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Not One Law Republicans Passed Has Helped America In Over Forty Years

Not One Law Republicans Passed Has Helped America In Over Forty Years

December 2, 1970 was the last time a Republican created something that benefits the greater good of society. Seriously, it’s been over forty years since any Republican has successfully enacted legislation that is based on scientific data, also known as reality. Richard M. Nixon created the EPA in 1970 which marks the last time the party behaved responsibly by utilizing […]

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The Cost Of Air Pollution

The Cost Of Air Pollution

According to a new study, the annual death toll is higher than previously believed: Air pollution kills about 7 million people a year and is linked to 1 in 8 deaths worldwide, according to a report released Tuesday by the World Health Organization. The finding more than doubles previous estimates “and confirms that air pollution is […]

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Obama Addresses Truck Emissions

The Obama Administration announced this week that it is proposing strengthened mileage requirements on heavy duty trucks. Although heavy-duty trucks represent only 4 percent of the vehicles on the road, they account for 20 percent of carbon dioxide emissions from the transportation sector and consume 20 percent of on-road fuel, Obama said. Improving the fuel […]

February 21, 2014 / More... ( comments)

Obama Can Move On Climate Change Without Congress

President Obama can move ahead on his promises from his Inaugural Address last year, and while action from Congress is desirable, it is not necessary: Despite meeting fierce opposition from the GOP in 2013, a group of clean energy experts, business leaders and former government officials believe President Obama’s climate agenda has been and will […]

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West Virginia Water Contamination: Lax Regulations Or Enforcement

The contamination of the Elk River (pictured) in West Virginia is being blamed on insufficient regulation of water safety: Last week’s major chemical spill into West Virginia’s Elk River, which cut off water to more than 300,000 people, came in a state with a long and troubled history of regulating the coal and chemical companies […]

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In the latest of a series of regulations to address the threat of climate change, EPA proposed rules on new power plants this week: The Environmental Protection Agency published its rule limiting carbon emissions from new power plants on Wednesday to the dismay of coal advocates and the GOP. The proposed rule, published nearly four […]

January 9, 2014 / More... ( comments)

Podesta To Push Climate Change

Podesta To Push Climate Change

John Podesta has returned to the White House where he served as Chief of Staff to President Clinton.  And his top priority: The deal-sealer for Podesta, who has vowed to stay for only a year, was Obama’s assurance that he would be given broad oversight of the administration’s climate change agenda—even though Podesta has agreed […]

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Rep. Paul Broun Hijacks Science Hearing To Attack Obamacare

Has anyone told the House Republican caucus that a huge number of American voters are beginning to question their mental health given their obsession with Obamacare? Even a hearing that was supposed to be dedicated to science could not escape the House Republican caucus’ obsession with President Barack Obama’s health care reform law on Thursday. […]

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Climate Change And Food Shortages

If rising oceans, extreme weather events, and endangered species weren’t enough for you, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said we have not been worrying enough about the consequences of climate change on the food supply. “On the food supply, the new report finds that benefits from global warming may be seen in some […]

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It’s O.K., Folks in The Coal States Don’t Need To Breathe

A Republican House member and a Democratic U.S. senator have introduced legislation that pretty much does away with regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency of greenhouse gas pollution from new coal-fired power plants. Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-Ky.), chairman of the Energy and Power Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and Sen. Joe Manchin […]

October 28, 2013 / More... ( comments)

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