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History At Boston’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

That’s because this year two gay groups are being welcomed to participate. The advocacy group Boston Pride and OutVets, a group of gay military veterans, have been welcomed by the organizers. “This is a tremendous leap forward,” Boston Pride organizer Sylvain Bruni said Friday. Until now, gay rights groups have been barred by the South […]

More evidence that this pope walks the walk. A prominent American Catholic gay rights group was given VIP treatment for the first time at an audience with Pope Francis on Wednesday, a move members saw as a sign of change in the Roman Catholic Church. “This is a sign of movement that’s due to the […]

“The Duck Commander Musical” is set to debut in April in Las Vegas. And despite family patriarch Phil Robertson’s homophobic comments to GQ magazine in 2013, several gay men, famous for their work on Broadway, will be putting the show together, a source tells Confidenti@l. “It’s called show business,” laughs our source. “The director Jeff […]

BANGKOK — US politicians of all stripes are fond of condemning Vietnam’s poor human rights record. As one US Senator from Arkansas puts it, America has a “moral obligation” to stand up to oppression” in the communist nation. But when it comes to gay rights, conservative US states like Arkansas are actually lagging behind Hanoi. […]

No, no, the way it works is–never mind. Pat Robertson took a question from a viewer who said she attends a church whose members aren’t allowed to date, leaving many church members “frustrated because we’re getting older and no one is getting married.” Robertson found this to be absolutely ridiculous because a church with a […]

Dolly Parton did a sit-down with Billboard magazine. Dollywood attracts lots of church groups, but it has also become a draw for the LGBT community. What does that say about you? It’s a place for entertainment, a place for all families, period. It’s for all that. But as far as the Christians, if people want […]

Representative Steve King (R-IA) thinks that he is going to heaven when he leaves this Earth and he is just as certain that when he arrives at the Pearly Gates he will look around and find that heaven is free of homosexuals. In an interview with the Jefferson Herald on Wednesday the congressman was asked […]

Why is it taken for granted on the right that gays and “the church” are on opposite sides? But this is Rick Santorum: “I really believe in this subject matter at hand with the gay community that a Judeo-Christian worldview cannot survive with a worldview that is as rabidly secular as this movement is,” Santorum […]

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert said that in ancient Greece the gays were busy getting massages before going into battle and in today’s world that will make them ill-prepared for war. “I’ve had people say, ‘Hey, you know, there’s nothing wrong with gays in the military. Look at the Greeks,’” he said. “Well, you know, they […]

Pope Francis called for more acceptance of gays, couples who are unmarried, and those who are divorced. The call comes via a document put out by an assembly of Catholic bishops. The bishops’ report, released midway through a landmark two-week meeting, does not change Roman Catholic doctrine or teaching, and will now be subjected to fierce […]

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