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Values Voters Choose Cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz won the straw poll for president at the Value Voters Summit with 25% of the vote. The victory is a big victory to the Republican firebrand and Tea Party icon, coming just a day after he drew standing ovations with a religious and emotional speech that blasted ObamaCare, congressional Democrats and […]

Vance McAllister, vowed to leave Congress after being caught kissing a staffer on video, and is now running again after all, has an ad out with his long-suffering wife. In the 30-second spot, the McAllisters sit side by side as the congressman’s wife Kelly says that she is “blessed to have a husband who owns up […]

They want to ban her, but she isn’t taking it lying down (or twerking, for that matter). In August, the country’s Comisión Nacional de Espectáculos Públicos y Radiofonía (CNEPR) barred Cyrus from performing in Santo Domingo on September 13, which would have been the pop star’s first gig in the Dominican Republic. Apparently, the sexually […]

The Dominican Republic canceled a September 13 Miley Cyrus concert because they believe she is immoral. According to Acento.com.do, the government commission accused the 21-year-old singer of “inappropriate costumes, corruption of language, images and perverse sentences, phrases with double meanings, defend crime, violence and degrading acts for civic worship, incitement to sex, lesbian sex, improper […]

In Praise Of Dads

  OK, as a very involved Dad, I’m hardly an unbiased source on this subject but I was happy to see this review of a new book on the importance of fathers: But fathers matter most, of course, in childhood, when the seeds of many future traits are planted. Mr. Raeburn quotes a wealth of […]

Charles Koch, the gazillionaire right-wing benefactor whose father was a co-founder of the John Birch Society,  the same Charles Koch who, along his brother, David, works tirelessly against any sign of government interference when it comes to health care, public education, infrastructure, climate change, or  aiding the pitifully down and out, and who most generously […]

Kudos to “family values” Congressman Bill Cassidy of Louisiana. Here is a Republican who uses the term “family values” to sell himself to his constituency, who is now facing what Sarah Palin did: the pregnancy of an unmarried teenage daughter. A physician and father of three, Bill supports Louisiana’s traditional family values. Faith and religion […]

These unfortunate incidents take place in all political parties. No political party or religion is immune from bad actors. So, maybe it’s time for the right to stop acting holier-than-thou. Now read this:Those Praising Hagel Now Opposed Him As SecDef And Are Using Him To Bash Obama (Nov 24, 2014) What Reagan And Bush Did […]

The White House today held a “Summit on Working Families.”  We lag behind Western Europe in providing benefits for working mothers and fathers.  But doesn’t the Western European system cost too much, you ask?  Jonathan Cohn answers: The data, however, tell a more complicated story. Policies that allow parents to spend more time with young […]

Louisiana Congressman Vince McAllister is considering running to keep his seat, which would be a reversal of his previous decision not to run, one made after video surface of the married “family values” politician kissing a staffer. McAllister, a political newcomer who won a special election in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District this past November, faced […]

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