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Harry Reid: Republicans Helped Russia Annex Crimea

Harry Reid: Republicans Helped Russia Annex Crimea

Because Republicans held up financial help, Vladimir Putin had an easier time appropriating Crimea, says the Senate Majority Leader. Reid accused Republicans on Monday of helping Russia to annex Crimea. Referring to a stalled Ukraine aid package in the Senate, Reid told the Associated press “Since a few Republicans blocked these important sanctions last work […]

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Harry Reid Calls Koch Bros ‘Un-American’

Top Senate Dem: Koch Brothers Are Un-American (@asfram / Associated Press) http://t.co/Iyp1T288GL http://t.co/n61CEbv0fs — memeorandum (@memeorandum) February 27, 2014 Repost This Article Now read this:David Koch: 50-50 Chance Republicans Take Back Senate (Apr 13, 2014) Mike Huckabee: ‘I’m Beginning To Think There’s More Freedom In North Korea’ (Apr 13, 2014) Bernie Sanders: Koch Brothers’ Bircher […]

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Harry Reid Comes Out For Medical Marijuana

Whoa, duuude! Here’s something we didn’t expect: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) came out in favor of medical marijuana Thursday in a Las Vegas Sun interview, becoming one of the highest elected officials in the U.S. government to give his support. “If you’d asked me this question a dozen years ago, it would have […]

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Harry Reid: Gates Puts Others Down To Make A Buck

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Robert Gates is motivated by money by putting out a book denigrating public officials. Reid was one target of Gates in his book, while President Barack Obama, Vice President Joseph Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also came in for criticism. Reid said he hasn’t spoken with […]

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You see, in the world of the Republican Party (and far too many Beltway courteir “journalists”), partisanship is business as usual when the GOP does it, but an unmitigated crime when Democrats wield it successfully. The New York Times‘ Jonathan Weisman reports that Senate Republicans are very, very miffed at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: […]

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Harry Reid Hospitalized, But ‘Feeling  Better’

Senate Majority Leader wasn’t feeling well Friday morning and was hospitalized. “Early this morning, Senator Reid was not feeling well and as a precaution decided to go to the hospital. Tests have been conducted and everything is normal. He is alert, resting and feeling better,” Reid’s office said in a statement. “Doctors have asked that […]

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Budget Deal A Danger To The Unemployed And The Democratic Party

It was shocking for Progressives to hear.  The bipartisan budget recently introduced by Representatives Patty Murray (D) and Paul Ryan (R) did not include an extension of unemployment insurance.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sought to reassure anxious Democrats by saying it would be the top priority for the Senate next year.  But that may […]

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Gabriella Miller, who died of brain cancer in October at age 10, mentioned Harry Reid by name in a video being promoted by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.  The purported purpose is cancer awareness. But what the Cantor/Republican purpose is, is to blame Harry Reid for not caring about kids with cancer. “I heard my […]

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Is The Immigration Tide Turning?

Several stories out today that may indicate that immigration reform may pass after all.  First is news about a recent hire by Speaker Boehner: People on both sides of the immigration debate saw House Speaker John Boehner’s decision to hire a longtime advocate for immigration legislation as a sign he may be serious about moving […]

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What Finally Led To The Nuclear Option

The chart above (h/t Kevin Drum) shows that filibusters of Obama nominees are in a whole other class than what came before.  And remember Obama still has three years of nominees to go. But it was Republican filibusters of judicial and executive branch nominees that finally drove Democrats to act on Thursday. Democrats had struck […]

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