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Michele Bachmann Gives Farewell Speech, Gives Thanks To Moses and ‘Prayer Warriors’

In Rep. Michele Bachmann’s farewell speech today, she gave kudos to “prayer warriors” and of course, Moses.  She was thankful for her staff, her donors and the guy who literally drives the trains in the basement of the Capitol, according to the Star Tribune. “It’s an honor and it’s the ride of a lifetime,” Bachmann […]

It’s probably best for Republicans to not discuss ‘negroes,’ women, Hispanics or gay people. Case in point: Republican Nevada Assemblyman Ira Hansen who was selected as the assembly’s next speaker earlier this month, penned some jaw dropping columns which will make you want to rip your hair from your skull. His long history of racist, […]

The War on Women couldn’t save Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.), but it did save 20 out of 21 Republican committee chairmanships for the white guys who wage it. Just two years after their 2012 election thrashing at the hands of women, minority, and young voters forced them to commission a soul-searching “autopsy report,” Republicans have […]

After millennials stayed home during the midterm elections, that opened a door for the wave of Republicans taking Senate control while expanding a House majority. The Tea Party is worried that Republicans won’t be jerks. The New York Times reports: ….a group of conservatives huddled anxiously in a conference room not far from Capitol Hill […]

Or maybe not. At the very least, the latest ad from the Republican National Committee is designed to scare the pants off nearsighted, mouth-breathing ignoramuses who are utterly clueless about what’s happening in the world and whether President Obama is legitimately to blame for all of it. And just in time for Halloween. The ad […]

It’s always comical to watch the party that never stops screeching about “identity politics” try its hand at nakedly empty appeals to those same groups, especially when their fake members are more compelling than the nine real ones. Hot on the heels of their “Republicans are people, too” campaign that included stock photos of people who […]

We all remember when John Boehner took over as House Speaker with Tea Party support and declared that jobs would be priority one. We also remember that that promise was never a priority immediately after taking the gavel so tweeting out a blank jobs plan comes as no shock but it’s funny nevertheless. House Speaker […]

Republicans want you to know that they are people, too, so an ad was created as well as the #IAmARepublican hashtag campaign. To hear their take on it, Republicans are all tatted up like some of us (I totally am), have beards (see: Duck Dynasty) and some of them are black. It’s not that we […]

President Obama displayed the treasonous act of drinking coffee in public today. It’s all true. Obama saluted the Marines while holding a latte. Republicans are fundraising off of the President’s coffee salute. There’s a website set up called SemperLatte.com which reads, “Our Commander-in-Chief should take the time to properly salute our nation’s heroes in uniform. […]

Susie Madrak picks up on Thomas Frank’s Salon piece that properly rips the Democratic Party. Shorter version: they don’t stand for anything. …data-minded commentator like Nate Cohn is able to look out over the blasted moonscape of Appalachia and conclude that a party of the left has nothing it might conceivably offer the people there. […]

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