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Court Upholds EPA Mercury Regulation

Court Upholds EPA Mercury Regulation

The D.C Court of Appeals upheld a EPA regulation requiring power plants to curb mercury emissions yesterday. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit rejected a challenge to the rule, which was completed by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2011 and set the first national limits on air pollution emitted by […]

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Scientist: Too Late To Save The World From Climate Change

Dr. James Lovelock says it’s too late to save the world from the effects of climate change, and that we should retreat to climate controlled cities. Lovelock, who has just published his latest book A Rough Ride To The Future, claims we should be ‘strengthening our defences and making a sustainable retreat.’ “We’re reaching an […]

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The Aiken County sheriff’s office reports that a woman objected to a tree stump that had been carved to look like a penis. The unidentified Graniteville woman said her child told her about the stump on Wednesday. The trunk of the stump has the letters “JOE” carved into it. Repost This Article Now read this:74-Year-Old […]

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The Cost Of Air Pollution

The Cost Of Air Pollution

According to a new study, the annual death toll is higher than previously believed: Air pollution kills about 7 million people a year and is linked to 1 in 8 deaths worldwide, according to a report released Tuesday by the World Health Organization. The finding more than doubles previous estimates “and confirms that air pollution is […]

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EPA: BP Oil Spill Affected Half-Mile Of Lake Michigan

The malfunction at BP’s Indiana refinery has caused great damage with a half-mile spill along the Chicago shoreline. The spill reported Monday afternoon by BP appears to have been contained by company crew members who deployed absorbent booms around the spill site, said Mike Beslow, on-scene coordinator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 5. […]

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Hatin’ On The Tesla Model S Seems To Be An Edmunds Pastime

I’m completely aware that people can have their own preferences and opinions, but one of my friends (and a regular CleanTechnica reader) recently noticed that the crew at Edmunds have quite the negative opinion of the Tesla Model S… despite the…

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Gallup: Americans Pick Environment Over Economic Growth

Americans say protecting the environment is more important than economic growth, according to a new Gallup poll. Since 2009, during the economic downturn, Americans generally prioritized economic growth over the environment, except for immediately after the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in May 2010. In a March 6-9 Gallup Poll Social Series […]

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House Passes Environmental Bill (You Read That Correctly)

Pigs flying can’t be too far behind.  Here are the details: The Energy Efficiency Improvement Act, which overwhelmingly passed by a vote of 375-36, is similar to a bipartisan bill that was reintroduced in the Senate last week. The House bill calls for several steps to reduce electricity waste, including: Create a “Tenant Star” program, […]

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Obama Addresses Truck Emissions

The Obama Administration announced this week that it is proposing strengthened mileage requirements on heavy duty trucks. Although heavy-duty trucks represent only 4 percent of the vehicles on the road, they account for 20 percent of carbon dioxide emissions from the transportation sector and consume 20 percent of on-road fuel, Obama said. Improving the fuel […]

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A Bad Day For Fossil Fuels

A Bad Day For Fossil Fuels

Yesterday there were three disasters related to fossil fuel extraction. West Virginia officials are reporting that a coal slurry line at the Kanawha Eagle Prep Plant, which belongs to Patriot Coal, ruptured and spilled a toxic byproduct from the coal mining and preparation process into a creek that feeds the Kanawha River early this morning. […]

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