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Michael Brown’s Killer Failed To Show Up At Hearing; Accused Of ‘Roughing Up’ Suspect

A 2013 drug case involving Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, the man who shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown, will be reviewed by a grand jury after Wilson failed to show up at a preliminary hearing. Christopher Brooks was arrested last year after Wilson said he found several ounces of marijuana in a car [...]

Pat Buchanan addressed Obama’s remarks on Ferguson, Missouri, claiming he was “stoking the fires of racial resentment” after the president spoke of Michael Brown’s shooting by police. Citing unconfirmed, and likely fabricated reports that Brown “smashed” officer Darren Wilson’s eye socket, Buchanan claimed that Brown’s death had nothing to do with race, warning that if [...]

Under the state of Missouri’s Sunshine Act, material that is deemed to be in the public’s interest can be provided to individuals and news agencies, if it is deemed to be in the public’s interest to see. However, the city of Ferguson has decided that materials related to the death of Michael Brown are not [...]

A police officer in Ferguson, Mo., was shot in the arm on Saturday night, authorities said. Police believe the shooting was unrelated to the continuing protests over the death of a teenager shot by a police officer there last month. Police say two men at a community center ran from the officer, then opened fire [...]

The U.S. Department of Justice has asked the Ferguson, Missouri police department to order its officers not to wear bracelets saying “I am Darren Wilson,” a reference to the white officer who killed black teenager Michael Brown. The shooting has led to weeks of protests, mainly in the St. Louis suburb. Protesters had uploaded photos [...]

Tensions in Ferguson, Missouri flared anew Thursday night, as peaceful protesters marching and chanting in protest of the Mike Brown killing were met by a local business owner whom police confirm pulled a gun on the marchers. An Argus News livestreaming camera was there to capture police reaction to an armed white man at a [...]

Devin Sean James, who is overseeing public relations for Ferguson, Missouri, after the police shooting of Michael Brown, once shot and killed an unarmed man.  The 32-year-old began working for the city at a $154.10 per hour rate approximately two weeks after Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson killed the unarmed teenager on Aug. 9th. James [...]

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson has apologized to the family of Michael Brown, the unarmed teen shot by officer Darren Wilson. “I’m truly sorry for the loss of your son,” Jackson said in a video message to the Brown family. “I’m also sorry that it took so long to remove Michael from the street.” Brown’s [...]

The wristbands showed up at a demonstration for Michael Brown Tuesday night. Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson acknowledged the bracelets during a press conference on Wednesday. “I think that was not a statement of law enforcement. I think wearing that was an individual statement,” Johnson said. Johnson said he would speak to the agencies [...]

A Tuesday fire destroyed a makeshift memorial for slain Ferguson teenager Michael Brown. The memorial for 18-year-old Michael Brown that caught fire was erected in a grassy area alongside the road where Brown died. A larger memorial, which runs down the center lane of the road, was untouched by the fire. Still, neighborhood residents who [...]

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