn’t own the TrumpEstates domain name. A Trump Organization lawyer turned down a chance to buy it some 10 years ago from Scott […]

OXON HILL, Md. — Donald Trump is no fan of Jeb Bush, and he isn’t sure he could support the former Florida governor if Bush became the Republican presidential nominee. “I’d have to think about that. But I certainly don’t know right now,” the New York real estate developer told McClatchy in an interview Friday. […]

Donald Trump says he is “more serious” than he’s ever been before about running for president. In recent days, Trump said, he has hired staffers in key primary states, retained an election attorney and delayed signing on for another season as host of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” because of his political projects. “Everybody feels I’m doing […]

All those fur-ners winning awards. And ‘American Sniper’ not getting best picture. The Donald doesn’t think the Oscars were American enough. The real-estate-mogul-cum-movie-expert showed up, by phone, Monday morning on Fox & Friends to give his steaming hot take on just how bored he was during the 87th Academy Awards. Amazingly, he avoided suggesting he […]

It looks like The Donald won’t have time to run for president. AND, it’s official: #CelebApprentice has been renewed for Season 15! #ApprenticeFinale — The Apprentice (@ApprenticeNBC) February 17, 2015 Now read this:Mark Cuban, Ann Coulter, To Play President And Vice President (Mar 2, 2015) Spock Lives On #LLAP (Mar 1, 2015) Couples Went Into […]

Chuck Todd made the unforgivable mistake of of saying, “Nobody’s going to mistake Donald Trump for a presidential candidate, I don’t think, other than Donald Trump.” Now, The Donald is mad. Really mad. He can’t stop referring to Todd as “sleepy eyes.” Word is that @NBCNews is firing sleepy eyes Chuck Todd in that his ratings […]

He claims President Obama is using the blizzard to declare martial law in New York City. It’s absurd, not only because it’s, well, absurd, but because the blizzard never even approached blizzard proportions in New York City. President Obama, our great leader, wants to declare martial law in New York City as a means of […]

After Donald Trump accused Mitt Romney of choking when running, Karl Rove hit back: “You choke on running.” I love Mitt Romney being lectured by Donald Trump on choking,” Rove said. “Trump is the guy who constantly chokes on the idea of becoming a candidate. He says he’s gonna run and then, like in 2012, […]

I hope he runs. “I’ve been watching the IRS. I’ve been watching Benghazi. I’ve been watching immigration and ‘the walls we’re going to build,’ and it’s all talk. It’s talk for two days and then it dies, and nobody does anything about it,” he lamented. Trump claims that it’s not just Democrats who keep kicking […]

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