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Pushing Gun Safety Laws Plays Into Conservative Hands

Pushing Gun Safety Laws Plays Into Conservative Hands

I am as liberal as they come on almost all issues. Also, I do not own a gun. I don’t like guns. I believe in common sense gun safety laws. That being said, I am an outlier among most liberals. I don’t think we should spend nearly the amount of effort we do on gun [...]

Liberals’ Favorite Troll Debates Conservative On Guns, Resulting In Civility. Wait, What?

Busta Troll set up a debate to discuss the topic of gun control. Busta is famous for popularizing the Goating of Conservative Facebook pages, so the debate with Deckard from Rowdy Conservatives was interesting because it was completely civil and held in a private setting to keep it that way. The King of morphing Conservative [...]

We Watched This Insanely Ridiculous NRA Video So You Don’t Have To

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has been responsible for countless nonsensical, totally illogical and sadistically irrational pro-gun slogans. It’s kind of what the NRA does. Its executive vice president and chief crackpot, Wayne LaPierre is a never-ending geyser of these easy-to-repeat yet easily debunkable slogans. So it came as no surprise when the NRA released [...]

Gun Safety Group: It Would Be Great If the NRA Represented Their Members, Not Just Gun Manufacturers (Video)

National Rifle Association, meet the group, Everytown for Gun Safety. The gun sense group is sending every candidate in Congress a 10-question survey on gun laws. On Alan Colmes’ radio show Thursday night, the host interviewed the head of Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group, Everytown for Gun Safety, John Feinblatt, who explicitly states that they [...]

Federal Judge Upholds Colorado Gun Laws

Colorado gun control laws introduced after mass shootings in Connecticut and in that state have been upheld by a federal judge. A lawsuit brought by gun advocates was dismissed. The two laws, passed in 2013 by Colorado’s Democratic-controlled legislature with scant Republican support, banned ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds and required background [...]

Let’s Call ‘Open Carry’ Gun Gangs What They Are: Extremists and Terrorists

On Monday, the Houston chapter of Open Carry Texas had originally planned an armed march into the Fifth Ward, a predominantly African-American community. The group canceled the event because, they say, one of the members was committed to a previously scheduled even elsewhere. Canceling the march was probably fortuitous because what could possibly have gone [...]

Supreme Court Rules To Uphold Ban On Straw Gun Purchasers

Siding with gun control advocates, the Supreme Court ruled that a ban on “straw” gun purchases can be enforced. The justices ruled 5-4 that the law applied to a Virginia man who bought a gun with the intention of transferring it to a relative in Pennsylvania who was not prohibited from owning firearms. The ruling [...]

When Did Guns Become A Hobby?

  In keeping with the recent tradition of a mass shooting weekly in America, Seattle Pacific University was the site of yesterday’s latest gun tragedy. How and when did it become so easy to obtain guns and ammo?  Simply look back a few decades and it’s obvious what has aggrandized gun ownership: the re-branding of firearms as a hobby. [...]

House Actually Passes Gun Safety Bill; No, Really

It’s a minor step, but it’s a step. The United States House of Representatives just passed a small appropriation that will improve the accuracy of the national database used to conduct background checks prior to many gun sales. It’s a modest step forward, given significant loopholes in the federal background system which allow many felons [...]

The National Rifle Association Doesn’t Give A Flying Rip About Mental Illnesses, The Constitution Or Your Civil Liberties

Two months ago, the National Rifle Association (NRA) joined an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit over the National Security Agency’s (NSA) phone metadata collection program, most recently published by Glenn Greenwald based on leaked documents from Edward Snowden. The NRA, which is the most powerful organization in the massively influential gun lobby, believes the collection [...]

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