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Black Dentist Forced To Resign All-White Dental Practice Over Support For Michael Brown

Dr. Misee Harris, a pediatric dentist best known as the “Black Bachelorette,” was forced to resign from her dental practice after supporting slain teen Michael Brown and the Ferguson, Missouri protesters on social media. According to Tiffany Willis at Liberal America, Dr. Harris was beloved and respected by staff and patients at the dental practice [...]

In a newly released video, two men describe an unarmed teenager with his hands up in the air as he’s gunned down by a police officer. According to CNN, they men were contractors doing construction work in Ferguson, Missouri, on the day Michael Brown was killed, standing just 50 feet away from where Darren Wilson gunned [...]

Protesters who were planning to block Interstate 70 were arrested in Ferguson, MO. After being warned to stay out of the street, some refused, and an Associated press reporter saw at least 7 cuffed by police. Organizers say they want to bring rush hour traffic on I-70 in Ferguson to a standstill and expect to [...]

Filing for the release of of a deceased teenager’s juveinile records by  self-deemed ‘”journalists’  is simply whoremongering.The unarmed Ferguson, Missouri, teenager who was gunned down by a police officer may or may not have been a righteous citizen, but we’ll never know since his life was taken by Darren Wilson, after he fired at least [...]

Some of the claims by witnesses of Michael Brown’s fatal shooting by a Ferguson police officer were of the cop chasing the unarmed teen on foot and shooting him as  he ran away, just before firing a barrage of fatal shots after Brown had turned around with his hands up. Hence, the ‘Don’t shoot, hands [...]

When Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson distributed copies of the Michael Brown  surveillance tape at a press conference on Aug. 15th, at the same time he released the name of the officer who was responsible for shooting Brown, most of us were suspicious. When reporters asked about his release of the tape, Jackson told them [...]

Charles C. Johnson, a blogger who runs GotNews and previously contributed to the Daily Caller, propagated false information on Twitter claiming that Michael Brown, the slain teenager from Ferguson, Missouri, was involved in a murder. Johnson filed requests to see Michael Brown‘s alleged juvenile crime records, and he came up empty. So, of course, he’s [...]

A Baton Rouge Police Officer is under fire after a string of text messages he is accused of sending to another person containing racial slurs has surfaced. WBRZ reports that Baton Rouge Police are in the midst of two investigations in which detectives are looking into cell phone records of that officer. The string of [...]

The U.S. Justice Department is planning to take a top-to-bottom look at the Ferguson, Missouri, police department, according to what officials told CNN.  A Missouri official and a federal official said on Wednesday that the civil rights division of the Justice Department is preparing to launch a new investigation into the Ferguson police department. According [...]

The slain Ferguson, Missouri teenager’s non-criminal history was revealed today, which didn’t sit well with Charles C. Johnson, a conservative blogger who filed a request for information on Michael Brown’s history, which should be irrelevant at this point. Johnson has written for the Daily Caller as well, so his credentials are already suspicious. When the [...]

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