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Scientists: Coffee Has Protein With Similar Effects To Morphine

No wonder it’s so good. “Like” Liberaland on Facebook, please Now read this:Gourmet McDonald’s? (Dec 9, 2014) Study: Coffee Cuts Diabetes Risk, Gives You Smaller Waist (Dec 8, 2014) Utah Man Feeds Homeless With Unlimited Olive Garden Pasta Pass (Dec 1, 2014) Worst. Turkey! Recipes!! EVER!!! (Nov 27, 2014) What This Morning’s Coffee Is Doing […]

Cadbury eggs may be changing, but red velvet oreos are coming. The limited edition of the classic black and white sweet is the first Oreo to have a completely new cookie color since the Golden Oreo’s 2004 debut. Other unique flavors that have previously been introduced by the brand include last Halloween’s Candy Corn rendition, […]

UNION BEACH — A community kitchen that served up meals in the Hurricane Sandy-ravaged borough of Union Beach until closing down over the summer plans to reopen today thanks to Jon Bon Jovi. An arm of the New Jersey rocker’s nonprofit organization is sponsoring “Spoon Full of Hope,” a program run by Gateway Church of […]

The American owner of Cadbury Creme Eggs is messing with a formula that has chocolate lovers world-wide looking forward t the Easter season in order to consume the delicacy. Kraft Foods has stopped using Cadbury’s Dairy Milk for the shell, and instead is using a “standard cocoa mix chocolate,” according to The Sun. A spokesman […]

Not everyone can stop eating meat, either for health reasons, for lack of access to healthy food, or simply because they may not want to. But there is a movement that doesn’t go all the way, but still believes it helps the environment and produces better health: reducetarianism. Now, a new community group is hoping […]

There are now 320 million people in the United States. The Census Bureau said in a statement that the figure represents an increase of about 11.35 million people, or 3.67 percent, since the last population count on April 1, 2010. “In January 2015, the U.S. is expected to experience a birth every eight seconds and one death […]

The Domino’s delivery man,  working in Alabama, was likely set up. Najeh Masaeid, a father of four, was discovered dead in a hallway at the District at the Summit apartments near the Summit shopping center on Sunday night after he was sent to deliver a pizza to an apartment that turned out to be vacant, […]

The anonymity that comes with consuming food from vending machines allows us to shamelessly indulge in a chocolate bar, or a few, in a single day. But the era of vending machines and their “no judgment” capabilities will soon be limited with the Luce X2 Touch TV vending machine. This is the world’s first vending […]

Let’s cut to the chase: The best way to make coffee is the pour-over method. High scores in nearly every category; balanced flavor with a full body The response to this brew was overwhelmingly positive, generating hardly any negative comments during scoring. From the first sips of tasting, it was clear that pour-over method was […]

Thank goodness we can now set this straight. There’s a very good chance you’ve been at a fast food restaurant at some point in your life and filled one of those paper condiment cups with ketchup. For dipping french fries, the cups work fine. But if you’re one of those strange people who likes to […]

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