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8-Year-Old Shows Up At School With Gunshot Wound

The father was exchanging gunfire with a carjacker before taking the boy to school, and no one noticed the boy was grazed by a bullet. “Like” us on Facebook Now read this:Suspect Shoots Himself In Leg During Robbery (Jan 27, 2015) FON: Man Opens Fire At Police Officers Being Sworn In (Jan 27, 2015) Three […]

One person was killed and another was transported to a local hospital. Liberaland is on Facebook. Please “like” us there. Now read this:Bryant Gumbel: There Are ‘Few Things I Hate More Than The NRA’ (Jan 22, 2015) Newtown Authorities Vote To Raze Sandy Hook Killer’s House (Jan 22, 2015) Oath Keeper Sheriff Urges New Yorkers […]

Anomaly continues her surveillance of our sick gun culture. “Like” Liberaland on Facebook, please Now read this:South Carolina Students May Get NRA-Approved Gun Education (Jan 17, 2015) CDC Still Can’t Research Gun Violence Because Of GOP Congress (Jan 17, 2015) Update: 2 Dead One Injured In Florida Mall Shooting (Jan 17, 2015) GOP Guv’s Startling […]

The shooting in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan appeared to be a dispute between two Home Depot employees. The victim, 38, was shot at least three times and was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center, where he died. After shooting the victim, the gunman, 31, shot himself in the head. Just over two hours after the […]

“Multiple shooters” were involved at a small home where a party was taking place. “Like” us on Facebook Now read this:Woman Shot By Own Gun During Dispute (Jan 13, 2015) 3 Killed In 3 Locations In Idaho Shooting Spree (Jan 11, 2015) Police Videos Show 1-Year-Old Putting Handgun In Mouth (Jan 10, 2015) 3-Year-Old Shoots […]

Just another good guy with a gun. “Like” Liberaland on Facebook Now read this:FreakOutNation: Wife Shoots Husband In Chest After Mistaking Him For Intruder (Jan 9, 2015) Media Ignored NAACP Bombing Because it Doesn’t Understand Reality of Black Life in America (Jan 8, 2015) Gun Sales Surging (Jan 8, 2015) Howard Dean: ‘I Stopped Calling […]

Just another responsible gun owner. “Like” us on Facebook Now read this:Parisian Satire Mag Gunmen Caught On Cameras (Jan 7, 2015) Duggars Slammed For Photo Of Son With Shotgun (Jan 7, 2015) Shooter At El Paso VA Health Clinic Shoots Doctor, Kills Self (Jan 6, 2015) FreakOutNation: Mayoral Candidate Arrested For Pointing Rifle At A […]

Guns don’t kill people, but people with guns do. Now read this:San Francisco Police Fatally Shoot Man Carrying Air Gun (Jan 5, 2015) Woman Smuggles Gun Into Prison Via Vagina (Jan 5, 2015) Hedge Fund Manager Fatally Shot By Son In New York Apartment (Jan 4, 2015) FREAKOUTNATION: 911 Call From Georgia Police Chief Who […]

Anomaly at FreakOutNation: [Pinellas County, FL] Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said the boy’s father, Kevin Ahles, put his son in the family car while other family members helped Kaleb’s parents move out of their house, according to WFLA. The toddler found a .380 caliber handgun in the glove box, and suffered a single self-inflicted gunshot wound around […]

There are few people in this country today whose careers are near unimpeachable; what blanket honor many professions once had has been tainted by compromise, corruption and general harm. Police and politicians, teachers and soldiers, even many scientists and doctors have fallen from the limelight of default respect. These days, it’s only those who truly […]

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