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Denying Climate Change On Two Continents Is Too Scary

Denying Climate Change On Two Continents Is Too Scary

I thought America was way behind the times on the science of climate change, given the positions of fact-free Republicans who populate our House of Representatives. Our northern neighbor, Canada, is surprisingly anti-environmentalist, considering they are socially more progressive than the U.S. with their single payer health care. Canadian PM Harper, who is as committed to proliferating the production of [...]

Endangered Forest in Florida Will Be Leveled to Make Room for Walmart and Chick-Fil-A

Now read this:Pregnant Woman In Florida Dies After Accidentally Being Shot In The Head (Jul 27, 2014) Florida Tow Truck Operator Arrested For Targeting Gays (Jul 26, 2014) Woman Says She’s Not Racist After Video Shows Her Yelling ‘Ni**ger’ At Neighbors And Their ‘Stinky Black-Ass Children’ (Jul 26, 2014) Florida Man Posts Facebook Pix Of [...]

The Show-Me State Shows Us All

Typically I don’t pay much attention to what goes on in Missouri, outside of the occasional snake-handling god-botherer getting his chance to meet the Big Guy, or Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin recanting his apologies for mansplaining gynecology to the nation, but now and again someone in the Show Me state, well, shows us something. Today’s case [...]

Geologists: 2,547 Earthquakes In Oklahoma Linked To Fracking

Geologists have confirmed what many have suspected for years: earthquakes that rattled central Oklahoma was the direct result of fracking and wastewater injection, according to a newly released study.  A team of geologists from Cornell University, the University of Colorado, Columbia University and the United States Geological Survey released the study last week which makes [...]

Pope Francis: Not Protecting The Enviroment Is A Sin

Oresmas at Crooks and Liars picked up the story via the Latin Post. Since Pope Francis was elected to the papacy in March 2013, he has voiced strong support for protecting Earth’s environment and especially preserving the rain forests in his homeland, South America. On Saturday, Francis, who took his name from Francis of Assisi, [...]

Conservatives Intentionally Making Their Cars Spew Black Smoke To Stick It To Obama, Liberals

Meet the newest form of Conservative protest: Coal runners. It’s also highly disrespectful to everyone around them and the planet they/we live on. Conservatives in pickup trucks intentionally pour out black smoke into the air, for freedom and stuff. They do this to stick it to liberals and Obama. Seriously. “Coal Rollers” are diesel trucks [...]

Man Killed After Chemical Spill And Explosion At General Motors Plant In Indiana

One person was killed and multiple others were taken to the hospital following a chemical spill and explosion at the GM metal stamping plant in Marion, Indiana, on Tuesday afternoon. According to security officials at the facility, employees were ordered to evacuate around 2:00 p.m. The tanks, which contain chlorine, dioxide exploded in the northeast corner of [...]

SCOTUS Unexpectedly Helps The EPA

The Supreme Court actually partially upheld one of President Barack Obama’s early efforts against climate change, saying the Environmental Protection Agency had authority to impose new permitting requirements on some power plants and factories. This may prove to be a Pyrrhic victory as another government shutdown is planned because the Obama Administration is in favor of [...]

Obama To Create World’s Largest Ocean Preserve

President Obama is moving to ban drilling, fishing and other disruptive activities in a large swath of the Pacific Ocean to protect marine life. Using presidential authority that doesn’t require new action from Congress, Obama proposed to expand the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, which President George W. Bush designated to protect unique species [...]

Anders Sandberg: The 5 Biggest Threats To Human Existence

Anders Sandberg, a James Martin Research Fellow at University of Oxford, selects what he considers the five biggest threats to humanity’s existence.

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