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Feds Find No Evidence Christie Knew Of Bridge Closures In Advance

The Department of Justice has concluded a 9 month investigation stating that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie didn’t know in advance that lanes would be closed on the George Washington Bridge. The probe to date has turned up no evidence Christie had any prior information or directed that lanes be closed for four days, federal […]

Grand jury subpoenas have gone out to the Christie campaign and the New Jersey Republican Party. A person briefed on the matter said the prosecutors had also issued grand jury subpoenas to a number of the 20 people and entities — including both potential witnesses and people who have come under scrutiny in the inquiry […]

They say timing is everything. As New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was being sworn in for a second term, the two houses of the state’s legislature made a big move in the “BridgeGhazi” probe that may prompt Christie to take an oath  to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth: [J]ust […]

Breaking late Friday from Trenton: sources in the New Jersey State Assembly confirm that a wave of subpoenas has been served in the growing BridgeGhazi scandal. More than a dozen New Jersey officials, including top aides to Governor Chris Christie, were served with subpoenas on Friday as the state assembly begins its investigation into a […]

It’s getting serious – on both sides. The New Jersey governor’s office has lawyered up as revelations in the scandal triggered by George Washington Bridge lane closings last September continue to trickle out of Trenton: Gov. Chris Christie’s administration has hired a law firm to assist with an internal review in the wake of an […]

After a week of e-mail and text revelations surrounding the closing of George Washington Bridge lanes, there are far more questions than answers. Legislative subpoenas could be served to the aides of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as early as Monday sources told ABC News today. Christie has been under intense political scrutiny after it […]

Now that the September traffic jam mess on the George Washington Bridge back in September has morphed from a “traffic study” into a full-blown scandal, the Sunday morning political talk shows have taken to “Bridgegate’ like Rob Ford to crack. On ABC’s This Week, Rudy Giuliani made excuses for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, whose […]

This makes it a lot more difficult to believe that Gov. Chris Christie was not in the loop about the “Bridgegate” hijinks that tied up traffic at the George Washington Bridge for days: Bridget Anne Kelly, the aide Governor Christie fired for her role in manufacturing a Fort Lee traffic jam apparently as political retribution, […]

The New York Times‘ Marc Santora and Kate Zernike wade through the more than 2000 documents released Friday by the New Jersey Assembly committee investigating the closing of Fort Lee lanes to the George Washington Bridge last September and uncover a pattern: Officials loyal to Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey went to elaborate lengths to […]

A portfolio of documents subpoenaed by the New Jersey Assembly’s Transportation, Public Works and Independent Authorities Committee during the process of investigating the scandal now known as “Bridgegate” has been posted to the committee’s Web site (in pdf format).“Exhibit A” alone contains over 900 pages. Guardian UK focuses on one e-mail sent just hours into […]

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