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Pat Robertson: No Need To See A Doctor If God Is Your Physician

Pat Robertson is siding with a man who says his family is pressuring him to see a doctor, as he has already asked God to be his physician. Robertson defended the viewer’s refusal to take a trip to the doctor’s office: “There’s some people who think that doctors are god and they really aren’t. You’ve […]

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson, believes God is directing him to run for president. In a sit-down interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody, Carson suggested God has been gently touching him with his heavenly fingers: BRODY: How is that conversation going with God about this potential presidential run? Has He grabbed you by the collar […]

A woman who took it upon herself to interrupt the first Muslim prayer service in the National Cathedral with psychotic, pseudo-Christian babbling has a good reason for her outburst: God and Matt Drudge. The woman’s outburst was largely ignored as she was escorted out of the building, but not before the Michigan resident, who managed […]

What is God 2.0? Deepak Chopra explained on my radio show Tuesday night. Now read this:How To Tell If Someone’s Lying (Dec 12, 2014) Physicist: You Can Unlock Your Car With Your Brain (Nov 24, 2014) .@Tony Robbins On How Anyone Can Become Financially Secure (Nov 20, 2014) Gun Owners Of America’s Larry Pratt: Politicians […]

This secret Manhattan group, now exposed, believes its members are descended from an Aryan race in Atlantis and that humans once lived on the moon. Ex-members like Paul David Miller (pictured) are now speaking out. Homosexuality is banned, corporal punishment encouraged and members atone for bad karma in past lives. Young women, denied higher education, […]

“We just aren’t using it,” says Pat Robertson. Today on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson insisted that he and others have the power to raise the dead, but lamented that people these days are withholding this special skill. Robertson, who has previously discussed dead-raising abilities, told a viewer, Margaret, that people can raise the dead when they […]

Dan Patrick is a radio station owner and talk show host who became a Texas state senator, and is likely to win the race for Texas lt. governor. “This is an exciting time for Christians,” Patrick wrote on his Facebook page. “God is speaking to us from the most unlikely voice, Phil Robertson, about God’s […]

It can only be good for America that more religious diversity is acceptable in our politicians–make that religious and non-religious diversity. While the 2016 elections are a couple of years away (and we will be sure to hear about Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul’s religious backgrounds soon), the upcoming midterm elections have an unprecedented religious […]

It must be that some politicians know just what is in “God’s heart,” and those who don’t must be voted against by Christians, said Mike Huckabee at the Value Voters Summit. “When the call is coming to us from God to stand, to speak, to act,” Huckabee said, “it’s going to voice-mail.” God is calling […]

John Nantz at Town Hall tells you why you should be violent toward your child. Parents have employed corporal punishment for millennia because it is the most direct means of teaching children a fundamental moral tenet—responsibility for one’s choices. It seems elemental, but the lesson is lost on most of American society. Immoral choices ultimately […]

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