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Still On Government’s Payroll: A Civil War Veteran’s Pension

The child of a Civil War Veteran is still receiving payment. Last year, two children of veterans were still on the benefits roll for Civil War pensions, but the numbers changed when one of the children passed away. “The Department of Veterans’ Affairs provided benefits to two children of Civil War veterans for the past […]

The job of the House Oversight and Reform Committee is to oversee wasteful spending and to make sure government runs efficiently. It looks as though the House Oversight and Reform Committee needs oversight and reform. …one of the biggest offenders may be its chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.). Issa has cost the government millions of […]

The year in spending included items that some might call frivolous, from a $384,989 grant for Yale University to study the duck penis to $1.9 million for “lifestyle” lessons for Senate staffers.  Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn yearly compiles the most ridiculous expenditures, this year including: $10 million for National Guard advertising tie-ins with the “Soldier of […]

For weeks we’ve been swamped by stories about the gamesmanship, consequences, and possible fallout of the current battle over the budget and debt ceiling. But let’s pause for a minute to look at why we’re here. What’s this whole mess really all about? The answer depends on who you are. GOP Base Fed on a […]

Hang on, folks! It’s looking like they’re gonna shut this whole thing down. The question, of course, is who? Who is shutting down the government? Republicans, bless their rotten little hearts, are trying awfully hard to frame this debacle as a failure of Democrats to embrace bipartisan compromise, as in: “Oh, c’mon…we’ve ‘compromised’ from killing […]

The Foolishness Of Austerity

10 days. That’s how much time we have remaining to get a budget passed through two houses of Congress and signed by the President. Failing that, we face a U.S. government shutdown. To make matters worse, the debt ceiling limit should hit within another couple weeks, raising the specter of default. So what do our […]