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Uh Oh! World Could Be Running Out Of Chocolate

Some chocolate makers, Mars, Inc. and Barry Callebaut, say less cocoa is being produced while more chocolate is being consumed, which could lead to shortages. In 2013, consumers ate about 70,000 metric tons more cocoa than was produced, The Washington Post reports, and that deficit could go up to 1 million metric tons by 2020. […]

A Belgian chocolate maker has changed its name from “ISIS Chocolates” to “Libeert,” to avoid an inadvertent association with the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS, media reports said Thursday. The transition to the new name will reportedly take until January 2015, the company’s director reportedly said. Sales dropped after media coverage of the […]

Don’t Call It A Cronut

Dunkin’ Donuts is coming out with a croissant-donut hybrid, but they say it’s not a copy of the Cronut. The chain tells The Associated Press it will launch its “Croissant Donut” nationally for a limited time starting Nov. 3. It comes more than a year after the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City introduced […]

The name “Hazed & Confused” doesn’t sit well with one couple. Lianne and Brian Kowiak say they discovered the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor “Hazed & Confused” and were immediately turned off by what it suggested. “I saw there was a flavor named ‘Hazed & Confused’ and I just paused and I was really upset […]

New Pizza Box Reinvents Eating

It’s called GreenBox and is a “revolutionary re-design of the pizza” box, according to GreenBox president Jennifer Wright. From the outside, GreenBox looks like a typical cumbersome pizza box. However, the box is actually perforated and can be torn into four serving plates. In addition to nixing dishes from the equation, GreenBox turns into a […]

There’s nothing like a warm gun by your side while you’re peacefully dining. And having the ability to bring one to Sharma Floyd’s Shiloh Brew and Chew in Maryville, TN, has been great for business. Floyd told WBIR,  “As the owner, I wanted to stand my ground. I have that constitutional right. If you like it, […]

You’re not supposed to do this anywhere, but especially not at Franklin’s in Austin, TX. They have a stated no-cutting-in-line policy. But, for the first time ever, someone cut the line there, and it was President Barack Hussein Obama. “I know this is a long line. I feel real bad, but—I’m gonna cut,” the pool […]

Zack Danger Brown, of Columbus, Ohio had a funny idea. He created a Kickstarter fund-raising page with the goal of making potato salad. His original goal was $10.00. To date the Potato Salad tycoon has raised $40,274 (yes it went up since the screenshot was taken two minutes ago) with 24 days left. “Basically I’m […]

A new Oxford University study will only add to my guilt when I have my next cheeseburger deluxe. Researchers there found that meat-eaters have roughly twice as large a food-related carbon footprint as vegetarians. More importantly, the study showed that the more meat you eat, the more you’re hurting the planet’s health. Just how did […]

The First Lady is battling Republicans on her drive to create better school lunch programs. She’s fighting a House Republican effort to soften a central part of her prized anti-childhood obesity campaign and she says she’s ready “to fight until the bitter end.” Mrs. Obama even mocked the GOP effort in an opinion column and […]

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