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How Chuck Schumer Rose To The Top Of The Senate

New  York Senator Chuck Schumer is the likely successor to Harry Reid as Minority Leader. That will be the case if Reid has his way. According to one former Schumer staffer who talked with Business Insider on Friday, the senator was able to to rise in the legislature’s upper chamber by doing several things right. […]

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid announced he will not run again for Senate. Mr. Reid, 75, who suffered serious eye and facial injuries in a Jan. 1 exercise accident at his Las Vegas home, said he had been contemplating retiring from the Senate for months. He said his decision was not attributable either to the […]

Senator Harry Reid had an accident while exercising. According to a statement, Reid was exercising at home in Henderson, Nevada, when a piece of equipment broke and caused him to fall. “Senator Reid was first brought to St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson by his security detail,” said the senator’s office. “He was then transferred […]

Thank You Ted Cruz

The Democratic controlled Senate is going out in style with a record number of confirmations for President Obama.  And they had some unlikely (if unintended) help: Thanks to some help from Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nevada — and arguably Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who delayed the Senate over a procedural fight — 132 executive nominations were approved […]

A Los Angeles LDS bishop says Harry Reid isn’t worthy of entering a Mormon temple because of his support of Democratic issues. LDS bishop Mark Paredes conceded Friday that, in retrospect, he could have worded his concerns about Reid, a fellow believer, “more artfully.” Writing on his long-standing blog at the Jewish Journal, Paredes began […]

Louisiana Republican Senate candidate believes Harry Reid runs the Senate “like a plantation.” I guess that means we have slaves as senators. The Baton Rouge congressman, challenging Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu this fall, made the comment to the head of the Port of Terrebonne during a tour last week. Reid, a Nevada Democrat, “runs the […]

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had some word to eat. “My comments were in extremely poor taste and I apologize,” he told The Hill. “Sometimes I say the wrong thing.” The jokes he made to the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce included comments about how many Wongs there are (“One problem that I’ve had […]

Harry Reid’s next election is two years away, but the Koch Brothers are already busy working to get rid of him. Politico reports: The efforts in recent months have been largely subterranean, but they are unmistakable. A handful of nonprofit groups in the vast political network helmed by allies of the conservative billionaires Charles and […]

It’s not securing the border that should be the focus, says the Senate Majority Leader, it’s getting the money needed to process the undocumented children coming into America. “The border is secure,” he told reporters after the Senate Democrats’ weekly policy lunch. “[Sen.] Martin Heinrich [(D-N.M.)] talked to the caucus today. He’s a border state […]

House Republicans have blocked Senate bills, and the 113th Congress has gone down as the least productive in the history of polling.  But never mind all that fact-y stuff.  Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the newly elected majority leader of the House of Representatives,is blaming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) for all of Washington’s dysfunction. What […]

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