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Conservative Iowa Radio Host: Jeb Gave Conservatives ‘A Middle Finger’ By A Gay Hire

Steve Deace told far-right activist Bob Vander Plaats how wrong it is for Jeb Bush to hire a gay spokesperson. …they spent a good part of their segment discussing Jeb Bush’s decision to hire openly gay GOP operative Tim Miller as his spokesman. Unsurprisingly, neither was impressed… “It’s one thing to say, you know what, […]

Wyoming State Rep. Harland Edmonds doesn’t like gays. …Edmonds (R) was kicked out of a House Labor, Health and Social Services meeting after proposing an amendment to a bill protecting gay and transgender people from discrimination that would make it effective when “hell freezes over,” instead of the date of July 1, the Casper Star […]

To be perfectly clear at the outset, by referring to religious freedom laws that allow discrimination against LGBT citizens as new “Jim Crow” legislation, there’s no intention to equate the gay experience in the U.S. with the African-American experience. But continuing where we left off yesterday, there’s clearly a parallel between Jim Crow tactics and […]

Pat Robertson knows how people become gay. A lot of these so-called gay people have been either attacked or molested by some authority figure or else a magazine or something has confused them. You need to talk to him about what things are and who he is and what he is and let him grow […]

Mike Huckabee even has friends who see ballet! What diversity! Please “like” Liberaland on Facebook   Now read this:Huckabee: Obama’s Only ‘Undying Support’ Is For Muslims (Feb 10, 2015) Top Alabama Judge Defies Gay Marriage Law (Feb 9, 2015) Rand Paul And Mike Huckabee Participate In New Gay-Bashing Evangelical Documentary (Feb 9, 2015) Alan Keyes: […]

They bought it back in 2008. Now read this:Conservative Mag: Jeb’s Numbers Are ‘Anemic’ (Feb 24, 2015) Schlafly Warns Against Jeb (Feb 22, 2015) Jeb’s Wife Wary; Doesn’t Enjoy Spotlight (Feb 21, 2015) Jeb Bush Hires Same Foreign Policy Experts That Lied US Into Iraq War (Feb 18, 2015) Video: Jeb In 2010: ‘I Never […]

Joel Gray Comes Out, At 82

Broadway star Joel Gray has announced he’s gay. “All the people close to me have known for years who I am,” Grey tells PEOPLE. “[Yet] it took time to embrace that other part of who I always was.” It was different for a man of his generation. Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, the son of […]

The Idaho legislature’s House State Affairs Committee held public hearings this week on HB2, a bill that would add wording to the state’s Human Rights Act including “sexual orientation and gender identity.” While this would seem a straight forward attempt to protect people from discrimination, there are those who see it as a nefarious attempt […]

BANGKOK — US politicians of all stripes are fond of condemning Vietnam’s poor human rights record. As one US Senator from Arkansas puts it, America has a “moral obligation” to stand up to oppression” in the communist nation. But when it comes to gay rights, conservative US states like Arkansas are actually lagging behind Hanoi. […]

With the phrase “religious freedom” fast becoming this century’s “separate but equal,” it should surprise nobody that all the right-wing Christian groups are biting at the bit to use it against people they disagree with. Whether it’s a Michigan law that uses the phrase to mask its bigotry or Christians weaponizing it to hit everyone […]

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