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Rick Perry’s Operation Border Photo Op

Rick Perry’s Operation Border Photo Op

Governor Rick Perry of Texas announced today he will deploy 1,000 members of the Texas National Guard to the U.S.-Mexico border in “Operation Strong Safety,” as clearly yet another element in Perry’s carefully orchestrated build-up for the 2016 Republican Party primary season.  Perry’s notional excuse for this vainglorious grandstanding is the threat posed to the security [...]

Now Even The GOP Are Calling Tea Partiers Racists!

Tea Partiers don’t like being called racists but they do love voting for the GOP.  A revelation by Erik Erikson at RedState.com that it was Senate Republicans who attacked Mississippi candidate Chris McDaniel by deeming him to be a racist last month could change all that. Will there be a split on the Right with the [...]

McCain’s Weak Grasp Of History (His Own)

“You’ll find this surprising,” Arizona Senator John McCain told Jake Tapper and Ron Fournier at a CNN/National Journal event July 17, “but I think I would have been more reluctant to commit American troops” to Iraq, claiming he would have been much more circumspect about the presumptive intelligence supporting the invasion: “I would have challenged the [...]

Akin Bad: GOP’s ‘Legitimate Rape’ Poster Boy Gives Long Rapey Interview

As the GOP continues to fail miserably at reaching out to women (or anyone else who is not an old white man), Todd Akin continues to helpfully make the rounds talking about “legitimate rape,” as he did in an interview with Chuck Todd Thursday morning. In case you missed it, then-Congressman Akin (R-MO), in 2012, [...]

Woman Finds Stack Of  ‘Lewinsky’ Bumper Stickers At GOP Office Attacking Hillary For Her Husband’s Affair

This is sweet. A woman in Virginia told Talking Points Memo on Friday that she discovered a stack of anti-Hillary Clinton bumper stickers, which of course, places the blame of the former President’s infidelity onto his wife. You see, it’s the woman’s fault if her husband cheats. Of course, when he was the President, it was [...]

Cleveland Gets 2016 GOP Convention

Reince Priebus announced today that the RNC hold its 2016 presidential nominating convention  in the great city of Cleveland, Ohio. The city of 396,815 beat out Dallas, Texas. This confirms what political spectators have been theorizing ever since John Kerry’s epic Presidency was derailed there in 2004. Ohio is now the center of the American Political Universe. [...]

GOP Yearns For George Bush; Selling ‘I Miss W’ T-Shirts

While Republicans are suing Obama for being a president, the economy is improving, and even at a better than expected pace, but nevertheless, the GOP is longing for the days when George W. Bush was president. In an email from GOP.com, RNC Chief Operating Officer Sarah Armstrong reminisces about that time Bush sat in the Oval Office, [...]

On That ‘Narrow’ Hobby Lobby Ruling

The corporate media and its overseers allies in the American Right Wing are desperately trying to strike an untenable balance between claiming Victory in the War For Religious Liberty while simultaneously playing down the far-ranging, civil rights-shredding implications of the Supreme Court’s retrogressive Hobby Lobby ruling. To that end, they’ve latched on to the terms “closely-held” and “family-run” — [...]

Muslim Reporter: Texas GOP Conventioneers Ridiculed Me

Texas is decidedly not the land of multicultural acceptance and openness among empowered Republicans: The Texas Republican Party’s annual convention ended a week ago, but it’s still managing to make headlines. The GOP gathering first attracted national attention by fast-tracking a new platform that includes endorsing “reparative therapy” for gays. Some of the more moderate [...]

Look Who’s Leading The Republicans

Via Occupy Democrats Now read this:We Aren’t Polarized (Jul 14, 2014) Will Congress Send Us Back To The Dark Ages? (Jun 18, 2014) Hillary Clinton Gives Signed Book To Republican Squirrel (Jun 18, 2014) Meet The Republican Senators Who Are The Defense Contractors’ Best Friends (Jun 15, 2014) Gay Republican Group GoProud Shutting Down (Jun [...]

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