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Evidence Of Government Contracting Fraud? What A Surprise. Not.

Evidence Of Government Contracting Fraud? What A Surprise. Not.

You can bet your bottom dollar that a certain telecommunication equipment company’s allies in the Senate will be moving to shut this down by any means possible. People might get the impression that there’s corruption in government contracting, and by golly we can’t have any of that going on! // Now read this:Two Former Republican [...]

Woman Pretending To Be A Doctor Gave Truckers Fake Physicals

If your idea of a fun time is disguising your identity so you can take urine samples from truckers, then you have a different set of life priorities than I can relate to. // < ![CDATA[ var icx_iframe_id = "088ee8ff-bc6e-4e50-ab67-a558b0c4c7c6"; // ]]> Now read this:So Nice For The Children: A Coloring Page of Guns (Jul [...]

South Dakota Senate Republican Candidate Loses Bid; Next Stop: Jail

Annette Bosworth, a Senate candidate who infamously compared food stamp recipients to animals lost her bid Tuesday, shortly before entering jail. On Wednesday morning, the Sioux Falls Argus Leader reported that the medical doctor had turned herself into the Minnehaha County Jail after authorities issued a warrant for her arrest. South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley (R) charged [...]

Man Buys Penis Enlarger, Receives Magnifying Glass

On his purchase, he came up a bit short. To add insult to injury the magnifying glass came with an instruction that would at least prevent the man from causing injury to himself. The victim of an elaborate scam, which cost him the equivalent of £100 for a £5 magnifyer has been named only as [...]

Guilty Plea Makes Dinesh D’Souza Poster Boy For Right Wing Fraud

Just over a week ago, Dinesh D’Souza — the slick, media-friendly intellectual grifter who has been busy pushing the theory that President Obama is some kind of stealth angry radical because of the relationship between himself and his dad (that…

Criminal Charges To Be Filed Against New York Congressman

Republican Congressman Michael Grimm, who represents Staten Island, is expected to be indicted on criminal charges. “After more than two years of investigation plagued by malicious leaks, violations of grand jury secrecy, and strong-arm tactics, the U.S. Attorney’s Office has disclosed its intent to file criminal charges against Congressman Grimm,” said Grimm’s attorney, William McGinley [...]

Mitt Romney Contributes To Former VA Gov. Bob McDonnell’s Defense Fund

According to a Romney aide, he gave 10 grand, which is not much money for the Mittster, but does make a statement. McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, were indicted in January on federal charges of bribery and fraud involving their relationship with a prominent Virginia businessman and campaign donor. The McDonnells are scheduled to face trial in [...]

Bernie Madoff Interviewed In Prison

Politico’s M.J. Lee did a prison interview with Bernie Madoff. Here are the highlights: Madoff described in detail the “never ending” fund raising solicitations from politicians, and was harshly critical of President Barack Obama, even though he said he voted for him in 2008. The politician he said he admires the most is Sen. Ron [...]

Pharmacists Paid AIDS Patients Not To Take Medicine, Then Charged Medicaid

The Bronx pharmacists then charged Medicaid for the full amount and pocketed the money. When arrested, pharmacist Mohamed Hasan Ahmed buried his face in officers’ clothes. Pharmacy owner Ahmed Hamed was calm as he was led away in handcuffs. A third owner of the 184th Street Pharmacy in the Bronx’s University Heights, Tarek Elsayed, was [...]

Evidence Shows Tea Party Buys ‘Likes’

With “click farms” as the new sweatshops, groups desperate to show how popular they are are buying clicks. For the workers, though, it is miserable work, sitting at screens in dingy rooms facing a blank wall, with windows covered by bars, and sometimes working through the night. For that, they could have to generate 1,000 [...]

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