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Gohmert: God Will Punish America For Obama-Netanyahu Relationship

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert knows God will punish America because President Obama doesn’t give enough love to Benjamin Netanyahu. “Like” Liberaland on Facebook Now read this:Netanyahu Illegitimately Building More Settlements In West Bank (Jan 31, 2015) Israel’s Anti-Netanyahu Movement Upsets Republican War Hawks (Jan 27, 2015) Donald Trump Has Officially Jumped The Shark (Jan 27, […]

George Stephanopoulos pressed Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal about his “our God wins” comment at his prayer rally. “Like” Liberaland on Facebook Now read this:South Carolina Sends Questionnaire To Potential Judges With Unconstitutional Questions (Jan 31, 2015) Roy Moore Thinks We’re A Christian Nation Because The Quran Didn’t Come Over On The Mayflower (Jan 30, 2015) […]

Veronica Patridge says this issue “weighed heavy on my heart” for months. An online blog post by a Christian wife and mother has created a firestorm in public chatter after her drawn-out declaration on why she will no longer wear “lustful” leggings. It wasn’t until the comely Oregon woman confronted her husband about his thoughts […]

According to this video from St. Petersburg, Russia, thieves robbed a church and their car was then struck by lightening during the getaway as they were followed by police, killing everyone in the car. Now read this:White Man To Black Waitress: ‘I Would Like To Take You Where I Hung Your Grandpa’ (Jan 30, 2015) […]

Pat Robertson is siding with a man who says his family is pressuring him to see a doctor, as he has already asked God to be his physician. Robertson defended the viewer’s refusal to take a trip to the doctor’s office: “There’s some people who think that doctors are god and they really aren’t. You’ve […]

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson, believes God is directing him to run for president. In a sit-down interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody, Carson suggested God has been gently touching him with his heavenly fingers: BRODY: How is that conversation going with God about this potential presidential run? Has He grabbed you by the collar […]

A woman who took it upon herself to interrupt the first Muslim prayer service in the National Cathedral with psychotic, pseudo-Christian babbling has a good reason for her outburst: God and Matt Drudge. The woman’s outburst was largely ignored as she was escorted out of the building, but not before the Michigan resident, who managed […]

What is God 2.0? Deepak Chopra explained on my radio show Tuesday night. Now read this:Iraq War Vet Tells Me Why Chris Kyle Is Not A Hero, Nor Was Anyone In That War (Jan 28, 2015) Tom DeLay: Obama’s State Of The Union Address ‘Great’ In Laying Out ‘His Socialist Ideas’ (Jan 23, 2015) Bernie […]

This secret Manhattan group, now exposed, believes its members are descended from an Aryan race in Atlantis and that humans once lived on the moon. Ex-members like Paul David Miller (pictured) are now speaking out. Homosexuality is banned, corporal punishment encouraged and members atone for bad karma in past lives. Young women, denied higher education, […]

“We just aren’t using it,” says Pat Robertson. Today on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson insisted that he and others have the power to raise the dead, but lamented that people these days are withholding this special skill. Robertson, who has previously discussed dead-raising abilities, told a viewer, Margaret, that people can raise the dead when they […]

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