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How About Some Ben and Jerry’s Pot Ice Cream

It’s a possibility. Founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield said in an interview with The Huffington Post on HuffPost Live in February that they’d consider making a “cannabis edibles” flavor where it’s legal. “Makes sense to me,” Cohen said. “Combine your pleasures.” Greenfield noted that he and Cohen have had previous experiences with substances and […]

They’re going to remove the whitening agent in powdered sugar. Environmental protection and corporate responsibility advocacy group As You Sow announced that Dunkin’ Donuts officials had agreed to alter the formula for its powdered doughnuts on Thursday, releasing a Feb. 25 letter from Dunkin’ Brands Group’s director of corporate social responsibility that pledges the company […]

There have been plenty of reasons to criticize McDonalds over the years.  But to give credit where credit is due, they are taking a step that could have major public health benefits. McDonald’s Corp’s U.S. restaurants will gradually stop buying chicken raised with antibiotics vital to fighting human infections, the most aggressive step by a […]

If you’re going to bow your head in prayer over a sizzling platter, it’s not the restaurant’s fault if you sustain burns. In March 2010, Hiram Jimenez visited the restaurant in Burlington County with his brother, Rafael, and ordered a steak fajita, which was brought to him in a sizzling skillet, according to court records. […]

They can’t go for that. The music legends claim in their Brooklyn federal suit that Red Hook-based Early Bird is profiting off their fame. “The name and mark Haulin’ Oats is an obvious play upon Plaintiff’s well-known Hall & Oates mark, and was selected by defendant in an effort to trade off of the fame […]

Drinking as many as five cups of coffee a day could decrease the risk of heart attacks and clogged arteries, according to new research. The study examined the link between coffee consumption and coronary artery calcium (CAC), which is an early indicator of cardiovascular disease – the clogging of arteries – which can result in […]

It’s called “butter coffee“. Dave Asprey, an American entrepreneur, came up with the idea after trekking in Tibet and drinking tea laced with yak butter. The drink gave him extra energy to venture across the mountainous terrain. After brainstorming, Asprey developed a high fat, low carbohydrate diet that provides protection against lethargy, fat and disease […]

A 78-year-old North Knoxville, TN resident called police because she had no food to eat. Knoxville police officers say they responded to a call from the senior citizen, who seemed either confused or distressed, and found that she was starving and had no food in her house, reports WATE. “They looked in her kitchen and […]

Soda is the second most popular drink in the United States, and it’s because children and adults alike are gulping down copious amounts of bubbly artificial liquids without a realistic sense of health consequences. Research scientists at Consumer Reports teamed up with the Center for a Livable Future at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of […]

Food modification is the wave of the future, but is that good? Don’t expect to see them soon, but they could be coming to your local grocery store — two types of apples genetically modified to resist turning brown after they’re bruised or sliced. Arctic Golden and Arctic Granny Smith are being developed by a […]

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